BTC Chapter 298 : Popular

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Two realistic characters, scenes, special effects, light and shadow interlaced, constitute a dreamlike picture virtual projections in the exhibition hall PK, made white baby himself is attracted and can not wait to experience it.

“Must kill, stunned dance!” Su Xiaomeng exclaimed excitedly, only seeing a sudden dance, a sword slashed, only white light flashed, Lu Bu’s life value gone in the end, this PK is Su Xiaomeng won.

“General, I am offended!” Su Xiaomeng also proudly voiced the characters, fans cheered, “Hey!”

“Dream Goddess is invincible!”

“Handy, this is a killing skill!”

White baby saw Su Xiaomeng, and suddenly he was unhappy. His popularity was taken away by this guy. It is hateful!

A director of Tencent game also secretly stood in the crowd, watching this scene, using a mobile phone to shoot for Ning Shaozhen.

“President Ning, you see, the virtual projection game they said is actually true! This… is too realistic!” His tone was full of surprise.

Ning Shaozhen looked at these through the video screen, saw the gorgeous performance of virtual projection, and saw the curious, surprised and cheering of the audience, which was also shocked him.

“There is no interference from light, and it can be controlled by game operation. This virtual projection technology is too strong!” Ning Shaozhen secretly sighed, god is this competitor’s work, he also has to say, wonderful!

This kind of game, for himself, wants to experience it.

“Hurry to collect their information, especially this virtual projection game!” Ning Shaozhen ordered.

“Okay, President Ning.”

On the other hand, Su Xiaomeng and Lu Zixin only withdrew one game, but the game show is not over yet. The staff also prepared more virtual projection performances, such as letting players line up to experience personal PK, or staff to show team battles, campaign modes, or story mode.

In short, in this few days of ChinaJoy, players can see the wonderful picture of virtual projection game of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” every day.

In the entire venue, the digital interactive area of ​​Red Letter has become the hottest area. No matter what company’s performance, this virtual projection game always attracts visitor attention.

Tencent game invited white baby, later the scenery was all occupied by red letter game, not only that, even the two first-line stars who later invited, did not bring much attention when playing.

And the two stars, privately, secretly went to Red Letter game and watched it for a while, and also asked how to buy this virtual projection game.

The reports and videos of virtual projection game of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” naturally appeared on the major websites, which attracted a lot of surprises from netizens.

In a game exchange forum, on the first day of ChinaJoy, the entire layout was swiped by virtual projection games.

Post: “To go to ChinaJoy today, I saw the virtual projection game of Red Letter, just 6 to fly!”

Post: “You want see “Soul of Three Kingdoms” live video, and Dream Goddess cosplay!”

Post: “Turn: The detailed gameplay of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” game comes from the official website of Red Letter Games.”

Post: “A lot of people, the digital interactive area of ​​the red letter game has always been full, can not squeeze in, continue to line up tomorrow, I hope to experience it!”


Under the video post, some netizens who still don’t know have a lot of surprises.

“The original Red Letter game is really true, hey!”

“I want to play, I want to play, I want to play, and I say three important things!”

“Can I still buy tickets for ChinaJoy now? I want to experience it! This is more interesting than VR games!”

“Red letter is hanging, saying that the virtual projection is a virtual projection, @Sì shuǐ, the turtle son last said that it can’t be done? Is the face swollen?”

“I want to know when can we play? Don’t tell me for a years!”


The popularity of virtual projection game of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” has been rising, and major media have reported. Not only about the game, but also about this virtual projection technology.

As long as the website and telephone of Red Letter Group are the official contact channels, Tencent or individual asks about this.

Because virtual projection technology, since it can already be used in games, it can also be used in other industries. Witty businessmen have already seen the business opportunities and want to seize this opportunity.

The official of Red Letter has quickly issued an announcement that virtual projection device will be sold at Red Letter Electronics. If you need a special model, please contact the company’s business department.

For details of virtual projection game of “Soul of Three Kingdoms”, please wait for the notification of Red Letter game.

The ChinaJoy exhibition ended on schedule. During this period, Red Letter game was in the limelight. Every day, there were a lot of tourists coming to watch, bringing a lot of economic benefits and advertising effects to the organizers. The organizers also thanked red letter game.

“Ah, they are still superior!” Tencent game, Ning Shaozhen looked at the latest data survey, helplessly said.

The data shows that these days of virtual projection games, “Soul of Three Kingdoms” from Red Letter games, the word search has reached hundreds of millions of times, which means that most people are interested in this game.

Tencent game also sent employees to pretend to be tourists to experience this so-called virtual projection game. After returning, these people said that the game is really interesting and is expected to explode.

And the tickets for this year’s ChinaJoy have doubled more than last year! This is a miracle, just a gaming experience, more attractive than popular net red and playing stars.

In the face of Red Letter game, other companies are eclipsed, including Tencent game.

“President Ning, red letter game just released the announcement, “Soul of Three Kingdoms” released next Monday, a special virtual projection game console also came out.” Assistant gave him the latest information.

Ning Shaozhen sat down to see the details, the game is similar to the previously found information, mainly the virtual projection equipment.

In the announcement of Red Letter, three virtual projection game consoles will be launched first. The general price is about 3,000 yuan, the high version is more than 6,000 yuan, and the top is more than 10,000 yuan. In addition, there are various accessories and equipment. If there are more Players who need it, he or she can continue to buy.

“Then they don’t just run the game, even the game consoles are sold together.” Ning Shaozhen said with a smile, “This is the next thing, heaven, they should be anxious?”

Thinking of other companies facing the impact of Red Letter game, Ning Shaozhen can get some comfort. With this era of virtual projection game consoles, and the price is not very high, those traditional game consoles are estimated to be abandoned by the players.

The electronics manufacturers in Japan are more anxious than they are.

Jiangcheng, Lu Zixin and Su Xiaomeng returned to Jiangcheng and came to Red Letter Games Company to prepare for pre-sale event.

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