BTC Chapter 323 : Can’t be pressed!

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The first day passed, and the box office data for October 9th was also counted.

Ranked first, it is still “Tomorrow Earth”, the day at box office 51.8 million, the cumulative box office 1.39 billion.

Second is “I am really ‘poor’”, the box office 31.04 million, the cumulative box office 590 million.

The other National Day movies have not been dismissed, but Red Letter’s “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” has already reached the third place with a very low placement rate. The day at box office 30.08 million!

When this data came out, it immediately shocked the people in film and television industry. This kind of filming rate can exceed 30 million at box office on the first day. If it’s platoon rate is as close to 50% as “Tomorrow’s Earth”, isn’t that the first day stable?

There are not many movies in the history of Chinese movies in the first day of movie of over 100 million! And the first film of Red Letter has this potential, it is terrifying!

“What? Such a low rate can also be 30 million at the first day of box office!” At one o’clock in the morning, director Jiang Hongru was preparing to sleep, and suddenly saw the latest news, and he was suddenly not sleepy.

“You mean the movie of Red Letter Film?” The wife next to him is sitting up and wondering: “Show me.”

“Old Jiang, it’s a must! This movie!”

“Yes!” Jiang Hongru nodded. “The next filming rate will definitely increase. Maybe there is a chance to break one billion!”

“One billion? Is that too exaggerated?” His wife did not believe.

“You just wait and see, I hope that I am wrong.” Jiang Hongru said.

“The first day of box office is 30 million!” Lida film company, Xia Kui looked at this data, the brow wrinkled into a Sichuan word, “This ratio is too terrifying! In the history of Chinese film, it is the first one! Is their movie? Really so popular?”

He looked at Jiang Cuiliu, the general manager of Lida Films, and Lida Cinema Line was managed by Jiang Cuiliu.

Jiang Cuiliu nodded cautiously and said: “According to the feedback from the cinema, all the box office is real. And the audience strongly demanded that we originally increased the number of playing games, and now I am still pressing.”

“First press and look at the situation tomorrow. You must not let them break through our film and television circle so easily!” Xia Kui said with a heavy tone.

However, the market will not tell lies. On the second day, “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” has become even more fierce. Some news media and online public numbers have also begun to take the rhythm.

Because the second day, some theaters increased the rate of “breaking the wall”, so that the second day of “breaking the wall” actually doubled, reaching 63 million! Ranked at the top of box office on the day.

This time, other theaters have been unable to hold back, and they have begun to secretly improve the rate of “breaking the wall”.

This is not a virtual projection movie has a feature, the audience can hardly see pirated! Because this thing can’t be seen, it can only be seen with a virtual projection device.

The audience couldn’t help but curiosity and went to cinema to watch. It was as if the first 3D movie appeared, the story was not very good, but it set a record for the world box office.

The current virtual projection movie is not only designed with good plots, but also has a new visual experience. It is also expected that high market feedback will be obtained.

On the third day, “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” hit a new high, and the box office reached 90 million!

“General Manager Xia, I can’t hold it! Some theaters have begun to secretly increase the rate of “breaking the wall”, and other high-level officials have begun to complain about their dissatisfaction.” Jiang Cuiliu replied.

Xia Kui feels a deep helplessness. If their theater does not increase the number of games, the audience will go to other cinemas, which is a great loss of customers.

“Ah! Increase, increase the number of games!” Xia Kui sighed.

“Don’t we admit defeat?” Jiang Cuiliu is not reconciled. “I heard that some film and television companies have begun to take the initiative to show up to Red Letter Film and Television, to help with publicity activities. There is also a movie theater to urgently order virtual projection equipment from Red Letter Electronics.“

“If you let them grow bigger, it will definitely affect us.”

“I can’t press too much, I can press it a little. I can’t make this movie a phenomenal work!” Xia Kui’s eyes flashed a hint of twilight.

October 12th is the fourth day of  “Breaking the Dimensional Wall”. Today is also the day of the Hollywood blockbuster “Alternate Storm” released in China. This sci-fi masterpiece has already been released in North America, and it has achieved good results at the box office in the same period, which is highly anticipated by the domestic audience.

To this end, the theater has released two poorly-elected movies in advance, freeing up space for it.

This film is also a science fiction, also known with special effects, its release will bring great competition to “Breaking the Dimension Wall”. Just as the release of “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” has caused other box office outlets to decline, many people predict that this Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster will affect the box office of “Breaking the Wall”.

Not only that, but some negative news suddenly appeared on the Internet.

For example, the film score of “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” suddenly dropped, and many bad reviews were made overnight.

A famous film critic said that the film is a famous name, the content is blank and has no thoughts. It is a junk work, purely hype, not worth going to the cinema.

Lu Zixin has long been eccentric about this inferior commercial competition.

Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd., director of network information security management department just received a call from Lu Zixin.

“President Lu is good.”

“Yeah,” Lu Zixin replied. “There is something to trouble your department.”

“President Lu, you said.”

“Our company has recently entered the film and television circle, and some villains have smashed on the Internet. Red letter film and television has just been established, there is no strength in the network public opinion. You can cooperate with Red Letter Film and Television to help remove the negative effects.” Lu Zixin directly told him.

“No problem!” The director over there immediately said with a smile, “President Lu, this little thing we can solve in minutes. People in the film and television circle do not know the strength of our red letter on the Internet, play tricks with us is to find Abuse!”

Everything went on, Lu Zixin waited to see the box office data for the fourth day. Now it is nearly 200 million to break the cumulative box office of “Breaking the Dimensional Wall”. According to the box office and cost calculation, this movie is also a box office and cannot return.

Unless you harvest more than a billion box office in China, and then harvest a few billion box office in global market, you can make a big profit.

On the fourth day, “Alternate Storm” was released as scheduled. However, this well-known Hollywood blockbuster did not explode at the box office as the film and television circle thought, to squeezing “Breaking the Dimensional Wall”, but the first day of encountering Waterloo, the box office was terrible.

In the online survey, the audience’s answer is also very simple and clear.

Netizen’s hot comment : “After seeing the super-real effects of virtual projection, look at 3D special effects, I don’t feel it at all! The so-called Hollywood blockbuster is just like this, or go to “Breaking the Dimensional Wall”!”

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