MST Chapter 132 : Birds are afraid of being born, pigs are afraid of fat

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Ye Guang joined the Provincial Writers Association and was crowned with the title of the youngest provincial association. It really caused some waves.

The unrelated people only gave a little comment on their own opinions, commented on it, and caused no impact, but Ye Guang accidentally joined the provincial association but also caused some people to be jealous.

On the same day, several well-known writers who had not successfully joined the Provincial Writers Association publicly published their own doubts about Ye Guang’s participation in the Provincial Writers Association.

Writer Peng Cai : “The youngest youngster can also join the association? What has he done? If it wasn’t for today, I didn’t hear the name of this person. He was lucky enough to join the Writers Association, but I was afraid that his neck was not hard enough to wear this hat.”

Writer Situ Lin : “I have been fifty years old and have published six best-selling books. The articles published in major newspapers and magazines are countless. Even the old man has not joined the provincial association. Why is this in his early twenties young people have joined the association without any work? What qualifications does he have? Shouldn’t you join the association to speak with your work? I show my attitude, even if Ye Guang joined the association, but I do not admit that he is a writer, not to admit that he is a writer!”

Writer Shen Peng : “Ye Guang’s Journey to the West. I have also seen it. If it is also a literary work, it is also said, but what is his novel? I don’t know why there are so many people like it, but in my opinion, his work is simply unsightly! All kinds of messy cows and ghosts, what heaven, Jade Emperor, Taishang Laojun, the system is quite complete, but all are swearing! They are all compiled by him. There is no basis. I have never heard of any similar legends in the folks in his novels. Now it is a modern society. Why do you still admire these ghosts and gods? Do you think Taoism Buddhism, Taoism Buddhism? It’s just playing the piano! Do you not be afraid of being misled by the novels of Taoism Buddhism colleagues, and have you been splashed with water?”

More than a dozen writers, led by the three men, rose up on Weibo and angered Ye Guang.

These writers are still somewhat famous, but also influential, and there are still many fans. Although the exposure may not be high, the fans do not have more than Ye Guang, but so many writers add up to stabilize Ye Guang, and time, various voices on the Internet have raised the voice of Ye Guang joining the provincial association.

Ye Guang’s Weibo has also become the battlefield for many writers who question Ye Guang.

For a time, Ye Guang Weibo was in chaos, questioning, snoring, and opposition.

Of course, Ye Guang also have fan. A group of fans, led by the fifty cents party, and some netizens who agree and optimistic about Ye Guang’s participation in the association, have had a heated debate with more than a dozen writers fan groups. It’s not fun to come to me.

Unrelated and neutral netizens are eager to watch the war without smoke.

Ye Guang, of the thing on Weibo, of course, knows that fans of so many writers are raging in their Weibo, and Ye Guang is also angry.

What is this? Although he is quite surprised to join the provincial association, but this is his own thing, what are you doing? There are also writers who blame him. The typical can’t eat grapes and say that the grape is sour. It is not his decision to join the provincial association. You have to have the ability to find a provincial association, and fans come to Weibo. What is the wild? Have you eaten nothing, is this a relationship with you? Play the game indiscriminately!

Ye Guang thought about it and sent a Weibo:

Do not want to do things

  Birds are afraid of being born, pigs are afraid of fat

  Advise the king only to sweep the snow before the door

  Do not care for others

As soon as Weibo was issued, the two parties could not react to each other.

Awkward big man : “Oh, Ye Guang can’t help but be forced out.”

Joke v : “This little poem should be regarded as a poem, said to be reasonable!”

Emperor of Truth : “That is, there is nothing wrong with it. It is really true. The bird is beaten in the first place. The pig is fat and killed. The person is famous and the mediocrity is hated. Are you not a leisurely egg? What is Ye Guang who can’t enter the association? Do you have your BB here? Do you have a relationship with you? Do you do your own thing, what do you do with the old family?”

Morning Shadow Star Dream : “Many!”

Devilg : “I can’t eat grapes and say grape sour. It seems that Ye Guang can join the provincial association and you can’t join for so many years, if you can join the provincial association, you have already joined, and you still need to be blind. You don’t have the ability to rely on others.”

The other side of the writers Association fans some words are poor, saying that they are not meddling in the blind worry about it, Ye Guang joined Writers Association and their half-dime relationship also did not, and their support of the writers said there is no relationship, they also know that even if there is no Ye guang, those writers want to join the Province Writers Association is also very difficult, and the Province Writers Association does not limit the number of people, just join the strict conditions, really have the ability to save Writers Association can not let you add it?

But these writers fans didn’t stop here, so they retired. Isn’t it very faceless, and sitting on the fact that their dog is taking more trouble with the mouse?

“We are not nosy! We are questioning Ye Guang to enter the provincial association!”

“Not because we like writers, they have nothing to do with them, simply because they feel that Ye Guang is not qualified to join the provincial association!”

“Ye Guang He De He Neng, what is his ability, he can enter the provincial association because of what!”

“In any case, I objected to Ye Guang joining the Provincial Writers Association. The Provincial Writers Association made a wrong decision this time!”

Many writers’ fans were originally unfair to the writers. Now, when the words turn around, they all leave the writers alone, and they question Ye Guang’s lack of ability and are not qualified to join the provincial association.

The two sides are fighting endlessly, and you have come to me for a long time of tug-of-war.

After Ye Guang recording a program and was relieved of the things on Weibo. He went back to the office and took another look.

“Hey! Still arguing, there is no end, how can I use it for you? I have a big ability, you can’t see it, it’s no good, hehe! You don’t know Taishan. I am not qualified to join the association? You are on your way, what about BB? Journey to the West, Ghost Blows Out The Light, Hard Road, can’t it get into your eyes?”

Ye Guang immediately sent another Weibo.

“On Horse”

Only after Bole came into the world were there horses able to gallop one thousand li. Such horses are common, but a Bole is rare. So even fine steeds, if mishandled by slaves, will perish in their stables without being known as good horses.

A thousand-li horses may eat one bushel of grain at a meal, but if its groom does not know that this is what enables it to gallop a thousand li and fails to feed it enough, so that it lacks strength, it will not display its ability and natural gifts. Indeed, it may be no match for common horses; so how then can it gallop a thousand li?

If it is whipped and goaded on in the wrong way, too underfed to reveal its full worth, or if it neighs and the trainer treats it without understanding, then the rider may hold his whip over it exclaiming: “There are no good horses in the world!” But does this mean there are truly no good horses, or that he does not understand horses?

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