BTC Chapter 320 : There are wolves in front and there are tigers and leopards in the back

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There are two big films in National Day that are highly anticipated. One is Jiang Hongru’s “Tomorrow Earth”, which is said to be a sci-fi blockbuster film produced by Lida Pictures and Hollywood team.

From director to actor, technical production, all are famous star lineup!

The second part is “White Gun 2” which was transferred to National Day. This movie is a sequel to “White Gun”. The previous “White Gun” response was very good. The audience evaluation was very high. The box office was located five in top ten of domestic movie box office list, so fans are also looking forward to the second.

In addition to these two, other films are also very worth looking forward to, the National Day film competition is fierce. Even a Hollywood blockbuster that has been successful at the box office in North America has failed to rank in the National Day. It can only be postponed and will compete with Red Letter “Break the Dimensional Wall”.

There are wolves in front, and there are tigers and leopards in back. This is the situation that Red Letter Film is facing now.

Before the film is released, directors and actors will attend various commercial events, entertainment programs, and promote movies.

The teams of other films are like this, only Red Letter team is a bit embarrassed. It’s not that they don’t want to propaganda, but the high-traffic entertainment media has not cooperated with them. Instead, they promoted “Tomorrow Earth” and “White Gun 2”. The actors of two films even participated in different program entertainments in batches for promotion.

The crew of “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” actually put the pigeons on TV station, and finally only participated in the propaganda of some online media, which is better than nothing.

The National Day is coming as scheduled, and the largest group of students, workers and office workers in China, finally have the opportunity to relax. Any tourist spot that is a little famous is blocked by a large number of tourists. In the news report, what tourist area is full, the news of high-speed traffic jam can be seen once in half an hour.

In the cinemas around the country, they also ushered in their own small golden period. The movies to be released today are sold out in the early days, and there are audiences everywhere.

Pengcheng, a commercial plaza in city center, was on the first day of National Day. It was already full of people, and even the elevators had to line up, and the customers were in a constant stream.

There are two large cinemas near this square. Now they are all guests, and even the smallest movies, today’s movie tickets have been pre-sold.

“I said that today is not suitable for watching movies. There are too many people!” Su Zhirong turned smart glasses into sunglasses, wearing casual plaid shirts and black shorts, clutching Lu Zixin’s hand and go forward struggling in the crowd.

“Holidays, no way.” Lu Zixin comforted. “Let’s go after watching, wherever you want to go.”

He came here, one is normal entertainment, watching movies, and the other is to feel the performance of other films, so I can make a comparison.

The two booked ticket for “Tomorrow Earth” 3D was printed in the hall.

By the time the film started, the whole room was packed.

Su Zhirong whispered: “A lot of people! I saw it, even the tickets in the early morning were sold out. It is estimated that the movie box office is good.”

“That is of course, the advertising and star effect. Just directed at the director and the star, many viewers will come to see. If the quality is OK, the box office will certainly not be low.” Lu Zixin said.

The film officially began, Lu Zixin directly into 3D mode of smart glasses can be opened directly. Like him, the cinema is also equipped with red letter smart glasses, which is better than other viewers.

“Tomorrow Earth” belongs to the catastrophe film in sci-fi film. In less than five minutes, the earth ushered in a global man, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, flood, etc. In the face of disaster, the social order is broken and humanity is facing the test.

The protagonist, originally a small, insignificant character, has a bottom line that he insists on. Leading the team through various dangers with outstanding leadership and successfully arrived in the safe area.

The rhythm is compact and the plot is thrilling, especially for 3D images of the disaster, which is quite good.

In the movie, even the timid audience screamed, apparently the mood has been immersed in the movie.

Lu Zixin felt good after watching it. Jiang Hongru is a top director, and his work is indeed good. Moreover, it’s special effects have also changed from domestic film special effects, to specially invited Hollywood team to produce the special effect, remarkable.

“It’s wonderful! It’s indeed Director Jiang!” The audience in the seat next to him said, “I really want to see it again!”

“Yeah, this ticket is not lost.”



Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong watched two film in a row, and even “White Gun 2” was also seen together, but “White Gun 2” is not as good as “Tomorrow Earth”, a bit of speculation.

The first day of National Day was over, and the real-time box office was immediately announced.

Ranked No. 1, the undisputed is “Tomorrow Earth”, the first day of box office 140 million, the ratio of film to reach 45%, the attendance rate also reached nearly 40%.

Second is “White Gun 2”, the first day of box office 60 million, the row is 18%, the attendance rate is 23%.

In other movies, there was also a comedy that performed well. The box office on the first day reached more than 50 million, and it was a dark horse in the case of less filming.

As soon as this data came out, the media was applauded.

National Film Network immediately published the latest report and wrote: “Jiang Hongru live up to the expectations of fans, and once again made such a wonderful sci-fi blockbuster! According to expectations, “Tomorrow Earth” will successfully enter the box office club!”

“Although the cost of filming this film is not low. But depending on the current situation, this film from Lida Pictures is a big earner!”

“Following by “White Gun 2″ performance is easy, and the late power is not known… Overall, National Day competition is still fierce, and it is likely that there will be more than one billion box office movies in 2nd day!”

In the box office, there is a billion club, which can reach a billion box office movie. It can be said to be a top-notch work in China! Many can’t get a few in a year.

The day is just beginning, the competition in the next few days is more intense, and the theater is constantly adjusting the film according to the state of box office.

After a week, people’s holidays have also ended. Today’s National Day movie box office once again broke the previous record. “Tomorrow Earth” broke through billion-dollar box office as expected, and the release period was directly extended by one month.

“White Gun 2” was weak at the end, 7 day box office more than 300 million, has been earned, and then slowly mixed box office, it is estimated that it can exceed 500 million.

There is also a comedy “I am really ‘poor’” that exceeds “White Gun 2”. The box office reaches 500 million in a week. By the end of screening period, it is estimated that it can also enter Billion Club.

These three movies accounted for the box office and placement rate of 80%. In other street movies, the filming rate has been reduced linearly, and the National Day has just ended. When the audience boom has retreated, the film of Red Letter has just been released.

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