MST Chapter 162 : Is this talent exhausted?

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Sing Lilac?

Ye Guang stunned and immediately shook his head. “No, this song doesn’t really conform to the proposition. If you sing this song, it is very likely that it will be eliminated directly.”

Liu Chiyan: “Sing this song!”

“This song is really not…” Ye Guang still wants to say something, Liu Chiyan gently rubbed his mouth with her hand.

“Sing this song!” Liu Chiyan is very determined. “Not just you, I also admire Teacher Ding Xiang and Teacher Zhao Lei. You said that you want to let more people know their stories, I think too. The ratings of The Strongest Voice have always been objective. No one in the same period of the show can match it. At this time, singing this song will surely spread the story to north and south, let more people know the story of Teacher Ding Xiang.”

Ye Guang is melancholy. “But this song is really not a teacher’s proposition.”

Liu Chiyan: “This is the song written to Teacher Ding Xiang. Isn’t Ding Xiang a teacher? Why can’t you get it? ”

Ye Guang: “It’s too far-fetched.”

Liu Chiyan waved her hand: “That doesn’t matter, you can’t take it!”

Ye Guang: “Your game…”

Liu Chiyan: “It doesn’t matter! Anyway, there is no suitable song, just sing this! The opportunity is rare, and then, there is still a chance to resurrection.”

Ye Guang is hesitant, “Would you like… I am thinking about it, maybe there will be a good song for a while.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head and leaned over and gently kissed Ye Guang’s forehead. “Don’t think about it, it’s so decided. I can’t bear to look at you like this.”

Ye Guang was so moved that he was crying.

The thing for tomorrow’s song is fixed.

On the second day, Liu Chiyan insisted on handing Lilac’s score to Rapid Panther band with Sister Jiang incomprehensible and unstoppable interference, and confirmed the song to be sung tonight with the program team.

Sister Jiang was a little angry and sprinkled the fire on Ye Guang. “Are you not quite capable? Big gifted scholar, wasn’t it still full yesterday? How come today is the second game, you said, what song is your song today, completely wrong! Today, if Yan’er sings this song, she doesn’t have to vote. It is directly rejected. You said that you can’t do anything. The songs that Yan’er collected have been destroyed by you. Make more preparations, so why will it be where it is today.”

Ye Guang is speechless.

On the contrary, Liu Chiyan can’t listen, “Enough! Sister Jiang, don’t say it! I decided to use this song.”

Jiang Xin: “That’s not because he can’t make it…”

“Enough is enough.” Liu Chiyan has a heavier tone, “Don’t say it! The song has been set!”

Jiang Xin opened her mouth and said nothing, Liu Chiyan protects Ye Guang, so that she has a feeling of hating iron and steel, lame, “No matter what you like to sing or sing, there are still things to be dealt with by the program group, I’m leaving.” Said, Jiang Xin turned and left.

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang, who looked down and said, “Sister Jiang is too anxious, and the words are heavier. Don’t go to your heart.”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly. “Nothing, don’t worry, I won’t take it to heart.”

Today Ye guang mood a bit low, he was thinking about some problems, originally Ye Guang Dream World memory, Dream Worlds of entertainment aspects dumped a few blocks of this world, so Ye Guang always confident, but these two days, really gave him a bluntness, yesterday Han Yurou stunning national style tracks let him have a feelings underestimating the people in the world, then the propositions made by the judges made him think hard for a long time without clues, which let him realize that dream world memory is not omnipotent, dream worlds and the real, there is a gap between two civilizations. But civilization, after all, is civilization, heritage will let them have their own bright, there will be talents, there will be flowers, there is no real sense of which civilization will certainly be able to cover another civilization.

Yesterday, I already had a Han Yurou to make him amazing. So tomorrow, will there be a Li Yurou and Zhou Yurou will come out again?

Also, Dream World has a lot of variety, but the world has a show of The Strongest Voice. The popularity and status of this show is far from comparable to Dream World’s variety.


In the evening, the show started.

Today’s appearances are based on yesterday’s ranking, He Xing eliminated, but will not leave the field, but no competition right, he will give the audience a song before the start of program, and then he did not have anything, because he has been eliminated, so the song does not need to meet the proposition, of course, if you can meet the proposition the best, because it’s about the last resurrection game.

He Xing still chose salted fish today. The teacher’s proposition is really not so good. He still chose to sing his original old song and give up the proposition.

After He Xing’s song, the program officially started. The first place was Feng Qiu Huang, who ranked fourth yesterday. Feng Qiu Huang sang “a teacher”. The rhythm is very cheerful. Some of children’s songs are quite normal, not bad. I don’t know the color, but it’s finally a proposition.

Feng Qiu Huang finished then Han Yurou. Han Yurou is a strong song. I don’t know if she has prepared enough or what she did. Anyway, Han Yurou came up with a good answer, Han Yurou sang the song called “gardener dedication”, very relieved of a very strong song, Ye Guang does not like this type of song, but conscience, this song is not bad.

Heavenly King Liu also chose a salted fish, but fortunately he did not learn He Xing thoroughly salted fish, Heavenly King Liu last night also quite burned, because he also can not find the right song, and finally in this afternoon hurried to set a song, a song called ” Hello Teacher” children’s songs, not to mention, although is nursery song, but Heavenly King Liu sings out still a kind of meaning. I have to say that Heavenly King Liu really has no shelf, no idol baggage, no wonder it is a well-recognized person in the circle. If you change someone else, you may not be able to pull down your body and sing children songs. However, Heavenly King Liu is also taking a risk. If he sings nursery rhymes, as long as the other players do not sing too badly, his final vote rate may be worrying.

The finale was Liu Chiyan, a Lilac was perfectly sung by her, the song was very nice, and the audience at the scene was so fascinated, but after singing, the applause at the scene was sparse and not so warm. Many people have already sentenced the song to death in their heart.

Although the song is very nice, but… not right.

The audience outside the stadium also talked about it.

“Goddess Liu is really nice, but why sing this?”

“Yes, it’s not right! It’s over.”

“It’s hard for Goddess Liu, like He Xing yesterday, didn’t find a good song, so just gave up?”

“Ye Guang? Isn’t he a gifted scholar? Didn’t he say that Goddess Liu song for The Strongest Voice was rounded up? How could Goddess Liu sing such a song?”

“Big gifted scholar, is this talent exhausted?”

“Hum! Big gifted scholar fart, must not be able to make them, otherwise, how could Goddess Liu sing wrong songs? Alas, Goddess Liu is the end”

“Who knows where Ye Guang lives, I want to send him a blade!”

“Where is Ye Guang? I am going to marry him!”

“P, it hurts our home Goddess Liu.”

That night, Liu Chiyan’s fans, catkins were so excited that they want to slash Ye Guang, and Ye Guang’s Weibo was captured by the enthusiasm of catkins in just ten minutes.

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