MST Chapter 250 : We are Tired of logging

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Xin Lan who carried Lan Bao on her back is the most relaxed.

Xin Lan has a pair of long legs, and a few small sandbag obstacles have no effect on her at all. The two are very relaxed. They are the first to reach finish line, and the water in Lan Bao basin has not spilled much, almost perfectly completed the game.

After Lan Bao and Xin Lan reached the finish line, they held hands and laughed and jumped, very happy.

Lan Bao also made a strange look at the camera, stood up straight, pinched orchid fingers with both hands in front of his chest to the outside, “Perfect~”

This funny look makes people laugh again, except for Ye Guang.

Ye Guang is dumbfounded. This action is actually this action. Well, history always has amazing looks. Dream World ‘Perfect’ is a motion that Cho-lam imitates Venus, but slowly evolved later and has become one of the unique signs of Cho-lam. I didn’t expect Lan Bao of this world actually made this action by himself.

Xu Chen and Wan Hua are the second ones to arrive. They did a good job. There was no trouble along the way. They cooperated very well, but some water spilled out. They poured the water into the meter, then mission completed.

Followed by Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang, because the two fell over in the last three-layer sandbags obstacles, so they were behind Xu Chen and Wan Hua.

Moreover, the water in the Ye Guang basin is almost all spilled, and it’s only a few milliliters high when poured into the meter, not too much compared to Lan Bao and Xu Chen.

He Xing and Hua Wutong also had a hard time walking. After the first fall, the two fell on the third obstacle. After reaching the end, He Xing poured water into the meter.

One drop, two drops, three drops…

Everyone burst into laughter. He Xing was too busy to work. No, it should be said that Hua Wutong was white and tired. In the end, their water was spilled clean.

He Xing yelled up to the sky, venting his sullenness, but he still didn’t forget to comfort Hua Wutong, “Thanks for your hard work, hard work, it’s good if you can, if you can get there, we will succeed when we arrive! The results are not important!”

Ye Guang and others also applauded, “Yes, you are great, and your results are not important.”

Only Heavenly King Liu, Li Feifei, and Zhong Jing with Luo Yu are left.

Li Feifei carried Heavenly King Liu very steady and cautious. She has already traveled more than halfway and passed the second obstacle.

Luo Yu carrying a heavy Zhong Jing just before the first obstacle, the height of a sandbag is not high, but Luo Yu just can’t cross it, there is no way, Zhong Jing on her back is too heavy for her. It’s already very difficult to walk normally even if I raise my leg and step.

“Luo Yu, come on!”

“Come on!”

“Luo Yu is good!”

“You are the best, come on!”

Several couples who have reached the finish line shouted at Luo Yu to cheer her up.

Encouraged by everyone, Luo Yu also burst out of great power, and finally made a difficult step and crossed the first obstacle sandbag.

The guests at finish line applauded her.

Just as Luo Yu was about to move on, Zhong Jing got off her back. Luo Yu was tired, but she looked back at Zhong Jing in surprise and said, “Why come down, come on, come on, we have lots of water. There is hope.”

Zhong Jing held the basin and pours out all the water in the basin, “Here, there is no water.”

Luo Yu taken aback for a moment, then her face was dumbfounded, “What are you doing? Why are you?”

Zhong Jing gave her a light hug and said, “Let’s not go anymore, you are already great, and you have proven yourself to everyone. To be honest, you’re such a small person can carry me so far, has made me amazed. The result is not important. Don’t force it too hard, it’s too hard.”

Luo Yu thought for a while and said, “Then we can’t compare?”

Zhong Jing nodded, “It’s no match.”. With that, Zhong Jing turned to Shang Shan and the crew, then shouted, “Director, we give up.”

At finish line

The other teams applauded.

“Luo Yu, great.”

“Zhong Jing, you are a man!”

The second link is over.

The last group to reach the end is Heavenly King Liu group, while Zhong Jing’s group choose to gave up.

Heavenly King Liu group can be regarded as a latecomer. The water in his basin hardly spilled, and it was full. When the water poured into the meter, Heavenly King Liu group had the most water.

Heavenly King Liu said with exaggerate laugh, “Haha, have you seen it, what’s the use of running first? Only if you have material it is the king in the end, this is called coming from behind!”

In the end, the game ended with Heavenly King Liu took the first place, Lan Bao second place and Xu Chen third place. These three groups also got clues to their respective rankings.

Next, starting from Xu Chen’s third place, according to the clues obtained, the three winning groups exchanged the True Emotions Water with other teams.

Xu Chen first exchanged He Xing’s orange bottle with his own blue bottle of True Emotions Water.

Later, Lan Bao exchanged his own purple for Ye Guang red.

Heavenly King Liu exchanged the red that Lan Bao exchanged from Ye Guang with his own green.

At the end of this session, Heavenly King Liu as the captain, also summed up the speech in front of the camera.

Heavenly King Liu: “We are a team and a big family. In this big group, our brothers and sisters all love each other. Today Luo Yu showed us her strong and unyielding side. Luo Yu is really good, Zhong Jing’s approach today is also very gentle. Although you finally gave up the game today, you have gained the respect of all of us and everyone applauds them.”

Everyone applauded.

Heavenly King Liu continued, “Whether it’s in our program or in real life, the truth is the same. Everyone cares whether you go far or not. Whether you fly high or not, but there’s only one people cares whether you’re tired or not. This kind of person is your family. The brothers and sisters of our running group are a family that loves each other!” After that, Heavenly King Liu stepped forward and shouted, “WeareFamuli!”

Everyone applauded and shouted loudly.

Ye Guang stunned again, it’s an amazing similarity. Dream World’s Running Man, captain Deng Chao shouted the slogan in an accidental situation. Of course, he called “WeareFamuli.”, because Deng Chao’s English pronunciation is not very standard. It also caused a burst of laughter at the time, but this sentence also become a landmark slogan for Running Man.

Now, Liu Xuecheng, as the running man captain of this world, also shouted this slogan, plus the action of Lan Bao ‘Perfect’ before, it really surprised Ye Guang.

The course of history is always surprisingly similar.

Heavenly King Liu, “Come, let’s shout out the slogan together.” Heavenly King Liu gathered everyone and wanted to end the game with a slogan, “One, Two, Three!”

“Run! Brother!” everyone shouted.

“We are tired of logging!” Ye Guang is one person.

“Hahaha.” Everyone laughed. When everyone shouted, ‘Run, brother.’, Ye Guang also yelled out untimely, ‘We are tired of logging.’

Ye Guang also reacted and touched his nose, smiling a little embarrassingly. He had just been thinking of Heavenly King Liu calling out the slogan, ‘WeareFamuli.’. When Heavenly King Liu gathered everyone to shout the slogan. He subconsciously thought it was this one. Therefore, after Heavenly King Liu count one, two and three, he blurted out the phrase ‘We are tired of logging’.

This is very embarrassing.

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