BTC Chapter 138 : RI-8901

Edited: XiaXue

The Creator Luke, once a monarch of the planet, has now fallen to the construction of  apostles of the devil world. He must be extremely unwilling in his heart, so he will use all means to free himself.

This space-time positioning instrument may also be his attempt, but it was a pity that it was destroyed under the detection of group System.

Without any worries, Lu Zixin chose to receive Red envelope.

Group Tip : “Congratulations, you have received a Red envelope from Creator Luke, a lithium-air battery production line, a related equipment operation and manufacturing materials, and Luke industrial robot.”

The production line is too large to be taken out. As for industrial robots, it is not good to suddenly change out.

So Lu Zixin drove to the uninhabited place in the suburbs before taking out the industrial robot.

In front of him, a burly man stood with 190cm height. He wore a simple blue cloth with a serial number on it, RI-8901.

Standing in front of industrial robots, Lu Zixin felt some pressure. It is really that this robot is too strong, and although he is a human form, but the internal structure is mechanical, it seems that the steel plate is hard!

This reminds Lu Zixin of the Terminator. Fortunately, this is just an industrial robot. If it is a war robot, he will not dare to do it.

RI-8901 also has a recognizing Master program. When Lu Zixin starts, he scans Lu Zixin’s information. By default Lu Zixin is the owner.

“RI-8901 has been activated, permanently bound to the owner, please give instructions.” The industrial robot said that before launching, Lu Zixin also inputted a voice message via wireless signal, so he can speak Chinese.

Lu Zixin observes his expression movements and finds that when he speaks, his lips and teeth move, his facial muscles change, and he is really like a real person. This technical process is really amazing!

As far as the current form of RI-8901 is concerned, unless he is dissected, it is estimated that no one knows that he is a robot.

Lu Zixin asked: “Can you pretend to be human?”

RI-8901 said: “Can.”

Lu Zixin nodded and said, “That’s it. I have to create an identity for you first. You should put on your clothes first.”

Before he came, he bought some big clothes. RI-8901 sleekly put the clothes on, Lu Zixin bought a large denim and jacket, and the RI-8901 was like a macho in the American blockbuster.

If you put him with sunglasses and machine guns, it’s okay to play Hollywood blockbusters!

Lu Zixin stayed in the car and contacted the “Wan Shi Tong” organization.

The MasterCard organization contacts him and protects the privacy of both parties through third-party communication software.

Lu Zixin said with a voice changer: “The production line is here, I will put it in this place when I arrive…”

The same voice transducer used by the other party replied: “Yes, I will send a truck to pick it up and send it to your company according to your requirements.”

Lu Zixin asked again: “There is one more thing. I have a person here. He lost his identity information and helped me to fill a normal citizenship. He is a talent in industrial technology.”

The other party hesitated and said: “There is no problem in arranging identity, but we must make sure that this person is not wanted and has no other problems. Otherwise, this order cannot be answered in this way.”

“Reassured, I promise absolutely no problem, you can check it.” Lu Zixin replied.

The other party replied: “Yes, we need his photo, fingerprint information, and the personal information you want to prepare. Send it to the designated mailbox, and we can help you after we check that there is no problem.”

Lu Zixin: “OK.”

The other party reminded: “Yes, this single order must be counted!”

After consulting these things, Lu Zixin took the RI-8901 into the group space and placed the production line. These things taken out of the group space can be put in again, but other items are not.

The MasterCard organization did a quick job. When Lu Zixin placed the production line equipment in an abandoned factory, they quickly transferred the team to take it away.

One day later, Lu Zixin also received personal information from them, which was prepared for RI-8901.

In the identification, it is a photo of RI-8901, whose name is Zhang Qiang and whose nationality is Singapore. Age 28 years old, grew up in Singapore, a university in the United States. Now working at Jay International Trading Company in Singapore, he is a top technical talent in the industry.

Zhang Qiang, a few weeks ago, sent a batch of industrial production lines from Huaier International Trading Company to Huaxia, and the relevant procedures and procedures were perfect. And Zhang Qiang will serve as technical director and stay at Kun Peng Battery Factory.

It can be seen that the MasterCard organization is still a multinational organization with strong strength.

For this reason, Lu Zixin has spent a lot of money. But the effect is also remarkable, and everything is now arranged.

Two days later, Lu Zixin and other people waited in the factory, and the transportation team towed the production equipment. The leader was Zhang Qiang, the technical director of Singapore’s Jay Trading Company, which is RI-8901.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang.” Tang Gang ran up to shake hands with Zhang Qiang and said with emotion: “You are really burly!”

Zhang Qiang emoticon said calmly: “Hello.”

Lu Zixin also pretends to be ignorant. In the past, he said, “Is there any problem with the equipment?”

“I have tested it, there is no problem! You can also check one side. If there is any problem, I can solve it for you.” Zhang Qiang said, “Now I can guide you to install it. Can you find some skilled workers to help?” ”

“Of course.” Bi Bosi said, “I will call people!”

Next to them, Florent and other three French people are watching. They waited for a few days and were ready to leave.

Who knows that the battery factory really brought the equipment, this time not only a separate device, but a whole day production line!

This made Florent and others amazed. Besides them, which mechanical company did make industrial equipment for Kun Peng battery factory?

Three Frenchmen whispered in French, Ando said: “Florent, what they said would not be true?”

“Nonsense!” Florent retorted. “Our Schneider Electric’s technology is top-notch in the world. They are looking for other manufacturers to order, and will not be better than us, or even better than our equipment.”

“When they produce, they will find that the product qualification rate is lower than our equipment! This can only prove that there is a problem with their production process! It is not a problem with our equipment.”

“Yes!” said another Frenchman, Barr. “This thing, our company does not need to take on a little responsibility, they will immediately know who the problem is!”

In the factory, Zhang Qiang led a group of workers to install the equipment. Before the equipment arrives at the factory, the factory is ready, so the installation is very fast, it is expected to be completed within one day, and the production will be possible tomorrow.

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