BTC Chapter 281 : Leader

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“Xiao Lu, are you not kidding?” Tian Xiangshan asked in amazement.

“Of course not.” Lu Zixin said confidently that Tian Xiangshan’s expression immediately turned from a surprise to excited and said: “As long as you have this sentence, this time it is not white!”

Lei Yansong opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say. He did not expect that Red Letter would actually make such a decision, open technology authorization!

If there is technical cooperation with Red Letter, what is the threat of American people? Big deal, don’t want their technology, and instead work with Red Letter!

“The younger generations will surpass us in time!” said Zhai Zhigao of Huawei, “You can make such a decision. This kind of power is really not what ordinary people can have!”

“President Lu is so good!” Other bosses can’t help but praise the words, change him to them, they can’t make such a decision.

For a time, the center of the entire discussion focused on Lu Zixin. No matter who you are, you want to talk to Lu Zixin and can you cooperate with Red Letter.

Red letter 6G era of this train, as long as you can get on the train that is benefit. To enhance the competitiveness of Chinese market in China, they can become the leading upstream enterprises in the overseas market and have the right to speak in business activities.

Looking at the enthusiasm of other people with Lu Zixin, Lei Yansong was anxious, as an electronic parts supplier, if he could get the technical authorization of Red Letter. Making an electronic accessory for 6G mobile communication, the order will definitely skyrocket!

But his attitude toward Lu Zixin is not so good. If Lu Zixin vengeance, is this transaction not dead?

When he was resting on Tian Xiangshan, Lei Yansong went over and said: “General Tian, ​​you have a good relationship with President Lu, can you help me?”

Lei Yansong is also one of the parts suppliers of Rice, and has a commercial cooperation with Tian Xiangshan. Tian Xiangshan said with a smile : “Haha, Old Lei, you guy, just said more?”

Lei Yansong said with embarrassment: “You also know that my temper is anxious, and talking about business is to let Old Wang talk.”

“Yes, I will help you talk.”

Tian Xiangshan took Lei Yansong  to Lu Zixin, he discussed with Lu Zixin. He said: “Xiao Lu, you see, although this person is very anxious, he is very good. Our company has cooperated with him and never have any problem.”

“Red Letter and Daguang Electronics, there are also some areas that can cooperate…”

Tian Xiangshan said something. Lu Zixin was not very cold with Lei Yansong, but he wanted to give Tian Xiangshan a face and said: “Talking can be talked, but business matters must be done according to the rules of the line.”

“This is nature!” Lei Yansong quickly nodded. “If we can cooperate with Red Letter, I guarantee that our company will definitely come up with a sincere sincerity!”


Entrepreneurs here have reached some verbal agreements with Lu Zixin, and they will have to communicate and cooperate in more detail.

The atmosphere of this consultation turned directly from boring to joy, and the entrepreneurs who attended the meeting did not expect that this time would give such a good opportunity.

After this consultation, although Lu Zixin is the youngest, but it is already the most important person!

If the next cooperation can be successfully achieved, Red Letter will be the leader in Chinese communications industry! Whether it is reputation or company strength will reach its peak!

On the third day after the negotiation ended, Red Letter announced the news.

Red Letter Group will open Red Letter mobile phone operation System for use to mobile phone manufacturers throughout China.

Sky Net plans to complete the deployment of China’s domestic communication network within this year, and Red Letter has developed 6G communication smart chip, which will cooperate with several major domestic brands to launch 6G communication smartphones and other smart products.

In addition, Red Letter also authorizes the development or co-development of multiple technologies.

As soon as this news came out, the Science and Technology community suddenly boiled!

These initiatives of Red Letter are entirely to make the entire Chinese communications industry into 6G era!

And doing so will cause the relevant intellectual property rights of US companies to become worthless! Yes, China enterprises have started to do 6G communication. What are the related technologies of 4G and 5G?

The news has been reported and the whole industry is applauded.

UC News: “Americans are dumbfounded, and the big kill of Red Letter is coming!”

Today’s headline: “Hold up the communications industry for a day, Red Letter opens the door to Science and Technology!”

Tencent News: “Red Letter wants to open 6G technology license, the gospel of the domestic communications industry is here!”


More than this, even the more authoritative People’s News Network has specially written a special report for Red Letter: “The practice of Red Letter has positively promoted the development of China’s overall communications industry, electronic Science and Technology and national economic development. Such a company is a company that truly has a sense of mission and responsibility, and likes it for Red Letter!”

Many of the big guys in Science and Technology have reprinted this news on their personal social platforms and expressed their appreciation and admiration!

The people who saw this news did not despise their praise.

“Red Letter is great! Open technology license, these people can enjoy 6G era products! This is the style of a real big company! Like!”

“Crazy pink letter, only buy red letter mobile phones in the future!”

“The United States is crying, their technology is much worse than red letter! They still want to make money in China? It is a dream!”

“Really, Red Letter mobile phone system is easier to use than Android and IOS System, that is, the mobile phone is too expensive to buy. In the future, other mobile phones can use Red Letter mobile phone system, I can also buy affordable smart phones, happy!”

“I heard that the chip, system, and smart phone that used Red Letter will cut prices in the future. Is it true?”


“The red letter is really high!” Huawei is Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhai Zhigao said, “They have developed technology licensing, which has hit the US technology upstream companies and established their own company image.”

“In the future, China’s communications industry, 80% or more companies must pay intellectual property fees to Red Letter, and Red Letter will become a real giant!”

“But for China enterprises, the payment of intellectual property fees to Red Letter is much cheaper than that of American companies, and it is a more advanced technology. They will definitely support the decision of Red Letter.” Chairman Cheng Hao said, “A few years Within, the corporate status of Red Letter is hard to shake.”

“Ah.” Zhai Zhigao sighed deeply. He can predict that after this incident, the boss of the domestic communication industry is Red Letter, and even it will go to the world!

To do all this, Red Letter only took more than two years. Thinking of Lu Yan’s appearance, Zhai Zhigao really doubted whether he was old or not, but he was younger.

“Jiangshan has talented people, and each has been in the air for hundreds of years!” said Zhai Zhigao. “Our company has to follow the 6G era and must not fall behind!”

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