BTC Chapter 322 : Whatever they do, add!

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The movie plot was developed in a fast-paced manner. According to specific requirements of red letter, the novel from Fire Hole was adapted to movie story.

The first is to cooperate with the promotion of Red Letter game. In the movie, there is an infinite virtual world game designed by Red Letter game. Players can use bio-sensing cabin to enter virtual world to experience life.

And the infinite dimension contains many different types of planets, and you can get rewards for different tasks.

The protagonist’s family is poor, and the family still owes a bunch of bad debts. The only specialty is playing games, designing games, and life is very embarrassing. Until one day, when the crisis came, Mother had to be seriously ill and needed to replace the cloned organs. The villain forced the debts to come to the door and asked the protagonist to do things for them.

As a protagonist, of course, I am not afraid of power and strive to make progress. With my genius game technology, and the companion’s concerted efforts, through the breakthrough in infinite dimension game, I have successfully made a lot of wealth, and became the top game designer of Red Letter game, fighting against the villains, sturdy brother, greet pretty woman ……

This is the standard commercial film routine and the favorite story of public audience. For most viewers, they don’t want to watch those teaching movies, they just want to relax and entertain.

The plot design is full of twists and turns, ups and downs are very good. But what is most amazing to the audience is the virtual effects of virtual projections on the various planets, as well as the highlights.

The imaginary virtual world game allows people to break the limits of time and space and travel to distant alien planets or dinosaur era hundreds of millions of years ago.

You can become a space ship driver with an alien war, or become a world famous singer in the virtual world. You can be Titan star with a height of 10,000 meters, or a single-cell creature that can only be seen with a microscope… everything is possible.

Everyone has their own appeals, and this film uses the virtual effects of leading era to show you the possibility of realizing your own self-reporting in the future, plus various popular, comedy and commercial elements to make the audience hooked.

Until the end of the film, Xiao Shantou returned, face excited and said: “Too wonderful! Especially the absurd planet protagonist team alone PK an alien combat force to see me excited!”

The girl next to him also sincerely said: “The original Chinese science fiction film is also so beautiful! Some of the stars inside are beautiful!”

“The first time I watched a virtual projection movie, it was much more comfortable than 3D movie!” The audience next to it commented.

“That is, without wearing glasses, the special effects are also very real!”

“The main thing is that the visual field of view is wider than 3D. If other movies are virtual projections, it would be fine.”

There are also audiences sitting in their seats and refused to leave, want to see if there are any hidden eggs behind.

After watching the movie, Xiao Shantou was still excited. Quickly sent a message in the group : “I just watched “Breaking the Dimensional Wall”, it is too shocking! It is really a big scene, I highly recommend it!”

Group A : “Really? Shouldn’t you hang us?”

Xiao Shantou : “Absolutely true, the girl who came with me never loves to watch science fiction, and she like to watch it.”

Group Friends B : “The online rating is very high! It is praise, not like brush.”

The owner : “I am going, the movie tickets next to the movie are all booked, I can only buy tomorrow!”

Group Friends B : “I didn’t want to go, you said so, I really want to see it.”

Red letter virtual projection movies are not as good as other films in publicity, but there is a benefit in Internet age. At that time, communication was convenient and it was conducive to word-of-mouth publicity.

One pass ten, ten pass hundred in the network age can be one pass thousands, one pass hundreds of thousands and so on.

For example, there are famous film critics who went to see virtual projection movie of Red Letter. In the media, they wrote : “I have only one idea after watching this so-called virtual projection movie! The new movie era is about to open! I dare assert that in less than two years, all special effects movies will be converted from 3D to virtual projections!”

“This “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” has created a new chapter in film special effects, combining Science and Technology technology with film art. It can be said to be a landmark work!”

The film critic has always been known for his poisonous tongue. He praised the film with such a high evaluation. It immediately caught the attention of many fans and was curious to see it.

On the movie website, the score of “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” has been scored more than eight points so far, which is enough to be called excellent.

The film promotion with word of mouth is fermenting, and the impact is obvious. Just half a day has passed, and all the movie tickets on the day of “Breaking the Dimension Wall” are pre-ordered.

There have even been scenes where movie tickets are in short supply because there are too few sheets.

At a movie theater, when the general meeting was held at noon, the staff said: “Manager, the attendance rate of “Tomorrow Earth” this morning is similar to that of yesterday. The attendance rate of “White Gun 2” and “I am Really Poor” has dropped slightly.”

“In addition, “Break the Dimension Wall” has almost reached 100% in our theaters, and many of them said that they could not book tickets and asked us to increase the number of games.”

“The feedback on “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” is so good?” The manager frowned. The film’s rate was deliberately depressed. It was thought that it’s box office would be affected. Who knows that the market feedback is so high.

“Do we want to increase the number of games?”

“Let’s wait, wait for the notice.” The manager didn’t dare to make a decision, just report the situation to higher level.

Sea Theater is a national chain of cinemas. They only work as cinema lines, not film companies, and cooperate with many film and television companies.

Only at one o’clock in the afternoon, the data center of Sea Theater received feedback from cinemas across the country. The attendance rate of “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” reached an astonishing data. As long as there is a cinema with virtual studio, the tickets for the next two days will be booked!

You know, this is a very good result, because now is not a holiday, except for particularly prosperous places, in general, movie tickets are difficult to sell out. In this case, it can only be said that the movie is too hot!

“Additional times! Starting from this afternoon, all virtual projection rooms of cinema will not arrange other movies. From early to late, we will broadcast “Break the Dimensional Wall”!” The high-level of Sea theater has issued instructions.

“CEO, will film and television companies be dissatisfied?” the subordinates worried.

“If you are dissatisfied, you will be dissatisfied. Can they still make us money? If the film feedback is normal, we will give them a face. But this is obviously a movie that can make money, and it is a big profit, then what do they do! Ok, deal!”

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