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“President Lu is really insightful. I’ve to admit it. Our China Commercial Aircraft Company’s life has become really difficult after the big market is down.” Peng Zhengge simply admitted. Then he continues to talk: “That’s why we actively seek change.”

The big market is declining. Giant companies such as Boeing and Airbus, which dominate the commercial aircraft market, have introduced more preferential sales policies. In the field of technological competition, it’s more difficult for China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, which has a relatively weak international reputation, to compete with it.

“So, what do you think, President Lu? If we cooperate with Red Letter Group, how can we change this status quo?” He continued to ask.

Lu Zixin thought about this question before he came. He replied with a clear mind: “It’s very simple, three points. First, Red Letter Group has very broad channels and resources. To manufacture commercial aircraft, our group’s channels can provide some materials, metals, even mechanical power equipment.”

“Secondly, the future city airport, such a large project, has endless potential. Our goal is to build a world technology center city. This will form a huge air route network connecting all parts of the world from the future city. As long, we provide you with some convenience, it will be easy for you to find buyers in airlines of various countries.”

“The last and most important point is the improvement of technology level. The importance of technology is unquestionable for the aviation market to recognize you. Cost, aviation safety, speed, load, etc. are not only the considerations of airlines, but also the considerations of aircraft passengers.”

“In cooperation with Red Letter,  we can provide technical support to improve the overall performance of your commercial aircraft. Owned Faster speed, higher load capacity and safety. With these competitive advantages, are you still afraid it can’t sell?”

“Red Letter Group consistent philosophy is technology can change people’s lifestyles! As a commercial aircraft, all aspects of performance have improved, and there will be more passengers willing to take the plane. For example, low-cost airlines, if we can provide more seats and larger commercial planes with higher payloads, the price of air tickets will naturally decrease, and more passengers will have one more choice when traveling. The same is true for logistics aircraft. When technology, cost, and load capacity change. The proportion of aircraft transportation in logistics transportation will also change.”


The two sides negotiated for three days. China Commercial Aircraft Company is willing to accept the capital injection and technical support from Red Letter Group. Red Letter Group will obtain part of China Commercial Aircraft Company equity and help them to develop and for promotion.

After formally signed the contract. The two parties began the handover process. The project process and aircraft manufacturing technology from China Commercial Aircraft Corporation have connected to Quantum Information Network within Red Letter Group. Later, professional personnel and Hong Xiaoxiao will analyze this data.

“Commercial aircraft mainly refers to large passenger aircraft. For a long time, foreign has monopolized the manufacture technology of large passenger aircraft. Our airlines have to spend about 20 million US dollars more than any other country on buying large passenger aircraft.”

“In 1970, China first established a large-scale project to build a large jet passenger aircraft, “Yun 10″. For various reasons, this project is interrupted. Some main R&D teams from China Commercial Aircraft Corporation are the original developers.”

“After the establishment of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, these developers with new researchers re-developed a large passenger aircraft together.”

“The technical problems they’re encountering at now are mainly three points: materials, onboard equipment and engines.”


Hong Xiaoxiao has screened a huge amount of information and left the most important part for Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin learned that China Commercial Aircraft Corporation has only launched a self-developed domestic passenger plane, C919. It has received very few orders compared with aviation giants in the United States and Britain.

In this model of passenger aircraft, most of the parts, materials and recording equipment still rely on imports. The domestic parts are less than 50%, and the 50% national production rate is the next stage of research objective of China Commercial Aircraft Company.

“Xiaoxiao, how difficult to manufacture airplane compared to a car?” Lu Zixin asked.

Hong Xiaoxiao printed a virtual projection of large-scale technology, marking dots. Explained: “In the ten parts of the large aircraft structure, each place involves more than ten systems, as many as hundreds of thousands of parts.”

“Only an aircraft landing gear that occupies less than one-fifth of the volume of an aircraft integrates 13 systems including hydraulics, control, electrical, and shock absorption, and more than 180 major components. This project alone required a dedicated R&D and installation team. The overall manufacturing difficulty of large aircraft is dozens of times that of automobiles!”

“There is also an important issue. If commercial airliners want to conduct commercial aviation, they must obtain international civil aviation. Airworthiness certification, including every part! Any screws outside the airworthiness certification can’t be used! This is why China Commercial Aircraft Corporation must rely on many imported parts to complete the aircraft manufacturing.”

“For our existing R&D team and technical level, Airborne equipment is the easiest one to solve. The various systems in the aircraft also our best part. The rare thing is the materials and engines.”*

Lu Zixin nodded, in aerospace, the material requirements are extremely harsh! It can be said that the material absolutely determines the performance of aircraft and spacecraft, the existing materials are still in development stage. For large investment, it can achieve a great results. So, they can monopolize the technology to create these materials and rely on imports for profit.

As for the aviation aircraft engine, this is the field where United States and United Kingdom have monopolized the world for decades! Up to now, the engine of China Commercial Aviation Aircraft Company relies entirely on imports, and in terms of technical research, there’s no major progress.

Lu Zixin meditated again. He chose to cooperate with China Commercial Aircraft Company in order to develop aviation technology and to promote the future city to become the world’s science & technological and economic center.

If they can launch cheaper, safer and more convenient air services, traveling from the future city to all parts of the world will become easier than before.

If you want to get rich, build roads first. This is the old economic development model. For the city of the future, if you want to develop, you must develop aviation!

In the manufacture of large aircraft, the technical problems are simply a mess, from small to large, hundreds of thousands can be listed!

Lu Zixin asked Hong Xiaoxiao to help organize it and solve them in turn.

“Red Letter intelligent system design and machinery manufacturing company can solve the Airborne equipment and systems. The main problems before us are materials and engines. Engine manufacturing requires high-tech aviation materials. So, the materials are listed first. According to the degree of difficulty and importance, the one I listed is a new type of carbon fiber material for aviation.” Hong Xiaoxiao said.

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