BTC Chapter 139 : Powerful production line

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The next day, with the help of industrial robot Zhang Qiang, the production line and equipment were initially laid. According to Stark’s improved production line, Luke is fully functional. Once installed, it only needs to be laid with raw materials and can be used with power.

During this period, the three French people who have been paying attention to the laying of the production line felt a little uneasy. They found that the production line and related equipment seemed to be a bit famous!

“Are you ready?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Ready, you can start trial production.” Bi Bosi nodded.

“Start on time, try to produce 500 pieces!” Lu Zixin told.

Bi Bosi shouted at the communicator: “Attention to the various stations, starting production on time, trial production of 500. Pay attention to record detailed data!”

Five minutes later, the new battery production line made by Luke began to work. In addition to automation equipment, workers or technicians are operating and monitoring in real time at other stations.

From raw materials to finished products, lithium-air batteries are slowly forming on automated assembly lines.

Tang Gang, Yao Li, and Bi Bosi are all nervous. This production line determines the fate of the future Kun Peng Battery Factory. As long as it succeeds, it will produce qualified lithium air batteries.

The Kun Peng Battery Factory will be the same as its name, and Kun Peng will fly in the sky!

The only person that doesn’t worry is Lu Zixin, who is still very confident about Luke’s manufacturing level. Even industrial robots such as RI-8901 can be manufactured. What is a small battery?

Florent and others looked at the smooth running of the production line, and the precision machining of the equipment could not help but also strain. This production uses the same production process, but the equipment is different.

If these equipments can successfully complete the production, then it proves that the equipment they manufactured before is unqualified and must bear the liability for breach of contract! Even if these equipments are recycled and rebuilt, they have a lot of losses.

The panels of the lithium-air battery are manufactured, made into finished products, and tested on the inspection machine.

Five hundred finished products were produced using only 40 minutes. This is because of the unskilled operation of the workers, the industrial production line made by Luke, the daily output can reach more than 20,000! If arranged and operated properly, it will even be higher!

The three French people are more and more uneasy, how is this process so much faster than their equipment? Before using their equipment, the production line used an entire hour for five hundred finished products!

“What is the product qualification rate?” Everyone is waiting for the results.

Both Yao Li and Bi Bosi, who got the results, couldn’t help but look at it. It’s a good thing to see at a glance.

Tang Gang also followed with some expectations, said curiously: “How? Is it better than before? Have you achieved the pass rate of 70%?”

Yao Li shook his head, Tang Gang hurriedly said: “Sixty-five percent?”

The two men shook their heads at the same time, Tang Gang could not help but said: “How much is it, let me look, I am dying!”

“100%!” The wrinkles on the forehead of Bi Bosi are stretched out, said a loud.

“What? 100%?” Tang Gang said with amazement, “Really?”

“Then can I still lie to you?” Bi Bosi showed the results of the data to him and said: “It is true, five hundred pieces, every product is qualified.”

Yao Li also joyfully said: “Not only that, but the quality is better than we expected! Originally our standard is four times the performance of ordinary lithium batteries, but the performance of this batch of products may be up to 4.5 times!”

“This…” Tang Gang sucked in a breath of cold air, and a surprise came from the bottom of his heart. This result is just too satisfying for him, not only satisfaction, but beyond his expectations!

When he thought, as long as the pass rate reached 80%, it was already very successful. Who knows that 100% can be achieved! And the performance test is very good!

This means that lithium-air batteries can finally complete commercial production lines. HX2 mobile phones can also catch up with the release time, and all the troubles in the near future will be solved!

This is like a hot summer, suddenly filled with ice water, cool to every pore!

The three Frenchmen saw them with a look of joy and felt bad. They hurriedly asked the translator what they were saying.

The translator said their words, Yao Li handed them a test report, and the three French people suddenly stopped.

“100%? All are qualified products? How can this be done?” Florent stared at the test report, a data and a data look, but unfortunately could not find any problems.

“Is this fake?” Anto did not believe, questioning.

“No, this is true. You have seen all the detections.” At this moment, Zhang Qiang suddenly said in fluent French.

As a robot, the language only needs to be entered for use.

“The production process is the same, and how bad is the result?” Barr was shocked and looked at Florent and Anto.

Unfortunately, neither of them can find the answer.

Zhang Qiang translated their words to Lu Zixin, Lu Zixin said: “Tell them, because their equipment is not qualified, the result will be so much worse.”

“Now the facts have proved that there is no problem with the production process of our battery factory. Their company is responsible for delays and production equipment errors!”

Zhang Qiang translated the words of Lu Zixin. Although Florent had already shaken in his heart, he insisted on saying: “There must be other problems in this area. You can’t make such a simple conclusion!”

“You still don’t recognize it?” Zhang Qiang said. “Then I will explain the problem directly to you.”

Said, he took everyone to the equipment that Schneider Electric produced, from production to problems, all said it all over!

Every time he pointed out a design mistake, the face of Florent and others turned white. Although they were originally white-skinned people, the embarrassment on their faces was visible to the discerning eye.

When Zhang Qiang finished, Florent and other three people were already sweating. As a proud Frenchman, among the top 500 companies in the world, the top electrical engineers and mechanical designers, in their own professional fields, have been beaten by Zhang Qiang!

Florent looked at Zhang Qiang with amazement. What is the origin of this person? Why do he know the three designers of Schneider Electric’s industrial equipment? Too terrifying!

“Amen!” Barr screamed. “We actually made so many mistakes!”

Anto also looked depressed and didn’t know what to say.

Lu Zixin asked: “What do you have to say now?”

The three French people looked at each other for a while, and Florent said helplessly: “It turns out that we are wrong! We are convinced that these industrial equipments are not designed by us.”

“This matter, we will be fully responsible for Schneider Electric. Here, I express my deepest apologies for the delays and other unfavorable factors caused to you. I hope that this matter can be resolved through reasonable negotiation.”

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