BTC Chapter 538 : Bluff?

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In Aeronautical Materials Research Institute under the name of China Commercial Aircraft Company. The company’s president, Peng Zhengge and the head of Aeronautical Materials Research Institute, Gao Wei, welcomed the technical representative team from Red Letter Group. Together with them, there is also Anderson Fergus, on behalf of Honeywell International of the United States.

“Welcome everyone to our Aviation Materials Research Institute. I hope, our two parties can cooperate happily.” Gao Wei shook hands with the representative from Red Letter side.

Lu Zixin introduced them: “These two are the heads of our Red Letter new material research team, Zhang Ming and Zhong Bing.”

Iron One and Iron Two robots greeted each other, and each of them had a “character” template. Zhang Ming is more enthusiastic and talkative, while Zhong Bing tends to be taciturn.

“President Lu, let me introduce. This is the representative of Honeywell International, Mr. Fergus. Honeywell International is a main supplier of our aviation materials.” Peng Zhengge introduced Anderson Fergus.

“Hello.” Lu Zixin shook hands with the other party, and Anderson looked at him with a look of vigilance and curiosity.

For the founder of Red Letter Group, everyone in the science and technology circles and business circles is very curious. Even though he has known Lu Zixin’s information before, when he really saw Lu Zixin, Anderson still felt a kind of inexplicable momentum. Maybe, because of the other party reputation, it made him feel a bit of pressure.

In the Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Red Letter team and Gao Wei’s team began to communicate and discuss ways of cooperation.

While Lu Zixin talked with Peng Zhengge and Anderson Fergus to discuss the cooperation between the three companies.

“Before I came, I had prepared a list for the company’s people. The materials, parts, airborne equipment and aviation system support that Red Letter Group can provide are listed above.” Lu Zixin said, “General Peng can make more detailed arrangements or modifications based on our list.”

Anderson is very curious about the contents on the list, but he knows. Lu Zixin actually deliberately told him this, just to give him a pressure to makes Honeywell International make bigger concessions on material prices.

“Okay, I’ll read it later.” Peng Zhengge nodded.

“President Lu.” Anderson said, “I heard that in the future, the manufacture and synthesis of aviation carbon fiber composite materials will be provided by Red Letter Group. As far as I know, your company has not announced the results of this technology, nor has it obtained international aviation standards recognition.”

Lu Zixin smiled at him and said, “Yes. Not only carbon fiber composites, but also new types of aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, titanium aluminum alloys, fiberglass materials, high-strength steels and many other materials.”

“As for certification, our team is applying for the relevant certification on Aviation Bureau. I believe, it will not take a long time, for us to get the qualification certificate.”

Lu Zixin said that and Anderson was in a big mess. The materials he mentioned just now almost covered all the main areas in the aviation field. These materials manufacturing technologies are only mastered by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia. While China stills a novice in this field.

If it is true, as Lu Zixin said, Red Letter Group has mastered the relevant technology. Then, in the field of aviation materials, they will no longer have technical advantages. Not to mention, China Commercial Aircraft orders will be reduced, the other China’s orders will also greatly reduced.

Just think with your toes and you will know. There are only two options, one for importing aviation materials from Honeywell in the United States and second is purchasing aviation materials from China’s local companies. Of course, China’s buyers will choose more convenient and cheaper local products without additional tariffs!

Anderson is also a veteran at workplace, and he quickly calmed down from the panic state.

“No, this Lu Yan must have ridiculed me. It’s a routine commonly used by Chinese people! Just like their Peking Opera, one person sings red face and the other person sings white face. If I panic, I will fall into their trap!” Anderson thought to himself.

“If Red Letter Group only provides one kind of material, it might be possible that it was actually developed. But Lu Yan said so much in one breath, how could it be possible? Honeywell International has used decades of time, from step by step researching and improvement can only be achieved like this. He said so much, just to scare me! In fact, it was not developed at all.

Thinking of this, Anderson feels a lot more relaxed. Can a little bluffing trick scare him?

He also exposed the standard smile in the workplace and said to Lu Zixin: “President Lu, our Honeywell International Company will definitely help you in the development and research of new materials.”

“For example, this carbon fiber composite material. China Commercial Aircraft Company has successfully developed it because of our company’s help.”

“Before the development is completed, we will also provide a variety of new materials.”

Peng Zhengge expressed gratitude on the surface, but secretly complained. Indeed, their Institute of Aeronautical Materials is now able to manufacture carbon fiber composite materials, but they can’t do large-scale forming and covering.

To use a simple analogy, they have mastered the technology of making bricks, but they have not mastered the process of building houses. It still has to rely on Honeywell International for large-area synthesis of carbon fiber composite materials and body coverage.

“Don’t be so troublesome.” Lu Zixin said, “This time we come, not only brought people, but we also brought some equipment. After the arrangement complete, we can start a large-scale experiment of carbon fiber composite materials.”

After Lu Zixin finished, Peng Zhengge  stood up abruptly and asked, “What! Is it possible to start manufacturing?”

Anderson Fergus also equally unbelievable, didn’t he just cooperate recently? How they have mastered the technology?

He tried to calm himself down and said, “Is it true? I am very curious about this. Can I have the honor to visit?”

“Of course, as long as General Peng doesn’t mind,” Lu Zixin said.

“No objection, of course, no objection.” Peng Zhengge said immediately, but he’s still surprised. If Lu Zixin’s words were true, it would not only overcome a material technology problem, but also save the company tens of millions of dollars for research and development and purchases material costs!


In the laboratory,  Gao Wei and others also shocked, after they know, Red Letter Group has mastered the new carbon fiber composite manufacturing technology.

But they are different from these high-levels, they are more concerned about the technical level. After the two robots, Zhang Ming and Zhong Bing explained some principles and manufacturing schemes. Gao Wei became really convinced in his heart! Because some of the details they said are the unsolved problems for Gaowei team! If they can come up with a plan, it means they have solved it in all likelihood.

“Your carbon fiber composite material can still be improved. In the production process and raw material processing, we can modify it according to our methods to produce new carbon fiber composite materials with improved strength, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance.” Zhang Ming introduced through a virtual projection presentation. Aside, senior researchers from the Institute of Aeronautical Materials were taking notes and records like students.

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