BTC Chapter 282 : Starting to panic!

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The news announced by Red Letter was almost simultaneously transmitted to the other side of the ocean, the country that monopolized the core technology of communications industry.

“What, is Red Letter crazy? This group of idiots will actually authorize the technology!” Qualcomm, Taylor Walker is talking to a friend about attending a private party tonight, seeing the news from China, excited to jump directly from the sofa.

“What’s wrong?” He was also a director of Qualcomm. He looked at Taylor Walker inexplicably. “What did the company do?”

“Look!” Taylor Walker showed him the news with anger, and said with excitement: “They are going to completely break our market in China! Too embarrassing! The bastard who should go to hell!”

“Open 6G technology license, co-developed chips, processors and other accessories? Red letter mobile phone system is open to all aspects?” Seeing these news, the director also changed his face.

If this is the case, then China’s communications industry will no longer need their technology, not only that, they have higher technology, they will overtake them in the market competitiveness!

Their move to raise intellectual property fees has become a joke!

“China market accounts for 40% of our global turnover! If it is lost…” He dared not think about it, and Qualcomm will face the biggest crisis in history!

“Idiot, neuropathy!” Taylor Walker screamed with anger. “Does red letter’s decision makers get water in their minds? Open the technology, can their company stay ahead? It’s mad at me!”

“It’s terrible!” said another director. “In any case, rush to a meeting and try to minimize the impact of this!”

More than Qualcomm, other related companies have encountered the same problem.

Cupertino, California, USA, there is a company headquarters, the world’s most expensive company, which took eight years and cost $5 billion to build called Apple Park, Apple Spaceship Headquarters.

Covering an area of ​​2,800,000 square feet, it is a ring-shaped overall, like a huge spaceship on the ground. The exterior wall is made of glass curtain wall, which can clearly see the scenery of all around.

The inner courtyard has built a garden in the middle of building, planting more than nine thousand green plants and beautiful scenery.

Carbon fiber-independent roof with solar panels and designed biogas battery fuel to provide clean energy to the entire building.

This is also the last design plan of Jony Ive life, and it has now been completed.

In the spaceship’s Headquarters building, Cook is holding an emergency meeting, the cause of which is what Red Letter announced.

“It is not difficult to imagine that when the Chinese communications industry generally uses 6G technology, our profit in Chinese market will be compressed to a poor scope! Not only that, but they will also impact our market share in the world!”

“Friends, this is the biggest crisis that Apple has developed to the present, and we have to face it!” Cook can hold the conference table with a hand and said with a heavy tone.

However, the top executives, the world-class business, the Science and Technology elite are speechless.

If every crisis can be solved, then there is only a legendary hero in the story, but the reality is not a story.


American Telephone and Telegraph Company, John Stankey is also facing the same problems as Cook. He did not expect that the Chinese man who had seen before actually had such courage, and opened 6G technology that was easy to lead the world to the whole of China!

The market share of three major telecom operators in United States has been seriously affected by Chinese telecom operators in recent years. If the 6G era is overtaken, the industry’s pattern will be completely rewritten.

When John Stankey was unable to do anything, he received news from his peers. It is the president of Verizon Telecom requesting a video call.

Verizon Telecom has always had fierce competition with them. In the global market, they have always been rivals!

The video conversation was connected. The president of Verizon Telecom appeared in the picture. His expression dignified and said: “Stankey, you should see the news from China?”

John Stankey nodded and said: “It’s awful, Red Letter’s approach caught me off guard!”

“We are all the same.” Verizon Telecom’s president said, “The impact of this incident is very serious and will have an impact on our communications market throughout United States. I think we should join forces to resist this crisis.”

The two giants of US communications industry, the two companies that are competitors, actually want to tide over the difficulties together! If you let the outside world know, it will definitely be awesome!

John Stankey thought for a while, and he sighed with a heavy heart and said: “You are right, we should cooperate.”

“I suggest that you immediately apply to Federal Communications Commission to make changes to some policies!” said Verizon Telecom’s president.


The impact of Red Letter’s latest move was quickly highlighted. Within a week, the market value of related companies in China’s communications industry has rebounded steadily, and even some companies that have issued statements to cooperate with Red Letters have a certain degree of increase in the market!

On the contrary, the relevant companies in United States, the market value is shrinking sharply!

In the one-week market, the market value of Qualcomm, Apple, Broadcom, AT&T, VERIZON, SPRINT-NEXTEL, and even companies including Google and Microsoft declined.

The US Science and Technology stocks all dive, and the market value of the market has evaporated to nearly $80 billion in a week, and this trend is still spreading!

Wall Street capitalists are madly selling stocks of these Science and Technology stocks, and the share prices of other countries communications industries are also falling, such as Korea’s Samsung, KDDI, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica…

The impact of economic globalization is to take the lead, and the changes in Chinese market will lead to changes in global economy!

This time, the Americans began to panic! They had previously wanted to raise the intellectual property fees for Chinese-related companies. Who knows that overnight, people can’t see their intellectual property in the communications industry!

The three major telecom operators in United States, together with companies such as Qualcomm and Broadcom, have issued statements stating that the relevant US departments are not considering intellectual property fees and will not add intellectual property fees!

Not only that, the US Federal Communications Commission submitted a proposal to White House, hoping that officials of the Ministry of Commerce can carefully consider the issue of intellectual property fees in the communications industry, reduce restrictions on China’s consumer electronics, and the stable economic development of the two countries.

And these changes, in the final analysis, are all due to the decisions made by Red Letter Group! This time, the communications industry all over the world knows that there is a company called Red Letter, which can’t afford to offend!

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