BTC Chapter 321 : Released

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“The first day of filming rate 3.8%? How is it so low?” Xue Yao lost her temper in the office. “Isn’t I contacted the theater before?”

The person in charge of red letter film business said: “President Xue, the major theaters are the industries of film and television companies. The filming rate is not what they have to say.”

“Isn’t it necessary to guarantee a 10% guarantee for filming rate?” Xue Yao asked, her eyes were cold, and the responsible person felt an invisible pressure. This is not a foolish vase, but a pragmatic overbearing president.

“The theater has been temporarily changed, saying that the virtual projection projection room is limited, but the arrangement is not here.” The person in charge said, “President  Xue, you know the situation inside. First of all, the cinema line is deliberately depressing our platoon rate. Then they met the film “Tomorrow Earth” and other movies, occupying a virtual projection theater that was originally rare, which led to the current situation.”

“They are the bosses in this respect. It is useless to protest. Unless our movie box office performance is high, in order to make money, the cinema must increase the filming rate.”

Xue Yao heart secretly sighed and went straight into a strange field, and it was difficult.

“The filming rate is so low? It seems that red letter film industry is going to be cold this time.” Jiang Hongru saw the internal data and said with emotion. His new box office is hot, and he has become a hot person in film and television circle. Even if he speaks on the show, he can become a news.

“It’s still good for you to choose a good movie. You didn’t make a movie for Red Letter.” One of his students touted it and wondered: “Mr. Jiang, you said, what are the contradictions between these major film companies and Red Letter? Do you spare no effort to suppress them?”

“Haha.” Jiang Hongru laughed twice and said: “Xiao Yan, you still learn a little more. The reason is very simple, red letter is too strong.”

“Too strong?” The students are puzzled.

Jiang Hongru said: “You see Red Letter Group, in the mobile phone industry, can fight Samsung  and Apple; in the field of home appliances, can let the various forces, Haishu use their products; in the game industry, can compete with Tencent … these are How terrifying their strength!”

“In every field they are involved, they can dominate the market in a strong way! So the bosses of film and television circle are so scared, they are afraid, Red Letter Film will become the next Red Letter Electronics  and Red Letter game!”

“It seems that it is just the filming rate and box office of a movie. In fact, it contains the contest between Red Letter Film and the entire film and television circle. The water inside is very deep!”

The students revealed the expression that suddenly realized, and said: “It’s still a teacher’s farsightedness. I said how strange it is!”


On October 9th, for most schooling and office workers, this is a daily working day. Even the work that was delayed during National Day should be compensated for these days, so there is no interest in watching movies and entertainment.

The first virtual projection film of Red Letter Films, “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” was officially released. The most concerned are naturally those gamers who have already experienced virtual projections. Some people are curious and go to the theater to watch this movie.

In a game exchange group, a group of friends named “Xiao Shantou” issued two movie tickets for “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” and said : “Haha, watch the movie with sister.”

Someone immediately despised : “You are stupid, watching a science fiction movie with your sister? You should watch a romance movie, understand?”

Xiao Shantou : “Take him, I like to watch virtual projection, and the tickets are bought.”

The owner : “I am also very curious, but I have no time to go to work today. After watching it, tell us how?”

Group A : “Damn, there is no ticket to buy at the cinema near me! Because they don’t have a virtual projection room, I have to watch the car for more than an hour to go to another movie theater. It’s too much trouble, I don’t want to go.”

Group Friends B : “I will go with my girlfriend next week, wait for your news, if OK, I will go. If not, then see “Tomorrow Earth” is good.”

Xiao Shantou set off with the doubts of group of friends and the sister who knew soon, and went to cinema.

At this time, the cinema is completely different from National Day, and there is no need to line up. Because of the reduction in passenger traffic, many movie tickets are available for purchase, and snacks also have various benefits.

He and his sister came to virtual projection auditorium. The layout here is somewhat different from that ordinary auditorium. There is no screen on the stands, but the white walls of the walls and floors are painted for better reflection of light.

The sister who was together asked: “Is this movie good-looking? If it is not good, let’s go to video game city.”

She is not interested in science fiction movies, she prefers entertainment.

Xiao Shantou is full of expectation and appeased: “Look, it will make you amazing! I have watch the promo for five times!”

“So exaggerated?” the sister said with amazement. “Then I look.”

Because of the small amount of platters and the gimmicks of virtual projection movies, the attendance rate of this movie has rarely reached 80%.

Finally, the movie officially started!

I saw a dark red light in dark movie theater. It danced in the darkness, like a fairy ribbon flying. The red ribbon formed a figure, flashed past, and finally sat proudly on the characters – Red Letter Film.

This is the first time that the audience has seen the words “Red Letters” appear in front of film works, and it feels quite novel.

At the beginning of the film, it was a highly developed earth city. Skyscrapers can grow trees and become green buildings.

The vacuum magnetic levitation vehicle moves in midair, and the drone acts as a dispatcher to use various materials, and someone on the ground is driving a mini armor.

Attentive people can also see commercial icons such as Yinjiang Logistics and Red Letter. This is a future urban scene conceived by Red Letter, which is now fully represented in the movie.

Just seeing this scene, the audience has a lot of amazing voices. This brain hole is not unusual, and it is a visual effect.

The virtual projection screen is not expressible by 3D effects, which is like seeing the future with the naked eye! The picture has broken the limits of screen, and it is all around, making it immersive.

“Wow, this is a virtual projection movie? It’s much more comfortable than 3D!” someone whispered, full of surprises in his tone.

The girl next to Xiao Shantou also said in a curious tone: “It’s a bit interesting, this one.”

Xiao Shantou proudly said: “What is this? Really wonderful picture has just begun. There is also an alien war, the interstellar spaceship…”

“Man, don’t you spoil?” someone reminded me.

“Amount, I haven’t seen it before, I have seen the trailer!”

“Don’t talk, feel at ease!”

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