BTC Chapter 332 : They Encouraged!

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White House, president office, president was angry: “SHIT! Look at these applications, these idiots actually question my decision!”

The incumbent president is not a good-tempered person. He once screamed in public and even shot people. What’s more, today’s business is indeed awful, and the staff who heard his boos were not surprised.

“Federal Communications Commission, New York Business Office, Federal Trade Organization… Look, now they actually ask us to change our trade strategy with China. This is a joke!” Mr. President spit star shot on the document, next to him. The chief of staff waited patiently for him to vent.

After the completion of ceremony, the chief of staff was euphemistically reminded: “Most of the members of Congress have proposed to modify the previous trade strategy with China and demand the introduction of Science and Technology and products of China Enterprise.”

“The same number of people who support you have also made the same request. These days their stocks have shrunk and they have suffered heavy losses.”

He refers to the big capitalists behind Mr. President, the changes in Science and Technology market, which forced them to express their latest position to president.

“Those stupid guys will definitely laugh at me in this endless way!” Mr. President’s anger is still unabated. “There are people from Democratic Party who are waiting to see my joke!”

“Oh, they will say, look! Our president has done another wrong major event, making the country’s economic situation worse, so everyone should look forward to the new president!”

The chief sof staff said helplessly: “Mr. President, if we don’t do this, the consequences will be more serious. At that time, what you said may become a reality.”

!” Mr. President slaps on the table. “If the group of CIA can be useful, we don’t have to be so passive!”

“It’s been a year and four months. What they got from red letter. They didn’t get anything. Tell them, if they don’t get any useful news, let them all get out!”


Half a day later, White House, Office of the Ministry of Commerce, the Minister of Commerce was gloomy. Just now he had a lot of approval in president’s office, and now he has to face a headache and a shame.

He needs to revise trade measures against China to ensure the introduction of China’s Science and Technology technology while minimizing the impact on US economy.

“Old bastard!” Secretary of Commerce secretly snarled. “The shameful things are handed over to me. This is big black pot!”

No matter how he declares this matter, it is estimated that many people will hate it and swear it. I want to know with my toes. Once the trade strategy with China changes, the profits of American companies will be greatly reduced.

Not only that, China’s low price, cost-effective products once entered US market, will make the entire US economic status will be affected, the local enterprise market will further shrink. The economy is sluggish and the unemployment rate is falling…

The most terrifying is Red Letter Group. No one knows what will happen if the tiger is put into US market.

He soon held a press conference and said that United States is willing to hold talks with China on Science and Technology technology and electronic products trade to develop a more suitable strategy for bilateral trade.

When the news came out, the relevant departments in China were so happy that they could let the guns to celebrate. In the trade friction of the last two years, this is the first time that US has taken the initiative to soften and lowered the gesture to request peace talks in China!

“The US Secretary of Commerce will visit China next week. Our counterattack finally made them feel scared!” China big men are also negotiating how to bargain with the Americans.

The trade talks between the two countries were held as scheduled. The details were not known to everyone. However, from the photos taken by journalists, the US Secretary of Commerce was full of faces, and when he left, he was even more upset.

The results of trade talks were quickly announced to the whole world, and the whole world was shocked!

The US side said: “Reducing the relevant tax rate of China’s imported electronic products to a ‘suitable’ range. Re-investigating China Communications Enterprises such as China Red Letter, Huawei and Zhongxing to see if they meet the relevant US regulations.”

“Improve the knowledge licensing fees for Chinese companies, and welcome Chinese companies to enter US market. The two countries will develop together…”

There is a whole lot of news. In general, the Americans completely overturned the previous decision. The US market will be more tolerant to Chinese companies in the future, and in a short period of time, “specially welcome” China’s high-Science and Technology industry will enter.

The Chinese may have promised some conditions, such as considering importing US agricultural products, exporting some important rare earth resources to United States, and so on.

It also gave US a step. On the surface, the two sides took a step back on the short-term trade friction, but everyone who knows it well knows that this time it is America blood loss!

Trade sanctions have been abandoned, but the Chinese companies have easily entered the US market, and even the work of previous presidents has been ruined!

In China, it is almost a celebration. All the big media are reporting this good news, and the industry is cheering.

In a program group of communications industry, Mr. Zhi Zhigao, the president of Huawei company, directly spoke to Lu Zixin, saying : “The Americans have compromised, not only reduced taxes, but also contacted us and US telecom operators restrictions. This is thanks to red letter! Thank you for your contribution to the communications industry!”

Rice company Tian Xiangshan : “Red letter is a great hero! Xiao Lu, I have the opportunity to invite you to dinner!”

Huaxia Telecom President : “The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will award red letter this time!”

Congratulations on this ups and downs, Lu Zixin hurriedly said : “Don’t dare to do this. This is not the credit of our red letter. It is the result of the joint efforts of all Chinese enterprises and the state departments.”

The CEO of OP said : “This is of course, but everyone knows that if there is no red letter’s operational virtual projection technology, the Americans will not change their strategy in the next few years! It’s amazing!”

The news in group Lu Zixin has not been answered yet, and the company has more news.

The assistant said: “A lot of companies have sent us a congratulatory message and thanked red letter.”

Tang Gang’s look came to the office with excitement. “Mayor of Pengcheng personally called the phone to thank us. He said Pengcheng wanted to hold a special Science and Technology summit. He gathered some Chinese companies that are beneficial to the development of North American market. Let local companies go out and let our company take the core!”

Su Zhirong also came and said: “Now there are more than 18 multinational companies in the United States who congratulate us, and the cooperation letter of intent is one by one, and the office phone is bursting!”

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