MST Chapter 296 : The brain circuit is a bit strange

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Liu Chiyan was already a relaxed and happy look when she returned to Ye Guang room, and she didn’t have the previous depression.

Taking the initiative to embrace Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan said softly, “Ye Guang, you have to cheer.”

Ye Guang smiled, “What are you doing?”

Liu Chiyan: “Come on and become the person who loves me the most.”

Ye Guang startled, “Am I not?”

Liu Chiyan: “Of course not, my Dad loves me the most.”

Ye Guang smiled, “Then I am the second person who loves you.”

Liu Chiyan said, “No. You. Come on, just like Dad, become the person who loves me the most in this world.”

Ye Guang smiled and stroked Liu Chiyan’s hair. Now Liu Chiyan is like a little girl, very cute, “I will love you more than your father.”

Liu Chiyan leaned on Ye Guang shoulder and nodded in satisfaction.

After getting tired for a while, Liu Chiyan went out, Ye Guang was still sitting in front of the computer and swiping Weibo, after reading the so-called “truth” statement sent by Kim Tae-seo. Ye Guang sneered, then clicked on the message box, knocked out a line and sent it out.

Ye Guang wrote: Your skill in serious nonsense is much higher than your popularity. When will we perform another scene with ‘Friend’? In other words, it’s cool to ‘pumping’ you, and I look forward to the next appointment!

After sending the message, Ye Guang didn’t immediately close Weibo, but sat down and waited for a while. Without any accident, his message will soon be answered by netizens.

Sure enough, in less than a minute, the first reply appeared, followed by one message after another.

“I ‘kneaded’ my eyes twice to see this message clearly, but I still suspect that I read it wrong.”

“This…is going to do something? Ye Guang said Kim Tae-seo is talking nonsense? It means that video content is not fake. Did he really beat Kim Tae-seo?”

“I must have not woken up today. I slept to have a look. Now it must be an illusion.”

“Is this Ye Guang Weibo account? Who is pretending to be him?”

“It’s him! With V, I just opened the introduction. It’s his Weibo, and the suffix still has the funny introduction! The entire Weibo is only for him, and there is no semicolon.”

Ye Guang’s Weibo is indeed the only unique one.

It should be said that the profile is unique. His profile has been revised several times on Weibo, but the comment from the editor is still hanging.

The introduction of Ye Guang Weibo now reads as follows: Variety star, Running Man chief director, Youxianqi Entertainment chief consultant (Editor personally confirms, “This person has a poisonous tongue and a cannon for a mouth.”)

The previous series of tags are nothing. The profiles of many domestic celebrities are much more ‘forced’ than his looks, but the editor’s message behind him is the only one on Weibo. Ye Guang has also responded to Weibo, and hope they can change this profile, but I didn’t know what kind of medicine Weibo took, so they didn’t change it, and stubbornly kept hanging this comment to him. After a long time, Ye Guang didn’t care too much. Just hang it, anyway, there are many pieces of ‘meat’.

“That said, the video is true, Ye Guang really hit Kim Tae-seo, damn! What’s the situation! Why would  Kim Tae-seo deny that Ye Guang had beaten him, and he stood up to clarify, then Ye Guang said again he had beaten him, right? I can’t figure out what’s wrong with him.”

“What’s wrong in this world? The perpetrator insisted that he had beaten someone, and the victim had to say that he was not beaten… Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

“I feel, It’s very storytelling, and my gossip soul is already burning.”

The next message, Ye Guang has no intention of reading it. Those in the front are just netizens who just saw his message on Weibo, and the ones in the behind is Kim Tae-seo’s fans who rushed over after receiving the message.

“Ye Guang is a big fool.”

“Stinky shameless!”

“Ye Guang, do you have a brain disease?”


A large group of Kim Tae-seo fans swarmed in, yelling under Ye Guang’s message.

This hot phenomenon has caused many netizens to watch. However, except for Kim Tae-seo fans, no unrelated netizens attacked Ye Guang like when they first saw the video, because everyone has a doubt in their hearts.

Why? That is why? In this matter, since the video appeared on internet, Ye Guang immediately became the target of netizens’ attacks, but Ye Guang didn’t give any explanation or clarification all day long. Instead, the victim in the video, Kim Tae-seo, stood up to clarify and said Ye Guang is wronged, the video is fake, it’s just filming. But when netizens just felt the truth, and the things were about to be concluded, suddenly there’s a big reversal, the video became real again!

If the news spoken by someone else and circulated from other channels, netizens’ reactions might be somewhat different. Perhaps Ye Guang will once again become a target of public criticism, but it is Ye Guang himself. He, as a perpetrator, vowed to say Kim Tae-seo is nonsense. He just beat Kim Tae-seo, and he wanted to beat him again!

As a result, netizens became confused, are they hit or not? Why did Kim Tae-seo say he didn’t fight? Why does Ye Guang, who are not afraid of being labeled with violent label, have to say, he has beaten people out loud? Many questions lingered in the minds of netizens, and their curiosity scratched everyone’s hearts.

Ye Guang fans also stunned. They only boosted their morale just now. They actively commented on various topics about beating videos. Not only that, but they want those who abused Ye Guang before to apologize with high appearance. You are wronged, we are good guys, but now there is a sudden reversal.

Inside Ye Guang Weibo.

Morning Shadow Star Dream : “Fuck! Ye Guang is doing something.”

Baby love : “So, is this a fight or not? I’m a little confused.”

Emperor of Truth : “It should be… a real fight, right? Ye Guang admits it himself, there can be no fakes.”

Rice potatoes : “But, why Kim Tae-seo clarify for Ye Guang, can’t figure it out, can’t figure it out.”

Qiancheng Yuntianlong : “Let’s ask.”

Emperor of Truth : “I guess, Ye Guang’s beating was due to a reason. It should be Kim Tae-seo who was in the wrong, and he didn’t want it to be exposed, so he covered the prickly heat for Ye Guang.”

Emperor of Truth speculation is basically close to the truth of the matter.

I love my family 123 : “But it is not good to beat people, no matter how justified, as long as you hit someone, it will not have any influence on Ye Guang. Why is he?”

Emperor of Truth : “Who knows… Maybe his brain circuit… It’s a bit strange.”

The brain circuit is a bit strange. This is a bit tactful. To make it clear, it’s a bit silly.

Is Ye Guang stupid?

Ye Guang is not stupid. He knows better than anyone else. He admits that beating people will have an impact. If he deals with the problem from an objective and rational perspective, he cooperates with Kim Tae-seo in silence. Everyone is in peace and everything is fine, this is the best way.


Emperor of Truth is right, Ye Guang’s brain circuit is… a bit strange.

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