MST Chapter 298 : There is only one truth

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On the other end of the phone, the head of SX Entertainment in China gritted his teeth, struggled a bit, and dialed Ye Guang call again.

Ye Guang phone rang, he glanced, the same number just now. After hesitating, he picks up and connected.

After it’s connected, a classic Korea-style roar came from the other end of the phone.

“Ye Guang, you listen to me, you must apologize to us! I tell you, SX Entertainment is one of three major entertainment companies in Korea. If you don’t apologize, we will definitely ruin you! Don’t even think about gaining a foothold in the entertainment industry in the future! I warn you for the last time, if you don’t apologize, you will pay for all the consequences of this! You can…”

“Shut up!” Ye Guang’s face was a little depressed. No matter who, he was suddenly yelled at, he would be depressed. He interrupted the other person and said, “What is your mother last name?”

The head of Chinese SX Entertainment on the phone startled, and said in a bad tone, “What are you asking about this.”

Ye Guang: “Greetings to your mother for me.”

The head of Chinese SX Entertainment didn’t respond and asked, “What?”

Ye Guang sneered, “Are you stupid? Sure enough, the people at SX Entertainment are so stupid.”

After Ye Guang finished speaking, he immediately interrupted the phone without waiting for the other party to speak, and then pulled the number into the blacklist without any delay.

“I am also stupid.” Ye Guang muttered, “I am still stupid to pick up his phone, knowing what his virtues in the morning, the good mood became bad mood.”

Liu Chiyan smiled on the side, and handed him the tea, “Drinking tea goes smoothly.”

Ye Guang took the teacup and took a sip, his mouth full of tea fragrance, “Well, this tea is really delicious, but unfortunately I don’t know how to drink tea. If it’s my dad, he would like it very much.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “Then bring Dad something when we go back.”

Ye Guang smiled slightly, “Don’t, your dad is not willing to drink this tea.”

Liu Chiyan: “It’s okay, I secretly give some to Dad to taste, so that my dad will not know.”

Ye Guang couldn’t help but smile, and scraped Liu Chiyan nose, “Hehe, you are almost a habitual offender.”

Ye Guang refers to her stealing the household registration book to get married, and Liu Chiyan also knows that Ye Guang is talking about this.

Liu Chiyan is embarrassed and spit out her little tongue, she looked very cute.

The other side.

The head of SX Entertainment at China once again hung up by Ye Guang again, and Ye Guang just said on the phone that he was a stupid X. Before hanging up. Ye Guang said, ‘Greetings to your mother for me’. He also understood it. Suddenly became furious and jumped with anger, “Asshole! Asshole! I’m so angry.”

With that said, the head of SX Entertainment in China wanted to call Ye Guang again, find the place, and scolded him.

“Sorry, the call you made is temporarily unanswered.”

“Sorry, the call you made is temporarily unanswered.”


After Several times in a row, the phone prompts no one to answer. Don’t think about it, it must have been blocked. The head of SX Entertainment in China jumped again in an instant, “Asshole! Rude! How could there be such a person! I won’t let you go! You wait for me!”

Ye Guang suddenly sneezed in the living room of Liu Chiyan’s home.


At noon, Jiang Fengxian called and said that two police officers had come to the crew to learn about the beatings. At the same time, SX Entertainment’s official Weibo also issued a statement saying that Ye Guang imposed violence on their artists and their company artists has been exposed to bad influences. So, Ye Guang is required to make a solemn and formal apology to the parties and the company. SX Entertainment will retain all the rights of judicial investigation.

Ye Guang is surprised when he heard that, this grandson would really dare to call the police? They are not afraid that things will get bigger, and they will not be able to close the field in the end, is it themselves?

In fact, this is a misunderstanding. As far as Kim Tae-seo himself is concerned, of course he is not willing to call the police to prosecute the troubles. This police officer reported by the head of SX Entertainment in China. He and Kim Tae-seo had a misconception of perceptions about the beating video.

When Kim Tae-seo reported the incident to the company, he was vague about the cause because of his face. He only said that he accidentally toppled a rural aunt and Ye Guang beat him because of it. In the eyes of the head of SX Entertainment in China, just how big thing to accidentally pushed a rural aunt, what a big deal it is Ye Guang beating Kim Tae-seo, it can’t be compared. Whatever you think is reasonable. Since Ye Guang doesn’t accept softness and doesn’t apologize, then I am not embarrassed, call the police! Sue! Rights protection! No discussion!

Moreover, Kim Tae-seo is still from Korea. To be more serious, this is no longer simply an ordinary civil case. The head of SX Entertainment in China knows the domestic market well. Once something designed to crook the nuts, the authorities will be cautious. The case is not sloppy at all, lest it will be affected by any diplomatic and public opinion.

After Kim Tae-seo learned that SX Entertainment had actually called the police, he was panicked. He was not stupid. He knew that once things really revealed, it would definitely be of no benefit to him. Kim Tae-seo is a bit afraid when people are glaring at him.

Kim Tae-seo’s agent comforted him, “Tae-seo, don’t worry, in fact, rational analysis, it is not necessarily a bad thing for the company to do so. In any case, you are the target of being beaten, the victim, and Ye Guang is the perpetrator. Well, since he doesn’t let us live well, then we can’t let him go! At this time, as long as you cry in front of the fans, it will definitely play a big role. Chinese netizens are all stupid and there will be many people to follow the trend. Let’s make a fuss, and let Ye Guang be the target of public criticism. So that, he can’t get a foothold in the entertainment industry! This way we can also relieve our hatred!

Kim Tae-seo is heart-warming. To say that he hates Ye Guang, he is simply hateful, but Kim Tae-seo is still a little worried, “But, what about the video? I said something like that that day, if Ye Guang tells Netizens what I said that day, then I am afraid, I will become a target.”

Kim Tae-seo is not too stupid. He knows that it’s okay to say something, but he must not let the public know. Otherwise, the consequences will be very serious. He said a low-class Chinese that day. If this sentence spread, it’s estimated he will be drowned by netizens with saliva.

Kim Tae-seo’s agent is very wise, helping the sunglasses on the nose, and full of confidence, “I have thought about this for a long time, it doesn’t matter! We also saw the video, that is, only Ye Guang hits you. Neither the picture of the woman nor the picture after Ye Guang hit you, so there will be no problem. If Ye Guang speaks out by himself, we can also say that he is deliberately slandering and pour dirty water on you!”

Kim Tae-seo: “But, will he have other complete videos?”

The corners of Kim Tae-seo’s agent’s mouth slightly raised, and his eyes were full of wise, “Impossible! Let me analyze for with you. First, Ye Guang and you have already been torn apart, and now your two fans have been pinching each other. So, at this time, you two have one thing in common, that is, you both want to kill each other, think from another angle. If you are a Ye Guang, you have a complete video at this time, then will you publish this evidence?”

Kim Tae-seo nodded, “Definitely!”

Then, Kim Tae-seo agent concluded, “So, since he has not released the video and responded slowly. There’s only one truth.” Kim Tae-seo’s agent pushed his glasses and said decisively, “He has no video!”

Kim Tae-seo suddenly realized.

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