MST Chapter 43 : Job change

Edited: XiaXue

For Liu Chiyan to let Ye Guang be responsible for advertising, Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin did not say anything, it is the default.

After all, Ye Guang is nominally higher than their official position. Leaders decide what to do and follow the instructions.

“I have a question.” Ye Guang said.

Liu Chiyan: “What is the problem?”

Ye Guang: “What is the focus of studio? Is it focused on serving you or focusing on studio’s own business development?”

Liu Chiyan asked: “What is the difference?”

Ye Guang laughed: “Of course there is a difference, if it is to focus on your service, then the advertisement by you personally to shoot, to your popularity and influence will give the advertising to bring a lot of benefits, but if it is focused on the studio itself, then you can not take the shot, Otherwise good advertising ideas may be covered by your own aura.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment: “Then focus on Studio.”

The tone of the advertisement was settled in this way, and Ye Guang, Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin had no opinion.

“Well, can I ask for a request?” Suddenly, Ye Guang said again.

Liu Chiyan looked at him with a puzzled look: “What requirements?”

Ye Guang said eccentrically: “Can I change job?”

“What?” Liu Chiyan was anxious and busy: “Why not, you promised…” Thinking of Jiang Xin and Jiang Fengxian still, Liu Chiyan looked at them, “Jiang brother, Jiang sister, if you have nothing, you should go ahead.”

Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin nodded their head’s and knew that they were slick and said that when Jiang Xin went out, she took the door with him.

Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin went out, Liu Chiyan immediately changed her appearance, pouting a small mouth, said pitifully: “You clearly promised me.”

Ye Guang knew that she had misunderstood and explained: “No, I am not going to resign. I mean, can you change my position?”

Liu Chiyan heard that she had misunderstood and turned from cloudy to sunny. “Why change jobs? Is Vice-president not good?”

Ye Guang touched his nose and said, “Good is good, that is… Chief Ye, a little… You understand.”

Liu Chiyan is not clear, “I don’t understand. What’s on your mind?

Ye Guang looks strange, airway: “Chief Ye, bastard, understand no, they called me Chief Ye one by one when they came today, and they almost didn’t give up!”

“Ah!.” Liu Chiyan understood, and did not hold back, laughing out loud.

Ye Guang gave her a blank look and said, “You still laugh, anyway, what is wrong with me, just change.”

Liu Chiyan held back and said: “Then you said, what position do you want?”

Ye Guang: “Which, just give a small staff.”

Liu Chiyan is not happy: “That won’t work, this is my company, except me, can’t let other people take care of you.”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “Then you said let me do what position, anyway, I am definitely not right.”

Liu Chiyan: “It’s not your own mental work, you let me think.”

Ye Guang said: “I think, let me know first, any relationship that can be related to President will not work, can’t stand this.”

Liu Chiyan thought about it seriously and suggested: “Would you like to be an assistant to me?”

Ye Guang waved his hand. “I won’t do this. I will be an assistant, and you are a big celebrity. I don’t understand the bends in the entertainment circle.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said: “It’s very simple. There is nothing to do. Just follow me. I will tell you what to do. I have fewer announcements now, and you don’t have to worry about these things. Jiang sister will Handle it, you will follow me every day.”

Ye Guang still shakes his head: “No, it’s not just a leisurely ride.”

Liu Chiyan: “How come you are idle, you are my assistant, is to help me deal with studio things, if there is anything in the studio, I will let you do it for me. You will represent me in the studio in the future, so that no one will control you, and you are not the vice president. If you are in an office with me, outsiders are afraid that there will be gossip. If you are my assistant, you don’t have to worry about it. It is easier to let gossip than vice president.”

Ye Guang has some heart.

Liu Chiyan continued to persuade: “When my assistant, where do you go with me, people want you to be there every day.” In the end, Liu Chiyan is almost always spoiled with Ye Guang.

Ye Guang surrendered instantly, “OK! Then I will be your assistant.”

Liu Chiyan was happy, and nodded again and again, thinking: “The assistant doesn’t look very good. It’s a bit ugly to say it. So, give you the title of Studio’s Chief Advisor and that’s it!”

Liu Chiyan has a good mother, because this is what her mother told her, the woman has to take care of man’s face.

Ye Guang is of course happy too. He is indeed a good face. “Okay, just do it!”

Half an hour later, Liu Chiyan called all the staff to a rally, briefly explaining the matter of advertising by Ye Guang, and re-declaring Ye Guang’s new appointment, the level is also the level of Vice-president, but the position Changed to: Studio’s Chief Advisor and Liu Chiyan Assistant.

The crowd applauded in a puzzled situation.

Is this a trouble?

The new girl at the front desk is called Yu Xuejia, she was surprised,that the little young man in the morning was a vice president. At that time, she didn’t really care about it. The sea is inexhaustible. Such a young vice president, eh, is now Studio’s Chief Advisor and Liu Chiyan assistant. Anyway, it has a high weight. It is so young. The little girl at the front desk called Yu Xuejia, the more she looked at Ye Guang, the more she felt good-looking, and the more she looked at it, the more handsome he was.


After lunch, Liu Chiyan wants to take Ye Guang to go to the department store for a big purchase, there are still many things need in the house, like kitchen utensils such as pots and pans, and many other daily necessities, Liu Chiyan heart is very good for this family.

Ye Guang refused, for good reason: “Next time, I now although the nominal high-weight, but the company most of these people are your original team, on the surface may not say, but the heart certainly to me this little young man is not convinced, this time can not skip class, I have to seize the time to make ads out, Make the achievements to let them be convinced, to lead the team in future.”

Liu Chiyan saw that he had something to do, and she didn’t insist on it. It was up to him.

Ye Guang was concentrating on the advertising plan in the office. Liu Chiyan had nothing to do. She listened to the song in the office and didn’t bother him. She only helped him pour water for a while, helped him get the fruit for a while, and massage his shoulders for a while. The appearance of young married woman waiting for the husband.

If this picture is seen by many fans of Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang will be slashed by Liu Chiyan fans! Son-of-a-bitch actually dare to let our Goddess Liu serve you!

Also, who is the assistant? How do you feel the other way around? Why is the boss serving the staff?

This unscientific.

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