BTC Chapter 244 : Market Rejection

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Japan, Edo International Airport, Lu Zixin and others arrived as scheduled. On the other hand, the reception staff of KDDI also waited for a long time.

“Hello, Mister Lu, I am KDA of KDDI Co., Ltd., welcome to visit our company. Please let me know what you need.”

Headed by a young Japan woman, she speaks fluent Chinese.

“Thank you.” Lu Zixin answered politely, they took the car to KDDI Headquarters and went to company first.

In company Headquarters, Lu Zixin met with the president Sakata Tetsuya of KDDI Co., Ltd. is the shareholding (limited) company in Japan. The president is equivalent to the general manager, and the president is the chairman.

Sakata Tetsuya is in his fifties, his body is a little thin, but his eyes are very sharp, like an eagle.

“Mister Lu, I am very happy to work with Red Letter. The conference will be held tomorrow afternoon. I hope you can go to the ceremony.”

Sakata Tetsuya said that it is Japanese, but after HX2S mobile phone on the desktop, Japanese has been translated into Chinese.

This is the universal translation function launched by Red Letter smartphone after deciding to enter the overseas market. It can translate the voices of several major languages. However, except for Chinese, the language library of other voices is not particularly rich, so if the square accent is heavy It also has difficulty identifying it.

However, with the intelligent voice technology of Red Letter, this translation function has surpassed the 90% translator on the market. What is important is that it is just an APP, and it is not necessary to purchase a translator.

“I am also looking forward to it.” Lu Zixin said.

Next, Lu Zixin also visited KDDI to learn about their business with the accompanying employees.

Kitajima Kamei is responsible for commenting, she said: “Our company is now mainly engaged in mobile data services, divided into Japan business units and international communication network departments.”

“Our mobile network and telecom services are not only in Japan countries, but also the leading international ones. We are ranked 233th among the world’s top 500. We have already cooperated with a US communication network company to jointly develop 5G communication technology…”

Lu Zixin visited a circle and did find a lot of merit. However, he also noticed that KDDI’s business is not only traditional fixed services and mobile data services, but also provides new business content such as music downloads and network cloud services.

This shows that KDDI Telecom is also seeking new profit directions. This cooperation with Red Letter is also estimated for this reason.

In the office of Sakata Tetsuya, Sakata Tetsuya is reporting to the chairman about the arrival of the representative of red letter.

“President, will you go tomorrow’s press conference?” asked Sakata Tetsuya.

“No, I will go to the United States tomorrow. The press conference and the rest of the matter will be handled by you.” There was a plain and steady voice on the phone. The person who spoke was Takeshi Kyugo, the chairman of KDDI Co., Ltd.

“Yes, I understand, this time, I will do a good job in the business of Red Letter’s smart products!” Sakata Tetsuya assured.

“I hope so, I hope that by the end of the year, there will be no other directors who will say something bad to me.” Takeshi Kyugo mood is not high, and even with some warnings.

Sakata Tetsuya is busy, but his heart is secretly sighed, and the chairman is not optimistic about this project.

When I decided to represent Red Letter’s smart products earlier, Sakata Tetsuya was personally trying out the experience and understanding the situation of Red Letter’s smart products in China, and was determined to make it.

However, other high-level people, many people do not agree to do the agent of Red Letter’s smart products, even the president is not optimistic. One is because the project costs a lot of money and resources. Second, they don’t trust China high-end Science and Technology products. The third is the disadvantage of some other Chinese brands and even Samsung brands in Japan market. Red letter products will also encounter such an end.

When the cooperation was reached, Sakata Tetsuya faced tremendous pressure. This incident was promoted by him. If the products of Red Letter did not perform well in Japan market, I am afraid that many people would be dissatisfied with his president.

In the evening, Lu Zixin is still reading the latest island news, about the news that Red Letter’s smart products will be sold in Japan country.

Red Letter Smartphone Japan Edition translates all of this into Chinese, so that he can see at a glance.

Edo News: “KDDI Co., Ltd. has determined to represent Chine Red Letter brand intelligent products and is expected to launch in this month.”

The news report said: “China Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Company is a high-sounding Science and Technology company in China in recent years. Red Letter brand smartphones they issued have been well received in China, even in the Chinese market. The market sales and turnover of Apple phones…”

“KDDI claims that the performance of Red Letter smartphones will completely exceed that of Apple phones and China’s domestic smartphones, with the most advanced mobile phone chips, Red Letter mobile phone system, intelligent voice control and other functions.”


Under the news, there were hundreds of comments from netizens from Japan countries. Lu Zixin curiously went in and saw that the situation was not satisfactory.

One of the hottest reviews said: “Is better performance than Apple phones in our country? How much is the top level of KDDI?”

The following comments have a lot of doubts: “China specializes in selling some cottage garbage products, I never buy them.”

“What red letter, I have never heard of it. More than Apple, China has no such technology!”

“Everyone should support domestic products, buy products from Kyocera and Sony, and boycott Red Letter mobile phones!”

“Garbage KDDI, actually went to represent Red Letter products, is their company going to close down?”

“I hope they can’t sell one, just like Samsung.”


Of course, there are also more pertinent comments. For example, some people commented: “Don’t listen to those people who say that Red Letter’s smart phones are better than ours. You will know when you use them.”

Then this person was sprayed by a group of people, “What are you spoiled?”

“No one believes in you!”

“This person must be a Chinese.”

Others advised: “I don’t think everyone should be so repulsive. When you look at it, how about it, if you don’t use it, you can do it.”


In addition to this news, there is news about the press conference, and some people commented below: “I will never go see it, don’t send this spam!”

“Yes, I won’t buy it, don’t sell these junk things!”

“I didn’t want to go at all, but they actually invited my favorite Ishihara Kotono, not to go! But I went for the goddess, and it has nothing to do with their mobile phones.”

“Me too, Ishihara is my favorite female star, I have to go this time!”

“Damn, obviously don’t want to go, why is Ishihara Kotono also?”

“Ishihara Kotono is actually going to attend this kind of activity, it is too pitiful! Distressed goddess.”

Lu Zixin is also familiar with the name of Ishihara Kotono. I think it is a Japanese female star who has been in the fire for half a year. Sometimes I can see her news in some domestic entertainment news. She also has a large number of fans in China.

“Don’t I have a red letter to announce that I can only rely on female stars to see someone?” Lu Zixin thinks of the domestic news, red letter does not say that the conference is held, it is a press conference news can easily make headlines.

“It seems that the market here is still waiting for red letter to conquer!”

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