BTC Chapter 04 : Hurry up to Contact Him!

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When it was time to get off work, Lu Zixin wasn’t allowed to. Supervisor Chai Mao announced: “Zhu An, Lu Zixin, Lao Bai … you have to finish up this task before you go.”

Zhu An bitterly said, “Supervisor, this is going to take until at least 11 o’clock in the evening!”

Chai Mao glanced at him and said, “Why, you aren’t willing? Then fuck off!”

Zhu An has no choice but to shut up, since he didn’t want to lose the job, but Lu Zixin was unhappy, he worked overtime for the company every day, yet he could not get a single penny of overtime pay. Previously, if it wasn’t for of Ding Yu he would have already resigned early.

He picked up his own things and said, “Sorry, supervisor, I have something today, I’ll leave first.”

After he finished saying that, he didn’t care about Chai Mao’s gaze and left the company.

“That little bastard, he really dares to go!” Chai Mao said, “The company is not doing good because of this kind of non-professional employees, so the performance is not good!”

An old fox follows his words: “Exactly, this intern is too unprofessional.”

The old employees have overtime pay for overtime work, but the interns do not.

Because for the game company, the recruitment of interns is a way to recruit cheap labor.

When the internship period arrives, they will be fired and then they would recruit new interns. They has done this countless times.

“I will fire him next month!” Chai Mao said coldly. “This year, four-legged animals are hard to find but people with two legs are everywhere!”

When Zhu An heard this, he quickly pleaded for Lu Zixin: “Head, he is really has something to do. He is…”

Before he could finish, Chai Mao interrupted: “You care so much? You are just good to yourself.”


At 8 o’clock in the evening, in the Blue Hole Game Company China Branch. Business Division Manager Zhang Xiaofeng still had not finished his work, and was still busy in the office… similarly, his secretary and assistant Li Ming was also there.

Zhang Xiaofeng was in his forties and is a senior elite in the online game industry. For that talent, that Blue Hole Game Company has spent at a great price to hire him.

“It’s really a headache. Recently, the complaints on the phone has been blowing up!” Zhang Xiaofeng sighed. “Because of the recent player banning, the number of players from China’s region has dropped significantly, and as result the growth has dropped significantly!”

Recently in order to prevent cheating everywhere, the official game of the PUBG decided to temporarily ban all accounts with a bad record in the game, and they also banned the ones with many reports. This has affected many normal players, and they complained.

Secretary Li Ming also said helplessly: “How can the head of the technical department still not find a good way to fix it? This will lead to a decline in performance growth. We can’t stop it!”

“How is the Tencent collaboration going?” Zhang Xiaofeng asked, Tencent is preparing to invest in their game, but the agency is still negotiating the fee.

Li Ming shook his head: “The agency fee is still not up to par, but Tencent company is willing to help us fix up the game loopholes, although they want us to reduce the price, this is really would be a loss on our side.”

“Yeah.” Zhang Xiaofeng nodded. “After all their technological division of their company is indeed much stronger than our company’s.”

“Well, is there any other problem? If not, I will be leaving.”

Li Ming said: “Yes, manager, our official mail server has been hacked. Someone sent an email saying that it is a perfect version of “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds” and wants to sell us bug patches.”

“Is there still such a thing?” Zhang Xiaofeng said differently, “Even our company’s email server has been hacked! Has it been solved yet?”

“No.” Li Ming shook his head. “The personnel from the technical department have not been able to solve it.”

“Is there something in the mail?” Zhang Xiaofeng asked.

“No.” Li Ming still shook his head. “Manager, this hacker, I don’t know if it is a prank or something. He actually called me today and wanted to sell our own stuff to us? Isn’t it funny? Our own game, but still have to buy it ourselves!”

Zhang Xiaofeng heard him describe the matter again, but frowned. He said: “Look at the stuff in his e-mail.” He feels this hacker had a bit of a skill, otherwise it wouldn’t take their technicians so much time to solve the issues in the mail server.

“Okay.” Although he felt that it was a waste of time, Li Ming was still ordered to open the mail and download the game.

“Isn’t this just eating chicken (pubg) ? Is there anything special?” Li Ming said in disbelief. “The hacker is really sick!”

“No!” Zhang Xiaofeng opened the test mode and entered the game. “Look, this fluency is much higher than ours. There are also definitions, details, and optimizations!”

“Hhmm? Really!” Li Ming noticed.

“It’s fairly interesting.” Zhang Xiaofeng said in his heart, “Is there anyone else in the technical department? Let them check it out and see if those cheats can be used on it.”

Blue hole game company naturally has the cheats that are have been circulating on the Internet, and even they design their own cheats in order to find loopholes and then improve the game.

Soon, Lu Zixin’s patched game was sent for testing.

In less than half an hour, the technicians were excited to report the results.

“Manager, we tested it! It really is a perfect version! The various vulnerabilities have all been patched up, and it has been highly optimized! It can be said that there is no cheats on the internet that can attack it!”

“What!” Zhang Xiaofeng and Li Ming were both shocked. Is it really a perfect version?

“How is this possible?” Li Ming asked. “We haven’t we researched it internally. Can an outsider really develop a perfect version without our original programs?”

“It’s true!” The tone of the technicians is also full of disbelief. “To tell you the truth, we didn’t believe it either, but after the test we realized it is indeed real, this version is better than the design of the Blue Hole!” ”

“How much?” Zhang Xiaofeng asked.

“It is at least… ten versions ahead of us!” said the technician.

“Ten versions ahead!” The two simply didn’t know what to say. Lets assumed that a new version will be developed every quarter. This is ten quarters, so over two years ahead!

In the game industry, two years is almost the lifespan of a game. It can be said that this version sent in the mail is simply invincible!

Li Ming took a breath of air and said with amazement: “So, the call today is real?”

He now feels incredible, whoever heard the man will think that it is impossible when they receive strange phone call saying that the other party has perfecting their game.

Otherwise, would Tencent spend a lot of money to invest in blue hole for a cooperation?

But the fact is that the other party actually did it! It sounds just like a story!

“It’s true!” Zhang Xiaofeng thought more.

The other party actually has a more perfect version than their chicken (pubg) game, which means that their game data has been fully known by the other party! This is terrible. If the other party is a competitor, they could have used this trick to kill them!

For example, secretly developing those private service games, or selling this information to other online game companies and copy their works.

If that was the case, then the company’s losses will be very big! And Blue Hole Game Company will not be a giant game company any longer. It was hard enough to make a hot game, and it must not suffer such a blow!

“No, you must contact him quickly!” Zhang Xiaofeng said quickly. “Xiao Li, you are too negligent! If the other party sells this information to the other companies, our trouble will be really big!”

Li Ming just thought of this, and he suddenly turned pale. If that is the case, the top of the company will be furious and the fault will fall on him!

“Right, today he want to sell it to us, so he should still want to cooperate with us.” Li Ming said.

“I hope he still does.” Zhang Xiaofeng was very anxious, “Hurry up to contact him!”

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