BTC Chapter 90 : Machine Brother Number One

Edited: XiaXue

“Mother, start?” The water friend with the drone next to him has already debugged the drone and let the wind out.

“Begin! You can play with them first, I will take everyone to play with excitement!” said the brother, by the way, took his special drone from his backpack.

“Wow, brother, is this what you bought?” The water friend next to him exclaimed, “This brand of drones is a cow!”

The machine brother smugly introduced: “It took me tens thousands! This body is made of titanium alloy and magnesium alloy. It comes with one inch and 20 million pixel image sensor. Whether it is taking photos or video, it is super clear!”

“And the endurance is very strong, intelligent flight. I also modified it, took a name, called the machine brother number one! Let you all see!”

Said, the machine brother began to control his drone, just show the real-time shooting of the drone in the live window.

“Everyone guess, where do I fly this time?” While the brother was manipulating the drone, he deliberately said: “A little further south is the female dormitory of the university. I have always heard that the sister of this university is beautiful…”

He said here, someone immediately brushed on the barrage: “Go to the girls’ dormitory!”

“I strongly demand that the anchor fly the girls’ dormitory! I have never seen it before!”

“The anchor is also shameless? If you do this, it will invade the privacy of others!” The netizen who issued the barrage was immediately banned by the house management.

The brother immediately said: “Old irons, the gift goes a wave, let’s go to the girls’ dormitory right away!”

On the barrage, the gift was immediately brushed, and the machine brother control plane flew to the female dormitory of the university, and lived the picture transmitted by the drone.

Because the university is flexible in class time, there are some students in the dormitory at any time.

The drone sneaked to the back of the girl’s dormitory. On the screen, some college girls’ inner hangers appeared. Some sexy underwear immediately attracted some netizens’ cheers.

On the barrage, “the trough, really exciting! This inside is actually lingere silk, wearing it must be very X”

“The third one on the left, I guess there is D, this 6!”

“The same is true for the girls’ dormitory! It is more chaotic than our male dormitory!”

“Can you fly in? If you can fly in, you will be fine!”

“Look at the above, I really want to see a sister go.”

“The anchor, you are immoral!” The netizen finished, and was also banned.

The machine brother smiled, not so live, how to suck powder? How to make them brush gifts?

Soon, he found another way to let netizens brush their gifts. The drone flew over and flashed through the bare back of a dormitory girl.

“The anchor, look at that! They didn’t wear clothes!” Someone was crazy on the barrage.

“It’s just a blast! Look at that one!”

“Don’t wear clothes during the day, it’s really bad!”

“When you write, people are in their dorms. Isn’t it normal to not wear clothes? I don’t wear clothes in the dormitory, pants don’t wear them!”

“The paralyzed, the anchor is going over, really want to see it!”

Machine brother seduce with a smile: “Want to see a wave of 6!”

On the barrage, it immediately became a full screen 666!

The brother said again: “Now brush the gift, brush a rocket, I will transfer the picture!”

His voice fell, and the screen became a gift reminder. The value has already surpassed a rocket. The brother brother deliberately waited for a while, seeing that not many people brushed the gift, they said: “I will transfer the picture now, the old irons feel the anchor to force, another wave!”

As he said, he drove the drone to fly to the window just now, and he saw the restricted screen again.

A girl in shorts, the upper body is very cool, inadvertently seen by netizens.

The barrage of the live broadcast room was immediately filled.


“The thief is irritating! I just saw it and didn’t see it clearly!”

“Turn around! Girl, turn around!”

“The anchor is really a cow, put the lens into it!”

“This sister is not small, she didn’t see her face, the anchor is tune!”

On the barrage, the local tyrant just gave the five brothers to the brother, and said: “The brother, the gift is sent, and then give the brothers some excitement!”

Said with a smile: “Thank you for the five rockets sent by Tuhao!”

He was about to shoot again, and the sister in the dormitory found the drone, screaming for a second and screaming.

As she cover her chest, she quickly pulled the curtains up, hiding her and heard a loud cry: “Rogue!”

“Hahaha, this girl is shy! Let’s see something else!”

Lu Zixin controls the Mini Iron Man and sees this scene. He suddenly frowned and used the drone to sneak shots. The anchor was too immoral, so he should give him some lesson.

He controlled the mini Iron Man to fly down and was ready to shoot down the machine.

The machine brother is adjusting the flight direction of the machine brother No.1, and suddenly found a strange thing on the screen.

Netizens also saw through the live broadcast that a flying object flew from high altitude, and the target was the number one.

Barrage: “There is something flying over!”

“I am going to go, what is it? It seems to be Iron Man?”

“Really Iron Man! So handsome! Is this the anchor?”

“The first time I saw such a realistic model, and I can fly! How did it fly? No propeller!”

“The anchor, is this Iron Man yours? It’s too hanging!”

“Fly fly fast!”


The machine brother himself was wondering, he asked the water friend who was playing the drone next to him: “Who is Iron Man? Who is the cow!”

“The shape is very handsome, and the flight is also very fast. I guess it is 50,000 to start!”

The water friends next to them shook their heads and said, “I don’t know! It’s not ours!”

“If it is mine, I will show it out every day!”

“Look at the picture, fly over!”

They watched the picture from the first brother of the machine, and saw that the mini Iron Man flew directly in front of it, suspended in the air.

Then, the Mini Iron Man moved, and it slammed on the No. 1 of the machine, and the picture suddenly swayed, and the sound of metal collision came.

“Fuck, it’s playing my drone!”

The netizens suddenly burst into laughter and said: “Mother, cow, it can make you a shredded pork!”

The picture is still shaking, the rotor of the machine brother No. 1 was directly smashed by the mini Iron Man, and fell to the ground, the picture flashed a few times, completely black!

This means that the machine brother 1 crashed!

The face of the machine brother was dark, and suddenly broke his mouth. “Mom got a bastard, which son attacked my drone?”

The water friends next to them shook their heads and said: “Absolutely not us, this mini Iron Man is not brought by us.”

“Fuck, I bought this drone with tens thousands, and I also made a special transformation of the machine brother No.1, and it crashed! Don’t let me catch it, labor and money smash it!”

After the machine brother finished, the next water friend shouted: “Mother, it flew over!”

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  1. I read these last three chapters at once, and I have only 2 things to complain about, where is the new member of wechat? and some dull jokes, that’s all
    But not to mention that, as incredible as it sounds, it’s still interesting
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