BTC Chapter 367 : Bad Nature

Edited: XiaXue

“Don’t talk! Go in and see!” Luo Jinchui was too lazy to care for him.

This time, these policemen are working harder. The machines of Luo Jinchui were found a lot by them.

And not long after, Director Shan also brought people.

“Liu Jing!” Director Shan took a call and gave a drink.

“Here!” Liu Jing rushed to report, “Director, Chen… Secretary Chen!”

He did not expect that even County Secretary personally! It seems that the seriousness of the matter is more serious than he thought!

“Director, County Secretary?” Luo Jinchui on the side is also forced, he only knows that Lu Zixin called people, who knows the other party is the county public security bureau director and County Secretary to come over!

What kind of god is it that you have provoked? He just thought about it. This matter must find a way to get back the scene and unblock the relationship.

Who knows that the other party’s background is so strong, it is not an order of magnitude. He is a little “relationship” with people like Liu Jing, but Liu Jing is not enough in front of others!

Luo Jinchui couldn’t help but sweat coldly. Today, it is really bloody.

“Boss, they want to search our safes!” Flathead youth came out to ask Luo Jinchui.

Luo Jinchui still dare to play what the eyes, the director of public security bureau came in person, and then not courting death?

“Give!” He had no choice but to hand over the keys, and at the same time gritted his words: “You brat, good things for old man! Wait for me to clean up!”

“There are a few of you, not good things!” He pointed at the little punks.

Several small gangs saw the police chief and had already scared the urine. Now threatened by Luo Jinchui, I can’t wait to run. I knew that they would recognize it and not let it go!

“Little brother, you see, we have a misunderstanding, come, smoke a cigarette!” Luo Jinchui reaction was extremely fast, and immediately smiled and gave Lu Zixin a cigarette.

“Don’t give me this, your business is not over yet!” Lu Zixin didn’t look at him, went straight to Secretary Chen and shook hands with him.

“Paralyzed!” Luo Jinchui his heart, but his face had to pretend to be kind, standing next to him.


With Secretary Chen, the next thing will be much easier. The film was seized, all the equipment was taken away, the boss and related personnel were also in the bureau for interrogation.

As for what Captain Liu did, Lu Zixin didn’t have time to worry about it, and they would investigate it internally.

Lu Zixin’s most heart-felt is exactly where the series of projection games came from. In the country, how many such game is there?

In a reception room of the county party committee, Secretary Chen and Director Shan are negotiating with Lu Zixin.

“President Lu, according to what we know now. There are three illegal virtual projection games in the hands of Luo Jinchui. They are “Crazy Me”, “Devil Chamber” and “Escape”.” The director has some disclosures. The information was handed over to Lu Zixin for investigation.

“The “Escape” is a crime and anti-reconnaissance game. The “Devil Chamber” is a game that contains elements of violence, eroticism, crime. “Crazy Me” is a simulated urban game with the theme of crime, breaking Legal framework!”

“These three virtual projections are not in compliance with the game production specifications, and the large-scale scenes are vividly displayed, guiding the players to carry out criminal activities, and competing with game elements such as sin values.”

“Our psychologists have estimated that the psychological guidance and hints of these games are very strong, and the bloody, colory content may cause the player to be psychologically distorted and make things that endanger social security!”

“According to our understanding, this fight that took place in the vicinity of the county more than a month, more or less with this shadow, these projection games have a relationship…”

Lu Zixin listened very carefully, and the expression gradually became dignified. He thought that if it was in other places, did these things also cause similar social reactions?

High Science and Technology is a double-edged sword. This is not a slogan in the book, but a very profound fact. Virtual projection technology seems to be harmless. However, in the hands of people with ulterior motives, it is a prohibited game that affects people’s minds. .

If it is more serious, involving some organizations of evil demon, the country will rectify the relevant industries, and Red Letter Group will be badly hurt.

Secretary Chen also frowned and asked: “Where is this game coming from?”

Director Shan shook his head and said: “According to the suspect’s account, his machines and games are all purchased on the Internet. We have already let the network police take action and strive to catch the master behind the scenes as soon as possible.”

“President Lu, you have already seen this thing.” Secretary Chen said with a heavy heart, “The impact is quite bad! Those adults are fighting and crime, for the minors, it is the eyes that distort their minds.”

“We attach great importance to this, and I have already reported the matter. I hope that Red Letter Group can cooperate with us to find out what is hidden behind this line!”

“This is of course! I will definitely pay attention to it!” Lu Zixin promised.

After the facts happened, he called Liu Tong and Liu Tong said that he would start investigating immediately. There is no news yet.

When this happened, Lu Zixin couldn’t rest at home. He took a flight to Jiangcheng and went to Headquarters.

“We randomly surveyed 13 cities and found secret places like shadow bars. The virtual projection games they played were also “Crazy Me”, “The Devil of the Chamber”, “Escape”, and we also have normal production projection game.”

In the conference room, Liu Tong said with a heavy face, “It is estimated that there are similar places across the country. The equipment they use is generally divided into three types. One is our smart projection glasses, and the other is operational intelligence projection game consoles, and one is our intelligent projection machine designed for large enterprises. All three have been modified to destroy the positioning and safety information of the equipment.”

“So big, why didn’t you find it early?” Lu Zixin stood up and questioned everyone in the room.

A high-level group has been silent, with shame on his face. Liu Tong said with a heavy tone: “President, this is my responsibility. I have not managed the company well and I have done a bad job in risk prevention and piracy.”

“Do you still know?” Lu Zixin patted the table and blamed: “I am in He County, a small place. Because of this game, there have been some vicious fights, and if nationwide event is even worse. What? What will happen?”

“President, it’s already happening!” Zhu An stood up with ugly face and said, “The latest news received a minute ago. A recent vicious killing case in Northern Province has been investigated and related to these games!”

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