BTC Chapter 245 : Released

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The next day, Lu Zixin was a guest at a convention center and sat in the stadium. The invitations to the conference were mainly related industry practitioners and media workers. Of course, the audience who bought the tickets can also come in and watch.

It is said that no one bought the ordinary ticket at first, but the actress Ishihara Kotono will endorse the red letter mobile phone, and after attending the conference, the audience ticket will be sold out.

Lu Zixin also saw Ishihara Kotono. It was a petite and lovely girl. Although she didn’t have a tall figure, the overall proportion was very harmonious and she looked very comfortable at first glance.

“Hello, Lu Yan-kun.” Ishihara Kotono was slightly bent over Lu Zixin, smiling.

She has a pair of small dimples and two shiny tiger teeth, her face is petite, short hair, her chest is rather barren, her legs are not the legs of most Japan girls, she is quite straight, dressed in an anime style, and her voice is also lovely. Like the people who came out in anime, it is no wonder that in Japan is so popular.

“Hello, your Chinese is good.” Lu Zixin praised.

“Really? Thank you, this is all I learned, Chinese is very difficult.” Ishihara Kotono is a satisfied smile, she laughs not only reveals dimples, but also eyes slightly lifted, like a cat.

It seems to be a good mood to talk to such people. Lu Zixin sat down and talked a little more with her. Her Chinese is not very good. Some words don’t understand the meaning. Fortunately, there is a mobile phone translation.

Lu Zixin asked about the endorsement aspect, “Miss Ishihara, have you used a red letter smartphone before?”

Ishihara Kotono shook her head and said with embarrassment: “I have never used Red Letter mobile phone before, because I can’t buy it in Japan.”

“But when I was invited by the endorsement, I agreed at once! Your mobile phone is really great, better than the cable mud and Apple phone I used before!”

“Right, there is this.” Ishihara Kotono took a HX GLASS smart glasses from her carry-on bag and put it on her face.

“This glasses is also the best smart glasses I have ever used. I used to wear contact lenses. Now it is convenient and easy to wear. Lu Yan-kun, your company is really amazing, can make such a product!”

Lu Zixin was also very pleased to be praised by foreign girls. “Our products are more than these, and there are intelligent systems. If you have experienced it, it will definitely be more pleasant.”

“Really? I am very much looking forward to it now.” Ishihara Kotono is exposed to the expected expression.

After chatting for a while, Ishihara Kotono went to the dressing room very soon, and s-he would have to go to the stage and need to makeup.

The press conference was held as scheduled, but this time it was no longer the employees of Red Letter, but the head of KDDI.

Lu Zixin didn’t expect the content of the conference, because it was a product that has already been launched in China. He is more concerned about the attitude of the media and audience.

Don’t look at Japan country is not big, but Japan country is now the world’s third-ranked economy! In the past few years, it was even the second largest economy in the world is United States.

It is a developed country with a population of several hundred million, and its consumption level is not worse than that of other countries. Take Apple, for example, its annual revenue in Japan exceeds $10 billion!

If Red Letter can open japan market, its prospects are considerable.

Lu Zixin noticed that many media workers were very interested when the host introduced various functions of mobile phone, such as voice intelligence or chip, processor, and Red Letter’s unique mobile phone system.

The audience who bought the tickets were even more surprised. They introduced some places and they applauded. However, because there is no verbal news, Lu Zixin is still not aware of their ideas.

At this press conference, the main smart products of Red Letter are introduced. Red letter smart phones, smart glasses, and Xiaoyu smart speakers are also listed.

The press conference was in the middle, and audiences was also invited to interact with Ishihara Kotono. When she came to power, the audience immediately gave a warm applause. Lu Zixin saw a lot of male faces with inexplicable excitement.

Fortunately, this is not a concert or a fan meeting, or it is estimated that it is shouting.

“Hello everyone!” Ishihara Kotono was slightly stunned and said in Japanese. “I am very happy that I can endorse the smartphone of Red Letter. The function of this phone is really smart and interesting!”

“When I try this phone from my agent, I fell in love with it.”

Say, Ishihara Kotono is also showing her mobile phone, an japan-based version of HX2S smartphone, and a pink phone case outside.

The host said: “We just said intelligent voice, telling everyone that our intelligent voice sound is synthesized by the voice of Miss Ishihara.”

Ishihara Kotono is said with a slight smile: “You can talk to ‘I’ through your mobile phone!”

Some people were excited at the stage, want to buy a red letter smartphone right away.

Next, Ishihara Kotono and the host showed some of the functions of the smart products, and the media workers recorded them and published them on the media platform.

The press conference was still successful, and it ended. The news about the conference began to spread on various media platforms.

“Shocked, China’s Black Science and Technology mobile phone has reached this point!”

“Ishihara Kotono attended the smart product launch conference and said that she would endorse HX smartphone and make a mobile phone voice seiyuu!”

“The new phone that goes beyond Apple phone is here, it’s this!”

“The gospel of the otaku, from the super humanized products of China!”


In the news report, the smart product features introduced by the conference were listed.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter. As soon as it is listed, many people in japan are shocked.

“Is this smartphone running so fast? Can voice communicate with us normally? And can it be done according to the user’s mind? Why don’t they design a smart maid?”

“Is this true? It looks much more powerful than the one I use! With that smart glasses, I first saw such a lightweight VR glasses, can it really play VR games?”

“The function is better than the IPHONE I just bought. I really want to buy one!”

“Why are there no such technologies in our country’s mobile phones, and the news should not be exaggerated?”

“It’s so expensive to sell! Shouldn’t China’s things be cheap? Why is it more expensive than Apple’s?”

“The original version of the sound is Ishihara Kotono, my goddess! I want to buy one, and I want to get up from Ishihara Kotono every day!”

“Who used it? Is the news true?”

Although they saw the news, most people have never used it. I don’t know the truth. Only a small number of people are trying to buy these smart products with their mentality of trying.

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