MST Chapter 297 : I’m so angry

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The brain circuit is strange, to what extent?

When Ye Guang see Kim Tae-seo statement, his focus was completely different from that of ordinary people. Kim Tae-seo public’s statement focused on the “truth” about the video is fake and the beating is fake. What about Ye Guang? He is a person who knows the truth of the matter more clearly, so his focus is not on this at all, but on one vocabulary: friend!

In the statement, Kim Tae-seo said that Ye Guang and him have become friends. When Ye Guang saw him at the time, he said that he was friends with you.

Undoubtedly, Ye Guang is extremely disgusted with Kim Tae-seo. Think about Kim Tae-seo saying that he is a friend. In the future, if a media interview mentions this, what happened to your good friend Kim Tae-seo. Thinking about it, Ye Guang feels a bit disgusting. Looking at the camera, maybe I have to force a smile, and pretend to recognize this “friend” in front of the camera. Ye Guang feels a little unbearable.

People like Kim Tae-seo, Ye Guang won’t be his friends! Humph, he is not worthy!

So, Ye Guang, for the sake of his own heart and not to be disgusted in the future, simply didn’t do it. He left a message directly saying Kim Tae-seo is talking nonsense, and he’s beating him.

If Kim Tae-seo knows Ye Guang like that is because of such a strange reason, he will be fainted in the toilet. It is said, Kim Tae-seo was full of confidence when he wrote the article. It’s expected Ye Guang will cooperate with him. In theory, there will be no reason for an artist to stand at the cusp of the storm and everyone labeled him as violent. So, he didn’t say hello to Ye Guang before making a statement, thinking everything would be under control.

Moreover, in his statement, he was also polite to Ye Guang, and he spoke the word “friend” without conscience. This is also an act of obedience to Ye Guang, but who would have thought that even this “friend” would let things get a big reversal. If he hadn’t superfluously said this sentence at the time, maybe Ye Guang reaction might really be what he wanted. After all, Ye Guang cares about his image in the hearts of people.

Kim Tae-seo learned of this matter from his agent.

He’s working out at the time, and he still tried his best to maintain his figure, because a good figure is one of the important factors to attract popularity.

“Tae-seo, Tae-seo.” Kim Tae-seo agent walked quickly with his mobile phone, “Something has happened, take a look.”

Kim Tae-seo put down the dumbbells in his hand and took the phone over. The fingerprints and redness on his face were almost clean after a few days. After taking a look at the phone, Kim Tae-seo face suddenly became distorted.


The phone smashed to the ground, falling in half. Kim Tae-seo became furious and his face distorted. His teeth crouched on his lips, and his tone filled with resentment, “Asshole! Son of bitch! How dare he! He! How can this be done! Bastard!”

Kim Tae-seo agent looked at the broken mobile phone on the ground with a little distress. This phone belongs to him, it is also a new model he has just bought. Kim Tae-seo agent comforted Kim Tae-seo and said, “Tae-seo, don’t be too angry. Some people are so shameless and not worthy to be angry. Don’t be angry and think about what to do now?”

Kim Tae-seo furious and roared, “How do I know what to do, this bastard!”

Kim Tae-seo agent comforted him again, and then he came up with an idea, “Respond to the company, explain the situation, let the company negotiate with the bastard, and then do the public relations process. This matter should try to minimize the impact. Otherwise, it will not only affect you now, but also will affect your future development in China.”


The next day, the beating video incident reached its culmination again and three camps appeared on the Internet. One is Kim Tae-seo fan camp, who are constantly attacking Ye Guang, and the other is Ye Guang and Liu Chi Yan fans. A counterattack camp composed of catkins who came to help Ye Guang fan spontaneously.

There are two parties, one of them verbally attacked Ye Guang, saying that he was a violent maniac, and let Ye Guang apologize to Kim Tae-seo and get out of the entertainment circle. While the other side defended in every possible way, saying Kim Tae-seo should be beaten.

Talking about lies, fooling the public, Ye Guang beating him must be because he deserves it. Kim Tae-seo has a guilty conscience.

There is another party, who are curious about the event and have been watching the development of the event. They are not helping each other at the moment. They can look forward to seeing the two people pinch each other, and at the same time, they are also waiting for Ye Guang or Kim Tae-seo spoke again to make things clear.

It’s worth mentioning here that the catkins who spontaneously came to help Ye Guang platform, and there are many Ye Guang Weibo fans, but in fact, the true fan base is incomparable with Kim Tae-seo. At the beginning, Kim Tae-seo fans relied on many people to have gained the upper hand, so Liu Chiyan’s fans can’t stand it anymore.

“Ye Guang is the general counsel of Goddess Liu Company anyway. We are a family with him. Now that the brothers are in trouble, why can’t we help? Catkins, follow me if you are willing to support!”

Since then, many Liu Chiyan’s fans went to support, and immediately, the combat power of the two parties was even, and it became a joy to pinch you and me.

After Ye Guang had breakfast, Father Liu and Mother Liu went to work. Today is Monday, the program preparation was not in a hurry. It’s rare to have a day off. He leaned on the sofa and watched TV. Liu Chiyan secretly made him a cup of tea that Father Liu is not willing to drink at ordinary times.

Ye Guang doesn’t know how to drink tea, but this tea is indeed good, the tea is full of fragrance, and it tastes really fragrant. People who know how to drink tea will be amazed by Ye Guang. Of course, maybe it’s because of secretly drinking it? As the saying goes, it’s better to steal something you own, maybe that’s why.

Ye Guang’s phone rang and Ye Guang picked it up.


“Hello, Ye Guang?”


“Ye Guang, I am the head of SX Entertainment China. I want to tell you one thing. Regarding the online video of beating people, you violently assaulted our company’s artist Kim Tae-seo, which caused great physical and psychological damage to him. Afterwards, Kim Tae-seo himself took the initiative to clarify the grievances, but you avenged the grievance again with malicious provocation, which became extremely bad influence. For this, I now inform you, you must make an official apology in public to our company and Kim Tae-seo, otherwise, our company will use legal channels against you… to initiate… litigation.”


The person in charge of SX Entertainment China on the other end of the phone listened to the busy tone on the phone, a bit dazed, bastard! You actually hung up the phone! You actually hung up the phone before I finished speaking! Don’t understand what politeness is! Do you know what respect is?

I’m so angry.

Ye Guang hung up the phone and murmured, “Stupid.” Then he dropped the phone on the sofa.

Liu Chiyan asked from the side, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Guang shook his head, “Nothing, a silly call.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t ask much.

In Ye Guang’s opinion, that person is really stupid. Who does he think he is? In the whole phone call, his tone is high and arrogant. So, you can’t help but let us know who you are? Must also apologize? Cut, who do you think you are? It is not Ye Guang can’t apologize, even if you can apologize. It is impossible to apologize to you with this attitude. If you don’t directly scold on the phone, Ye Guang will go to school again.

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