MST Chapter 131 : Join Provincial Writers Association

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Boss Guo vision is good, and things will happen, the sharp increase of 10 million in Fruit Run sales is not a big deal for him, but really to Ye Guang left a very good impression, and secretly decided to have the opportunity to pull him, boss Guo also because of this decision, A long time later because Ye Guang vigorously help make a perfect planner, let his product success become a miracle in the industry.

Of course, this is a follow-up, let’s not talk about it for the time being.

On this day, Liu Chiyan is busy in Studio to sort out some of the recent songs. She is preparing for The Strongest Voice, which will be held soon. Ye Guang has recorded several episodes and has a break in the office.

“I said that you have received so many songs. You don’t know what the game is. You have collected it don;t know it is useful or not and it cost money. Besides, there is me. If I am there, I will be able to write the corresponding songs for you regardless of the sponsor’s questions. It is completely unnecessary to collect them.”

Liu Chiyan doesn’t raise her head. “I’m not prepared, I know you are good. When you can write it best, then I will use yours. If you can’t write it, there are some spares. Maybe it will be the time to use it.”

Ye Guang grinned: “You are not confident in me.”

Liu Chiyan: “It’s not that I don’t have confidence in you. It’s always safe to do more.”

Liu Chiyan is very valued for this The Strongest Voice. Since receiving the notice of selection, she has been busy preparing for this.

Ye Guang still wants to say something, the phone ringing.

“Hello, Mr. Ye Guang? I am…”

After a while, Ye Guang hung up and yelled at Liu Chiyan. “Wife, tell you a good news.”

Liu Chiyan looked up at him.

Ye Guang: “Provincial Writers Association invited me to join.”

Liu Chiyan froze, then smiled happily. “That’s really good news, OK, add vegetables at night!”

Ye Guang can enter provincial association, Liu Chiyan is happy for him.

Ye Guang is also happy, but he still has some doubts. How did the good writer association invite him to join?

“Wife, you said that I don’t seem to have any literary works, and I haven’t published any articles in any publications. How can the association invited me to join?”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment, “You didn’t have Ghost Blows Out The Light, and now Journey to the West, although one is a radio and the other is TV storytelling, but strictly speaking it belongs to a novel, a literary work. And you have made so many poems, the Hard Road is still being talked about now, it is not surprising that the Provincial Writers Association invites you to join.”

Ye Guang nod, should be so, “Said is also, but I heard Writers Association join conditions very harsh, not to mention the provincial Writers Association, even the city-level Writers Association to join are very difficult, I remember me There will be a brother in college, he wants to join Municipal Writers Association, the article has published many articles in various journals, It worked for a long time to join in. I can do everything, can I enter the provincial association? ”

Liu Chiyan shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s hard to hear, but it also shows that your work is so influential, or else people will not invite you, this is a good thing.”

Ye Guang nodded and smiled.

It is indeed a good thing to join the Provincial Writers Association. At least it can be said that his work has already been recognized by the Association. With a certain influence, the Association will invite him to join.

Here also explained that this global writers society is divided into National Writers Association, Provincial Writers Association, Municipal Writers Association, the requirements to join Writers Association is more stringent, need to have a certain influence in the field of literature may join, the country engaged in literary work of countless people, to remove some non-inflow, can join the city-level Writers Association are cream, can join the Provincial Writers Association, not to mention, Jiangxi Province, a large population, the number of writers, but the Province Writers Association member development to now, regardless of age,

There are only four or five hundred people in total, do not think that four hundred or five hundred of the number seems to be a little less, but you know, this is the Province Writers Association developed for decades only so few people, and compared to Jiangxi more than 40 million population, there are hundreds of thousands of people engaged in the work of literature field, these four hundred or five hundred people really are not. [A-N: Here is only for the novel set, and the reality has nothing to do. Do not substitute.]

Ye Guang So suddenly being invited to join the association is undoubtedly a surprise.

The next day.

Jiangxi media have reported on this matter, and various news media on the Internet have also reported on this matter.

“Jiangxi Provincial Writers Society adds new blood”

“The Youngest Writer of Provincial Writers Association”

“The youngest writer of Provincial Writers Association has never published any physical works.”

“Journey to the West storyteller actually joined the Provincial Writers Association”

“Is Ye Guang qualified to join the Provincial Writers Association?”

The media are competing to report, the titles are very eye-catching, and there are some waves on the Internet.

Little mouse : “Fry, Ye Guang seems to be very young. Can you enter the provincial association in his twenties?”

Diligent cattle : “If you can’t fake it, so multimedia reports, but I also feel weird, when the association is so easy to join.”

Siberian tiger : “The youngest writer of the Provincial Writers Association is amazing.”

I am a little white rabbit : “I can accept that he can join the city-level association, but the provincial association, I really can’t accept it, there is a black curtain.”

Cloud from the dragon : “Isn’t it, Ye Guang seems to have no physical works, and has not published any works. Can a Journey to the West storytelling enter the provincial association? Also given such a big name, the youngest province as a collaborator.”

Lily : “I do not think it is very surprising, Ye Guang not only journey to the West, but also had a ghost Blows out of the Light works, but none have physical publishing, but this is also a literary work, and he has several poem, that hard Road too taste, people do have the right to join a province writers Association, I think it is deserved!”

Sweaty BMW : “But joined the Province Writers Association also is too surprising, but also is the youngest Province Writers Association writer, I some can not accept, you see those Provinces Writers Association members, or is the big publishing house newspaper such as the famous big editor, or is famous for many years old writer, which is not in the literary world has a great influence of people, He’s got enough qualifications.”

Mimi : “There is no influence on people? It’s just that the work has not yet been released. You can see Ghost Blows Out The Light, look at Journey to the West, which one is not fire now, Journey to the West fire is incredible, and the ratings have been kept above 1 for the past few days. This is not what the influence is called. I don’t want to say anything else. Anyway, as long as it is Ghost Blows Out The Light or Journey to the West, I will definitely buy it.”

Monkey King : “Upstairs is right, for Ghost Blows Out The Light, I haven’t seen it, but I’m already a big fan of Journey to the West. See my ID and you know, Journey to the West. I will definitely buy it, and I have to buy ten sets! Ye Guang is a member of Provincial Writers Association!”


Netizens have talked about it, and there are support and unsupporting things for Ye Guang to join the provincial association. The two sides have come to me and have set off a small war on the Internet.

But no matter how netizens comment, what to think about, Ye Guang joined the provincial association has become an established fact.

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