MST Chapter 120 : The Neighbors from Neighborhood Come to the Show

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Leading many neighborhoods to the studio on the second floor of studio.

“Hey, Little Ye, yes, it’s good, it’s going to happen, the tea is ready, and there are so many snacks, I thought I would just watch a show, I have brought my tea cup and melon seeds.”

Ye Guang: “Haha, Uncle Li, come here with me to bring things with me. Come here. Everyone sits. You are welcome. Just sit down and have some snacks. The show will start soon.”

Everyone has settled down.

The neighbours of neighborhood are all reasonable people, and no one has said it, but they have all voluntarily vacated a few tables in the middle of the front.

Studio employees nodded secretly.

Ye Guang changed clothes, and also made some makeup. Ye Guang refused to make up anything, but there was no way. The lights on the stage were all on him. If you don’t make some powder makeup, the face will look shiny.

Liu Chiyan came with Yiyi, and Shang Shan and Jiang Fengxian followed her.

Yiyi saw Ye Guang’s parents obviously excited, but Liu Chiyan had already explained it to her in the office. She could not reveal her relationship with Ye Guang and see Ye Guang’s parents not too close.

The appearance of Liu Chiyan suddenly made many neighbors start to be a bit chaotic.

“Oh, it’s really Liu Chiyan.”

“I know this girl, I often watch her on TV.”

“Hey, who don’t know her, Liu Chiyan’s famous Heavenly Queen, who still doesn’t know.”

“I finally saw the real person, go home and tell me the daughter. He definitely doesn’t believe.”


The neighborhood rushes, but fortunately some are older Aunt and Uncle, all very mature stable, although suddenly see Liu Chiyan this big celebrity also are quite excited, no radical move, and they are  invited by Ye Guang, in the mind of old guys want to give Ye Guang to earn face, can not mess, not disorderly.

“Ah! Goddess Liu, Goddess Liu I love you, Goddess Liu, I want to have a monkey with you.”

This is Little Yu.

Everyone laughed.

Some neighborhoods jokingly saying: “Little Yu, you girl doesn’t have a door in your mouth. What do you take with Liu Chiyan to give birth to a monkey, sit down, don’t give your Brother Guang a shame.”

Liu Chiyan also greeted the neighbors of neighborhood, and Little Yu couldn’t help but rushed for photo and sign. Liu Chiyan also smiled and promised that, other neighbors see Liu Chiyan’s kindness and no shelf, also have to find her for photo and signature.

“Old Zhang, you are so old, you still have to sign, don’t lose people.”

“Cut, you know, you can’t see it for a while, how can you not ask for a signature? I said, I don’t want it for myself. My granddaughter likes Liu Chiyan most. I gave it to her”

“Yes, my son seems to like her very much. I also want to help my son.”

Liu Chiyan did not refuse them, and all the neighborhoods had to sign and photo. She smiled and promised one by one, one did not fall.

Neighbors in the neighborhood are also happy, saying that this big celebrity will be the most famous player. Today, I met a Heavenly Queen big celebrity. People are also very good at getting along. The aura of celebrity is not to be said, it is a well-behaved girl.

How can Liu Chiyan be unfriendly, this is Ye Guang’s neighborhood neighbor. It is said to be the family brought by Ye Guang. Not to mention that Liu Chiyan has no shelf for celebrity, even if it has, it have to be put down, father and mother Still there.

“So good girl, I don’t know who the youngster will be cheaper in the future.”

“It won’t always be an ordinary family. They must marry a rich son, or else they deserve her.”

“Goddess Liu won’t marry!”

There are a lot of discussions in the neighborhood, and father and mother smiles a little. Mother especially wants to shout, you don’t talk about it, this girl has married, married to my son!

Ye Guang has changed the makeup and changed the clothes.

“Yo, no one is sitting in front, why are you doing nothing?” Ye Guang pointed to the empty tables in the middle. “It’s not good to be empty. Aunt Li, Uncle Li, why are you sitting so far? There is a place.” Ye Guang said to the couple on the far side.

Uncle Li waved his hand. “No, no, I am sitting here very well, and I have just used the cup on this table.”

Ye Guang: “That Uncle Zhang, come.”

“Don’t come, don’t come, I will sit here, you let your parents sit.”

Ye Guang: “Mom and Dad, then come sit down, you can’t be empty in the middle, it’s not good to look at.”

After a while, the front row was finally full, and my parents sat down at the table of Liu Chiyan and Yiyi. Liu Chiyan smiled and nodded to father and mother.

Yiyi was finally able to talk to father and mother. From now on, she secretly took a look at her father and mother. If Liu Chiyan not repeatedly told her, she asked the past to say hello. Yiyi was a very polite and sensible child.

Yiyi: “Grandpa and grandma are good.”

Father and mother is full of enthusiasm, laughs and greets Yiyi. “Yiyi is sincere, do you miss grandpa?” Father said for a while.

Yiyi turned to think and nodded: “I think a little.”

Some neighbors have a strange look. If they are not mistaken, is this child brought by Liu Chiyan? Still sitting with her.

Father had to lie a little, “I have seen this girl, Ye Guang took him to play at home, especially obedient.”

Everyone does not doubt him.

It’s all ready.

The recording of program begins.

Shang Shan: “Lights.”

“Lights OK!”


“Camera 1 is ready, 2 is OK, and 3 is ready.”

“Sound recording”

“Recording OK!”


Ye Guang: “Here, where such a large living person can’t see it, how can you shout loudly?”


“Countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, start!”

Ye Guang started.

“Hello everyone, welcome to watch “Fruit Run Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West”, I am the writer Ye Guang.”


“Fruit Run Beverages, fresh fruit straight squeezed, flesh visible, shake before drinking. The show was broadcast under the title of Fruit Run Beverages.”

“Thank you for your creativity, become your dream, Chenchen Stationary; love me is love home, Aijia Homes; know china, starting from Dejing Ceramics, Dejing Ceramics, sponsored for this program.”

The oral broadcast ends.

Ye Guang and the original recording are generally the same, showing a “beep” sound ringing wood.

Neighbors are sitting upright, because there are shots sweeping over, everyone who has not been mirrored is still a little cramped.

“Before Chaos was divided, no one sees. Since Pangu destroyed the Enormous Vagueness, The separation of clear and impure began.”

“Overwriting the group of people to the benevolence, inventing everything is good. If you want to know the achievements of Yuanhui, you must look at Journey to the West.”

The younger neighbors who were a little younger didn’t feel any surprise at first, but some of the old-fashioned poems were in the fog, and they felt that Ye Guang was quite impressive, it’s quite good, but did not understand too much.

Some older people, such as Uncle Zhang and Uncle Li, have ho are already in their 60, have bright eyes.


In old people’s minds emerged as scenes of children and storytelling under the old locust tree at the village entrance.

I can’t hear it. . .

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