MST Chapter 121 : Liu Chiyan Selected by the Strongest Voice

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The show continued until the end of afternoon, Ye Guang Ye Guang was originally worried that these aunts and aunts would not be able to eat. Who would have thought that these older grandfathers and aunts were full of interest, and Uncle Zhang still wanted Ye Guang to talk more, said that he did not listen enough.

Ye Guang laughed, “Ok, Uncle Zhang, if you didn’t listen enough, come tomorrow!”

“Come! Be sure to come! As long as you want me to come to me every day.” Uncle Zhang is full of enthusiasm.

Ye Guang: “Haha, that’s good, Uncle Zhang, I will pick you up tomorrow!”

Originally, Ye Guang wanted to ask the residents to have dinner, but the neighbours refused.

“Don’t be so polite, aunt is watching you grow up. What else can I do to help you other than this?”

“That is, you can let us come and eat and watch the show is already giving our old guys benefits.”

Ye Guang didn’t insist, “Okay, then I will send the big guy back, and the old places that come back tomorrow will be brought together. If there are relatives and friends who want to bring them, they can bring them together.”

Father and mother didn’t let Ye Guang send them, saying that it was too much trouble to go back and forth. A group of people sat back in the mighty bus rent by Ye Guang.

One day’s program was recorded, and Ye Guang recorded a full eight-stage program. In the first half of the 35-minute program, he never stopped talking for five or six hours.

I don’t know if it’s because of the hidden attribute of skill The Gift of Gab, Ye Guang didn’t feel tired, so that the throat is easy to dry.

In the evening, Ye Guang just took a shower and Liu Chiyan rushed over to him.

Ye Guang was really shocked.

What is this? Finally, Is it she will pushed him? A little excited…

Liu Chiyan hugged him, “chu” kissed Ye Guang’s mouth, and actively extended her small tongue.

After a kiss, Ye Guang just wanted to move a little, and Liu Chiyan jumped out with joy, “Reward you.”

Ye Guang: “What kind of trouble do you have? So happy, what rewards me?”

Liu Chiyan still has some smug eyes in her eyes. “I received the announcement of the selection of The Strongest Voice.”

Ye Guang is a little scared.

The Strongest Voice, the most influential music competition in the country, is unique in the music scene. The only thing that rivals it is Golden Melody awards, but the Golden Melody awards and The Strongest Voice are not a concept. The Golden Melody awards is an award, and The Strongest Voice is a show, a music competition show.

The Strongest Voice was only held once in three years and could not be registered. There was no sea election. All the contestants were directly elected by the organizer to inform the competition. Such competition rules are not fair, but no one has ever questioned the competition for more than a decade, for choosing the contestants to be shady or unfair.

The selection contestants for The Strongest Voice chose is very strict. In each competition, only 5 of the hundreds of well-known musicians in the country were selected, only 5 of them. These 5 players almost all stood in pinnacle of domestic music scene in recent years.

Musicians, one by one, are very strong, even once, and four of The Strongest Voice’s five players have won the Golden Melody awards, which are the fierce players who have dominated the major music list all the year round.

It’s schedule is also very stringent, each program held five days, each day the organizer will make a proposition, in daytime, players can choose songs according to the proposition, practice songs, in evening, program live, when the contestants need to sing the corresponding songs according to the proposition, but there is a very strict, but also very deadly requirements, is so the song must be their own song, of course, the song is not a matter of their own creation, but it is your first song, you can also say that you have the full copyright of this song.

There are many singers who can create a song by themselves, but it is almost impossible for all their own songs to be original. If this is the case, the people who ate by composing and lyrics will have to go home to plant the land. The program organizers have not been so strict that it is necessary to make a lyric composition.

Therefore, this is also the time before the Strongest Voice was held. The singers who think they have the strength to participate in the competition have bought songs in large quantities. Because each day’s propositions are different, it is not clear what the proposition is, it can only be widely spread the net, and catch more fish. In order to be able to have more and better choices in The Strongest Voice’s candidate songs. Therefore, each time the The Strongest Voice is held, it will also make some of the lyricists who are not famous, the reputation of the composer, of course, the premise is that the contestants select their songs.

The most rigorous part of the schedule is that it is held for five consecutive days, one game every night, one player is eliminated in each game, and the one that ends is the current The Strongest Voice.

The schedule is simple, simple, straightforward, rude, and clear, but it is exactly the same, it is the most rigorous, as long as it fails, there is no room for maneuver.

Liu Chiyan is also selected for The Strongest Voice. It is definitely a good thing. It can be said that no musician is indifferent to being selected for The Strongest Voice. As long as this program is on, it will stand up in the music scene, and if it wins the title, it’s really a stand up.

Liu Chiyan has been in the entertainment industry for so many years, the title of Heavenly Queen has been taken off, but The Strongest Voice has never been.

This time, The Strongest Voice invited Liu Chiyan to participate, Liu Chiyan was very happy, and Ye Guang was happy for her.

Liu Chiyan: “This time still dipped your light, originally my song mostly is the love song, although my song is also quite fire, but the sentiment love melody to be similar, the style also roughly same, but you give Chasing dream with a childlike heart let the organizer see me sing another different style, the person who just called also specifically said that it was because of this song that the organizer considered letting me participate.”

Ye Guang stunned for a moment, “What else?”

This is really… coincidentally.

Ye Guang: “Then I will serve as a staff member for you and write songs for you. I will write whatever song they ask to ensure that it meets the theme, so that you can come back with a championship.” Ye Guang has a picture of his chest.

Liu Chiyan smiled. “Look what you can, this is what you said. When you can’t write it, you won’t be able to get a month pocket money.”

Ye Guang’s face is dark. “You are a black-hearted rich woman. You still have to punish my pocket money! Believe it or not, I’ll pack you up!”

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang with a provocative look. “Huh, you come, see who cleans up who!”

Ye Guang smirked and tried to pounce on her.

Liu Chiyan quickly evaded. “You was fined 100 if you touched me, and I still wanted to clean up. I was disrespectful to my wife and violated the contract. You will be fined 200 yuan and deducted from your pocket money next month.”

“……” Liu Chiyan doesn’t say that Ye Guang has forgotten the contract. “Sister, I am wrong, please take it back!”

Liu Chiyan smirked and swayed, and went to the coffee table for a stop, and looked at Ye Guang with high spirits. “Call me Queen Majesty!”

Ye Guang has no fucks, hands and sleeves, half a squat, “Queen Majesty, forgive.”

Liu Chiyan explored a hand, “Little boy Ye is sincere, and this palace is back to the room.”

Ye Guang squeezed his throat: “Ah.”

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