BTC Chapter 537 : New Man

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Future City, the upper level of Science and Technology tower.

The new headquarters building of Red Letter Group still under construction, so Lu Zixin regards the science and technology tower as his own office building. Here, the view is particularly wide, overlooking the whole city.

He is now chatting with Dongfang Hao virtual video, asking about carbon fiber composite materials. After completing the robot research and development, Dongfang Hao asked for a holiday and traveled to Brazil.

“Daddy, I don’t understand material research, you ask big fool!” In the virtual image, Dongfang Hao wandered in the slums with a weird tattoo, dyed red wavy head, and a cigarette in his mouth.

“Well,  don’t cause me trouble!” Lu Zixin emphasized this sentence every time.

“How could I get into trouble? I’m such an honest Cybertron star…” When Dongfang Hao still speaking, an iron rod hit his head, and behind him, a group of tattooed men surrounded him. They were so aggressive, at first glance everyone knew they had no good intentions.

“Daddy, you also saw it, not that I started first.” Dongfang Hao said, “I have something to do, I will break it first!”

“Be careful!”

“Understand!” Dongfang Hao turned his head and looked at the group behind him. He shrugged and asked, “Who will come first?”

Lu Zixin interrupted the video and went to find RI-8901. Unfortunately, Zhang Qiang also has a task now. Moreover, he is also instructing R&D at Future City Intelligent Robot Technology Company.

His worksheet has been scheduled for next year. Then he will have to go to Pengyun Machinery, Red Letter Electronics, Pengyun Automobile and other companies for “technical guidance.”.

“There are not enough people!” Lu Zixin had to sigh. In the past few years, Red Letter Group has established many laboratories and research centers, and they also reached cooperation with many universities and research institutes around the world in order to reserve talents.

However, there are still a few black technology talents available to Lu Zixin. There are too many scientific research projects at present, and the schedule of RI-8901 can’t be arranged completely.

Lu Zixin asked the friends in Ten Thousand Realm’s Science and Technology Chat Group for help, hoping to find a reliable subordinate.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: There is a thunderbolt in the clear sky, and Red Queen comes on stage] At this time, the owner, you need this!”

She sent a video of a standard male, wearing a suit and tie. The body is straight and handsome, just like a male model.

This man can communicate with people, drink tea, eat, conduct business activities and so on. At the end of the video, he smiled at the camera, suddenly! His neck stretched, his face split open and turned into a mouth part full of secret teeth, biting towards the camera.

Mr. L : “Almost scared me. Fortunately, I’m prepared.”

Lu Zixin had already guessed, it is impossible for Red Queen to post serious videos.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: with a tricky smile] You can see, it is called a pretender. It looks exactly like a human being. It also has a human IQ, and its physical fitness is ten times that of an ordinary human! After the memory is injected, it can work and research. It can also be used as a spy or killer!”

Red Queen : “Owner, I can send you a few hundred. This is a variant of the previous simulation city plan. There are a lot of them in the biochemical warehouse, they never had the opportunity to use it.”

Mr. L : “You still have it, I think I like robots more now.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: not open] Then you mean you like Skynet and Terminator robots?”

Mr. L : “???”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: the owner is a big pig hoof!]”

Creator Luke appeared and said, “Is it an industrial robot? There’s a pile in my warehouse.”

With that, he sent Lu Zixin an exclusive Red envelope, Lu Zixin thanked him, then received it.

Group Tip : “You have received exclusive Red envelope from Creator Luke, obtained five Hebron industrial robots.”

These industrial robots are the original versions of RI-8901. It also comes with some bionic shells, which are human “faces”. Every robot has certain industrial knowledge. Compared with the already evolved RI-8901, their performance is still not good.

“Materials, finally there is something I can help.” Bruce Wayne also appeared in the group and said : “I received a red envelope from the group owner several times, this time let me send one.”

“Group owner, is it there a difference in aviation materials?” he asked.

Mr. L : “Yeah.”

In the group, Bruce Wayne sent him an exclusive Red envelope.

Group Tip : “You have received an exclusive Red envelope from Bruce Wayne, obtained the “Aerospace Materials Encyclopedia and Manufacturing Materials.”

Lu Zixin has a quick look at the group space, and the information inside is very detailed. He even saw that Bruce Wayne had even sent him the technology of manufacturing materials such as the space station and lunar aircraft.

Mr. L : “Mr. Wayne is too interesting.”

Bruce Wayne : “A little of things, everyone in the group has.”

In terms of aviation technology, more than half of the group members have skills. For example, Optimus Prime can travel in space, and Luke can even travel in time and space!

Hiro Hamada : “Wow, many big guys, can you teach me how to make materials? I want to learn too!”

Bruce Wayne also sent him a copy of the materials previously given to Lu Zixin. Hiro Hamada quickly thanked him : “Thank you, Mr. Wayne!”


Lu Zixin launched a group chat and started arranging the robot. He first went to a research center underground in the future city, one of his secret bases.

At the base, Lu Zixin took out all five industrial robots and put them in a bionic camouflage shell.

These five industrial robots are tall, short, fat and thin, and they are all different. For convenience, Lu Zixin replaced them with numbers called Iron One, Iron Two, Iron Three, Iron Four and Iron Five.

Of course, they will have their own human identities and names. For these, Lu Zixin will arrange people to complete it.

Lu Zixin first arranged for Iron One and Iron Two. Among them, Iron One was set as the material physics expert, and the corresponding information was injected into it. Iron Two was set as the chemical material expert, and also injected with the corresponding information.

The other three will not be injected with professional information for the time being, and will be arranged in the base first.

With Lu Zixin current energy, he quickly arranged for human identity for Iron One and Iron Two. A few days later, Red Letter Group’s staff list received an additional material physics expert, Zhang Ming, and an expert in the field of new chemical materials, Zhong Bing.

The two of them first got familiar with the team of the Red Letter Materials Research Institute. After they got familiar, they became the material technical representatives sent by Red Letter Group to China Commercial Aircraft Corporation to conduct research on the development of new carbon fiber composite materials and synthesis technology.

China Commercial Aircraft Corporation has long been eagerly looking forward to their arrival. Specially, Peng Zhengge attaches great importance to this. The representatives of Honeywell International have not left and just waiting for their news.

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