BTC Chapter 140 : New Product Release

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When the translator said Florent words to everyone, the people were even more happy.

Tang Gang’s face couldn’t help but smile. The three French people vowed a few days ago, bragging about the equipment of their company. Now they have been cleaned up and finally honestly admit their mistakes!

With this new production line, battery problems can be solved. It also allows Schneider Electric to assume their responsibility and do both.

Yao Li is also relieved. He is the director of battery affairs for Red Letter. If this problem is not resolved, he will not be able to feel at ease in one day.

Now that the new production line has reached 100% pass rate, the battery factory is finally operational, and the problem is coming to an end.

And Bi Bosi, while being happy, still has some pride. He has been in the Kun Peng Battery Factory for several years, watching Kun Peng battery factory step by step eliminated by the times.

Now with the new lithium-air battery, this factory will be able to rejuvenate and become the industry leader!

Lu Zixin was also very satisfied, and the battery problem that was first dragged down was finally solved. Moreover, there is an industrial robot as an assistant, and it will be much easier to do things in this area in the future.

On the other hand, the three French people, like the eggplant that is frosted, can no longer afford a little pride. What they think now is how to return to the company report and how to deal with it in order to minimize losses.

The next negotiation with France Schneider Electric, Lu Zixin will not care, and the battery factory to talk about it.

He also announced an appointment to appoint Zhang Qiang as the technical director of Kun Peng Battery Factory, which is responsible for the above aspects of industrial production technology. The next step is to improve the production line, build the factory, and produce a new production line.

One advantage of Luke’s industrial robots is that they don’t create all the “wonderful” ideas like some highly intelligent artificial intelligence.

90% in their minds is all industrially manufactured. The rest is to record some information to complete the effect of disguising humans.

For the appointment of Lu Zixin, everyone is also very convinced. In the previous production, Zhang Qiang has already convinced them with their own professional skills.

The only thing that puzzles them is that this Zhang Qiang character is a bit isolated. For example, everyone is joking with him, he does not feel funny at all. If someone laughs, he also laughs, making people feel inexplicable, and even a little neurotic.

There are also some social activities, and he does not participate at all, staying in the factory all day. Because of his burly style, some women greeted him, and he completely ignored it.

But everyone did not expect that it was not humans who worked with them, but an industrial robot. After getting along for a while, everyone got used to his weirdness and thought that Zhang Qiang was a weird workaholic.

Kun Peng battery began production, because there is only one complete production line at present, so it is three shifts, 24 hours of continuous production.

The daily output reaches 30,000, and the monthly output is 900,000 mobile phone lithium air panels. Once produced, they are shipped to the foundry and other hardware for assembly.

According to this progress, the sale of HX2 mobile phones is no problem. And when the construction of the new production line is completed, the battery factory can not only supply the demand of the red letter itself, but also receive orders from other companies to achieve a large profit!

Time has passed for more than two months, and it will be September. Red letter company, has also stocked enough HX2, ready to open a new mobile phone conference!

Before the red letter, the VI mobile phone also opened a new product launch conference for the new X21 mobile phone. X21 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to take photos of soft light, full screen, etc., and its performance is stronger than previous X20.

The X20 mobile phone from VI mobile phone will be the first mobile phone sales in the month when it is released! And kept it for a few months! After the conference, the number of reservations for X21 phones has exceeded one million!

And another rival to the new mobile phone in September, not to mention Samsung, this old brand has many loyal users. S9 is expected to sell more than a million in a month.

The red letter mobile phone, the first HX1 sales in the first month is 400,000, although this is because of insufficient supply, but in the past few months, the sales growth of the red letter mobile phone is not obvious, there is still a gap from the big factory.

Now HX2 is attacking again. They don’t know what the sales can achieve. It is even further, or there are setbacks in the mobile phone market, and the media are watching closely.

The press conference was still hosted by Tang Gang. This time, the number of guests and the number of people present was more.

On the barrage of the live broadcast of the conference, netizens have published speculations on the HX2 mobile phone.

“Have you seen the concept video of HX2 before? I think HX2 is at best to make the phone last longer.”

“Is there any other features? Say good HX phone system, I have used both Android System and IOS System, I want to experience this new mobile phone System.”

“It’s impossible to be so versatile! Concept videos are all features that have not yet been made. I also think it is necessary to add batteries.”

“It is said that HX2 is four times power of other mobile phones? Really?”

“How much is HX2?”


At the beginning of the conference, Tang Gang first talked about some of the company’s ideas, which are not attractive to users.

Until the appearance of HX2 began, the audience watching the conference gradually increased. Processors, video, music, video and other functions began to show one by one.

Finally, he began to showcase the Red Letter mobile phone System.

On the phone interface, there are some differences between the Android and IOS System design styles, but the audience still feels nothing. The real function can only be known if it is used.

Tang Gang held a prototype in his hand and said: “Look, this is the mobile game “Desolate Battlegrounds” launched by our Red Letter game. I think many people have such a software in their mobile phones. You can try it and use it. How long does it take for the mobile phone to open this mobile game?”

The guests sitting under the stage really tried a lot, and soon someone said: “Three seconds!”

“2.5 seconds.”

“3 seconds or so.”

The mobile game of “Desolate Battlegrounds” is very well-made, so it takes up a lot of memory. It takes a few seconds to open.

On the barrage of the live broadcast, the conclusions reached by netizens are similar.

Tang Gang said with a smile : “A lot of friends have already said their answers, then you think, HX2 open this mobile game, how many seconds?”

A guest said: “2.5 seconds?”

A reporter in the front row asked: “2 seconds?”

On the barrage, netizens are also participating in the speculation: “2 seconds, I bet ten hot peppers!”

“2 seconds is fast enough, I have to open 2.5 seconds with Apple! I guess HX2 can reach 2.5 seconds.”

“Your mobile phone is so fast? My phone is open for 8 seconds!”

“The old man you used upstairs?”

“Guess your sister, guess, guess every day, guess you guess I guess?”

Tang Gang said with a smile : “Everyone guessed a bit different from the real situation. Next, let us see the time it takes HX2 to open this mobile game.”

“Everyone should not blink, optimistic, red core second-generation processor with HX mobile phone System, how strong its performance!”

Say, his finger clicked on the APP icon of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, everyone’s eyes are staring at the big screen, and the mind is ready to open the running time.

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