BTC Chapter 536 : Material Dispute

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Unlike small aircraft, composite component forming technology is the key to making large aircraft. Composite material is a new type of material. It composed of high-strength and high-rigidity reinforcement materials laid in the matrix. It has a series of advantages such as high specific strength, high specific modulus, good fatigue resistance, good stealth, and corrosion resistance.

The use of composite materials in aircraft means it will significantly reduce the weight of the aircraft structure and can improve the aircraft’s performance. The carbon fiber composite material proposed by Hong Xiaoxiao can use carbon laminates on the fuselage and wings of commercial large aircraft. It can even replace aluminum alloys to skin the fuselage!

In addition, this carbon fiber composite materials also used for brake wheels, carbon brake discs and carbon disc anti-oxidation coatings.

It can be said that mastering large-area new carbon fiber composite material forming technology is the focus of material technology in aviation manufacturing!

Red Letter Group’s new material research base has issued a new proposal to China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, hoping to take over the research project of new carbon fiber composite material construction forming technology.

China Commercial Aircraft Company, a composite materials research base.

This material research base has a history of more than 20 years. It has been researching and manufacturing aerospace materials for a variety of small aircraft, fighter aircraft and rocket and other aviation machinery equipment.

New type carbon fiber composite material molding technology research group, the main person in charge, Gao Wei, 55 years old this year, an expert in the field of chemical engineering, a major player in the field of materials research.

“Leader Gao, you see, you see, the company just issued the notice. The first technical cooperation with Red Letter side, have come to us!” A researcher handed the document notice to Gao Wei.

“Huh? They didn’t look at the sensor and aviation system research group, but they came to us first?” Gao Wei is a little surprised. He knew that Red Letter Group was the world leader in sensor and intelligent system research. He thinks Red Letter Group will focus on technical support in the field first.

“I also found it, but our research group is a priority cooperation level, they attach great importance to material development.” the researcher said.

“This way.” Gao Wei pondered one or two and said: “That’s okay, let us see, what is the strength of this legendary “Black Science and Technology manufacturing plant” from Red Letter Group”


China Commercial Aircraft Company, reception room.

The current CEO Peng Zhengge is negotiating with representatives of several foreign companies, and the cause of these negotiations is also the request from Red Letter.

“General Peng.” An American corporate executive of Indian descent said in a strangely pronounced Chinese. “Our large-area carbon fiber composite material is the world’s best. More than 50% of the world’s commercial large aircraft, has used carbon fiber composite material produced by our company on their fuselage.”

“Not only your company. Companies like Boeing, Lockheed, and United Airlines, all use our carbon fiber composite materials. I don’t understand why China Commercial Aircraft has to suspend its procurement plan for carbon fiber composites?”

This person name is Anderson Fergus, CEO of Honeywell International China Region.

Honeywell International Corporation of the United States, one of the world’s top 500 technology companies. Its core business is aerospace, automotive and engineering materials, as well as industrial control technology and automation products.

One of China Commercial Aircraft’s main technical partners is Honeywell International. Many materials for the aircraft fuselage are provided by Honeywell International.

Initially, Peng Zhengge and the rest of the management team worked with Honeywell International, in hope for getting some technical support from Honeywell International. Who knows, this Americans is so shrewd and sloppy when it comes to technology.

In the end, China Commercial Aircraft Company can only purchase their company’s aviation materials at high prices for aircraft manufacturing.

“Mr. Fergus, with regard to the procurement of carbon fiber composite materials, our company has encountered some problems. So, we have to suspend the procurement plan, but we will still purchase other materials according to the procurement plan.” Peng Zhengge didn’t say the reason.

However, Anderson Fergus himself guessed the reason. He said directly: “As far as I know, you want to make this new type of carbon fiber composite material through Red Letter Group?”

Peng Zhengge nodded and said: “This is also one of the reasons.”

Anderson Fergus shook his head repeatedly and said: “I think this is a bad-sounding decision. General Peng, I kindly advise you to dispel this idea. The carbon fiber composite materials used in the manufacturing of large aircraft are the result of our company which has continued to carry out research and technology improvements for decades. It has passed a number of international aviation standards and has decades of safe aviation history as a guarantee.”

“First, as far as I know, there’s almost no aviation research fields in Red Letter Group. Regarding the research laboratory of aeronautical materials, that small drone can be considered.”

“This shows that they have no historical experience, no professional researchers and technical reserves. Some high-tech companies in the world can manufactured it, but it must spread into a large-area carbon fiber composite material network. It must be able to withstand high temperatures, cold, rain corrosion and other problems encountered in aviation. That is the biggest technical problem.”

“Aerospace is not a research toy. If there is a problem, it means that your aircraft will encounter serious safety problems. This is a disaster for the aviation aircraft company!”

Anderson Fergus strongly emphasized the technology and safety of Honeywell International, Peng Zhengge laughed “Of course we understand this, Mr. Fergus. But the results may not be as bad as you said.”

“No, no, no!” Anderson Fergus continued to deny, he said: “You should know, all materials of large aircraft must pass the inspection of international airworthiness standards. Otherwise, it will not be allowed to be used on commercial aviation aircraft.”

“Even if Red Letter Group can help you speed up the problem of large-scale laying of carbon fiber composite materials, whether it can be tested and how long it will take, this is unknown. Doesn’t your company have to deliver large aircraft orders within the specified time limit? In summary, Honeywell International is your best partner.”

Anderson Fergus’s words made Peng Zhengge hesitate, and what he said also made sense. At least for now, their company continues to produce a batch of carbon fiber composite materials to deliver the aircraft orders from AVIC International Leasing Co., Ltd., they had previously obtained at the Beijing International Air Show.

“This way, Mr. Fergus. Our company needs to adjust the procurement plan. If you’re not busy, you can wait for our discussion before discussing again.” Peng Zhengge said.

“Not busy, I plan to stay here these few days and make some arrangements for other materials.” Anderson Fergus didn’t plan to leave before he settled this order.

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