BTC Chapter 368 : Science and Technology’s Double-edged Sword

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The news was presented to the public and the incident was not complicated. Three days ago, four men followed two young women late at night, humiliating and killing them. In addition, they also brutally and violently killed an innocent people passing by. After the murder, the murderer escaped.

At the time of the incident, after being reported by the media, the group was indignant. The police vigorously searched and arrested the four people in less than one day.

After two days of interrogation, their motives for committing crimes and the reasons for murder have been investigated. These four people, three of whom have serious work. One person is an unemployed social youth. The four people went to an illegal entertainment venue to spend the day before committing the crime.

They played a virtual projection game of violent crime, played for a day and night, and took mental psychedelic drugs, which led to confusion and illusion of the game and reality, cruelty to kill two women and a man.

If it is normal, this kind of news will soon be overwhelmed by a lot of new news. But this time, the situation is completely different!

Because of this tragedy, there has been a new inducing factor – a virtual projection game of super-realism and violent crime!

It is conceivable that it will cause heated discussion in society! Let people revisit the technology of operable virtual projection!

Lu Zixin tapped the table and said, “I don’t see it, I’m afraid of what’s coming! This game is not made by us, but Red Letter is now the biggest virtual projection game maker on the market, and some of the spearheads are starting to target us!”

“These games are definitely not downloaded from our platform!” A senior executive wants to explain.

“Of course I know!” Lu Zixin interrupted him. “The public doesn’t care where the game comes from. They just fear and resist this technology application!”

“President Lu is right!” Liu Tong took a deep breath and said: “This will greatly affect the reputation of our company, even the reputation of the group. We must deal with this matter!”

When the company reaches a certain level, it must bear some more important responsibilities. Even if this illegal thing has nothing to do with Red Letter Group, if Red Letter Group does not make any action, everyone will worry about their products and technology, and the relevant departments will also make some remedial measures… in serious cases, even the company plummeted!.

“Be sure to find out who is making these games and who is transforming our smart products!” Lu Zixin said, “The sooner the better!”

When Red Letter Group rushed to carry out emergency measures, the reaction from the outside world began to heat up.

The murder case was broken, and everyone’s eyes were on the so-called violent bloody, realistic projection game.

On the network, some people released some game clips, which are terrifying simulation scenarios.

The netizens were shocked and they discovered that the original virtual projection technology was made by people!

“It’s too scary! This picture looks like my heart is panicked, really like it! If the projection is in front of me, I have to be scared!”

“Is this a game? I thought it was a killing scene!”

“How can there be such a game? The producer is too unscrupulous? Only the metamorphosis will play!”

“Terrifying! Play this game, then go out and turn reality into a game, so sin! Be sure to crack down!”

“I have seen this game, just at our school. He said that he has learned fifty kinds of criminal methods. I don’t dare to be friends with him.”


Some related news and events have also been dug up by people. Some netizens broke the news and there was a fight in the school. The reason is probably because of playing this game.

Others said that the neighboring man is playing this game and playing his wife every day.

Some people even simply fictionalize some things on the Internet to attract attention, and the compilation is really like.

Soon, there was public opinion pointing to virtual projection technology and virtual projection games.

One of the hottest paradoxes wrote: “From this game murder, we can find that the virtual projection game with bad content has a great impact on us! Because it is too realistic, the stereoscopic image will make people confuse virtual and reality, resulting in Insanity!”

“If the content of the game instills a violent orientation, it is also a social stability, and people’s personal safety poses a great threat!”

“For the application of virtual projection technology, we should make more strict specifications and cannot abuse it…”

This report is relatively pertinent, there are some bad media, in order to attract people’s attention, directly release even worse reports.

“Blood lessons, virtual projection technology is starting to do evil!”

“Because of a technology of Red Letter Group, three innocent lives have died, and there are more hidden dangers, maybe by your side! See!”

“Parents, are you still letting kids play virtual projection games? Check this out!”

“The new ‘spiritual opium’ must be paid attention!”


Although the comments and reports of these eyeballs will soon be deleted, they still cannot stop all kinds of rumors.

The rumors are born with self-containedness, and the three become tigers. Many people even think that this game is made by Red Letter Group, and it is ruined on the Internet!

“Garbage companies, how can you make such a game? It is a harm to society! It harms young people!”

“Why don’t the relevant departments review them? Is there an insider inside? Be sure to check them out!”

“Really terrifying, I dare not let the children play this game. Now the mobile phone does not dare to let him touch! How does Red Letter Group care?”

Some people also retort: ​​”You are mentally retarded? This game is not developed by Red Letter! Don’t give anything to the red letter!”

“hehe, although they weren’t developed by them, but this technology is theirs. If it weren’t for them, would this happen?”

“MDZZ, people also sell kitchen knives in the supermarket, you hurt the person with a kitchen knife, is it necessary to catch the person in charge of the supermarket?”

“This is not the same thing. They develop this kind of game and they should be responsible!”


The quarrels on the Internet, real-time hot spots news are occupied by similar topics. Even some authoritative and influential media have begun to make statements.

China police stated in the official media: “There will be no tolerance for any factors that endanger social stability, and it will vigorously crack down on illegal entertainment venues, “shadow bars” and related illegal game industry chains.”

China Culture Department declared that “Re-consideration of the supervision and approval system for virtual projection games will be further improved and more stringent. Any virtual projection game with elements such as violence and pornography will not be approved, and the projection reality of virtual projections will also be adjusted appropriately!”

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