BSI Chapter 101 : Gigai

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In the afternoons of these days, Xia Yan studied Kido with Ushoda Hachigen, and spent only three days. He mastered Rikujōkōrō, Hyapporankan, and Sajō Sabaku.

After mastering the three Bakudō, the binding force reached 50%. As long as you continue to modify your perception and thinking, you can continue to increase your power.

With the help of Kuna Mashiro and Ushoda Hachigen, Xia Yan promotes himself gradually.

In addition, Xia Yan did not forget the study of the magnetic field quenching the body and the wind attribute.

By Friday, Xia Yan had just finished training, a huge parcel entered from the doorway, and the parcel was very close to the ground, just like the action on the ground.

Only the Visored Legion and a few people, such as Kisuke Urahara, Yoruichi and Tsukabishi Tessai, are free to enter the enchantment.

But how can I have a backpack?

Everyone looked at the backpack, the backpack slowly tilted, fell to the ground, a black cat smashed out and shouted: “Xia Yan, your things are here.”

Seeing the opposite side, Xia Yan quickly went over and shouted: “Yoruichi senior.”

The black cat body shook and shook the dust on the hair, and then said: “The inside is the item that Kisuke Urahara brought to you.”

“So much?”

Xia Yan saw huge packages and some accidents.

Yoruichi said: “In addition to what you want, there are some items that Kisuke Urahara thinks you can use. Find a place, needs me to teach you how to use gigai.”

Xia Yan nodded and lifted the parcel back to the room and couldn’t wait to open it.

There are a lot of things in the package, first of all, Gigai, stacking together, wearing clothes, looking at the style of clothes, some like school uniforms.

Yoruichi said: “Your size and height are only 11 years old, still a primary school student, so I will give you a uniform.”

Xia Yan opened the gigai again, and a round bead rolled down to the side.

Xia Yan picked up the beads and looked at Yoruichi and asked, “Yoruichi seniors, what is this?”

The latter said: “This is Gikongan, which can force the separation of the soul and the body. After the soul leaves the body, control the body and not let the body be destroyed or cause Human World human attention.”

Xia Yan asked curiously: “Yoruichi senior, Gikongan wants to enter gigai before I can use it? How do I get into the gigai? ”

Yoruichi said: “As long as you lay the flat, you can lie on it.”

Xia Yan put the gigai on the bed, lying back, immediately felt the soul into a soft place, the six senses gradually affected, but after a moment of discomfort, the six senses recovered, just not as sensitive as before, Reiatsu perception disappeared without a trace.

Xia Yan slowly stood up and lost the Reiatsu consciousness, which made him somewhat uncomfortable, but with five senses he could still feel the surrounding World.

Xia Yan looked at his palm, both legs and feet, and it was no different from the human body.

In the strict sense, this gigai is equivalent to the human body and is the container of soul.

However, Xia Yan tried to mobilize the Reiatsu, but it felt a little hindered.

Yoruichi explains: “The gigai itself has the effect of suppressing Reiatsu. After putting on the suppression Reishi will reduce the Ability. In addition, Soul Society gigai will be traced to this position, the Kisuke gigai will not reveal the track, so Reishi Ability close to zero.”

Xia Yan knows that this is inevitable, as long as it is not like Rukia, it will break down the Reiatsu.

Xia Yan thought, planning to see what his own gigai is like. He took Gikongan and put it in his mouth and swallowed it.


Xia Yan soul popped up, a sly, standing firm.

And his own gigai slowly fell to the ground, staring at Xia Yan, motionless.

“Okay, what is your name?”

The righteous soul can speak, and Xia Yan wants to know the name of the opposite side.

But Gigai has never answered, Just staring at Xia Yan.

This Gikongan will not be a problem?

Just like the soul, the character is somewhat better than it is, but it is already good.

Seireitei first popular Gikongan, named Chappy, has the character of rabbit, and most likes to jump on others.

When Kusajishi Yachiru came to Human World with Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Abarai Renji and the others, she secretly changed the Gikongan to just like it, causing an uproar.

This soul is not moving, it looks good, but it doesn’t make people worry.

Xia Yan scratched his head and looked at Yoruichi. The latter immediately raised his claws and scratched his face in gigai body. He said, “I will introduce myself.”

“Don’t scratch me. I, I said. ”

Xia Yan’s gigai shrank and shrank, and said softly: “My name is Chihiro.”

Xia Yan frowned and asked, “Are you a man and a woman?”

Chihiro said: “Of course it is a man.”

Yoruichi said with a smile: “This Gikongan is very honest and quiet, and will not do anything indiscriminately. It is just silent. However, he is not an ordinary soul, but a battle soul.”

“Battle soul, what is this?”

Xia Yan asked curiously.

Yoruichi said: “The so-called battle soul is to infuse the soul after the death of the lost soul. This kind of soul will enhance one of the body’s Ability and can carry out basic battles, which is called the battle soul.”

“Yoruichi seniors, which one is added by Chihiro?” Xia Yan asked curiously.

Yoruichi said with a smile: “His response was quick, injecting into the gigai, moving speed and reaction speed exceeded humans without Reiatsu.”

Xia Yan nodded, variety of battle souls, such as ‘soul’ is the battle soul, but the increase of Strength is limited.

Even in the original Bleach, there is a battle soul that can copy other people’s appearance, make people feel illusion, and Space can move. It is not included here.

Xia Yan asked again: “I need to let him stay in gigai in the future? Or to take him out of the gigai.”

Yoruichi said: “It is best just like this. After all, he has feelings and thinking, and his life span is only ten years.”

All of gigai souls have a limited life span, and only Kurotsuchi Nemu breaks through this limitation.

And most of gigai souls are unable to grow up, they are shaped at birth, and only Kurotsuchi Nemu are unrestricted.

On the way of soul, Kurotsuchi Mayuri walked in front of Kisuke Urahara.

Xia Yan looked at other items, such as the black cloak, which is what he wanted from Kisuke Urahara, which made it easy for him to act in secret.

In addition, there are several items, a long cloth, Xia Yan is somewhat puzzled, Yoruichi explained: “This is a stealth cloth, covered on the body, the surface automatically changes color, to make your body shape disappear.”

“Yoruichi seniors, this one?”

Xia Yan took out a box of pills and asked.

Yoruichi said: “This is a recovery medicine that can mediate the Reiatsu and restore the injury.”

In addition to these two, there is also an anti-spirit spray, which protects the user when it is stared by the ghost.

There is also an electromagnetic binding pill ball z, when used when the Hollow Attack, used to temporarily bind the Hollow, you can escape.

These two are not very useful, but they can be taught to Chihiro to help him defend himself.

After reading these things, Xia Yan said to Yoruichi: “Please ask Yoruichi seniors to thank urahara predecessors.”

Yoruichi said with anger: “Only he? But I shipped it for you.”

Xia Yan said quickly: “I also thank Yoruichi seniors.”

Yoruichi waved her claws and suddenly asked, “Yes, there is no room available here, I have to stay.”

“Live here?” Xia Yan was surprised and looked at Yoruichi.

Yoruichi nodded and said, “I want to study Shunko with you, and teach you Shunpo, I will stay here for the time being.”

Xia Yan quickly said: “Yes, next room is vacancy.”

Yoruichi said with satisfaction: “Then you clean up, I will move in and live as soon as possible. Now, I say hello to Hirako Shinji, after all, this is their place.”

Say, Yoruichi took a catwalk and walked out of Xia Yan room step by step.

After Yoruichi left, Xia Yan looked at Chihiro and said, “You go to clean the room next to you.”

Chihiro pointed to himself and asked, “Why me?”

Xia Yan raised his hand and hit him on the head of Chihiro. He said: “Whoever let you satirize the author in the group for up to three seconds, it is impossible for three minutes, go to work.”


Chihiro looked at his head and walked out of the room with pity.

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