BTC Chapter 220 : Pengyun Automobile

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“Join the intelligent controller?” Han Jia immediately agreed: “This is no problem, as long as the internal circuit of the electric vehicle is completed, the intelligent controller can fully access the intelligent management of the Internet of Things.”

“No, not just that.” If it is, Lu Zixin doesn’t mention it, they can think of it.

“Smart navigation, as a travel tool, must this be there?” Lu Zixin said.

Next, Jiang Xunmei nodded: “Now some high-end electric vehicles on the market have already brought navigation system. Especially China’s Beidou satellite navigation system has been improved, this is much easier than before.”

“This is a cloud control that can be done by accessing intelligent controllers. So cloud burglary and cloud security monitoring are also required.” Lu Zixin continued, “Theft of electric vehicles has always been a serious problem, so we have to design a smart lock can be used to lock the vehicles automatically or drive quickly.”

“Cloud security monitoring, that is, electric vehicle self-monitoring System. As long as the instructions are issued through mobile communication equipment, the electric vehicle can self-monitor and eliminate safety hazards.”


Lu Zixin said his thoughts one by one, and some people were a little surprised. It seems that General Lu has long been planning! Only these functions are made, the electric vehicles is too amazing, right?

And many of these designs can be used not only on electric bikes, but also on electric cars! This is just a double arrow!

But they haven’t forgotten it. The idea is good, but it is the most important thing is to make. If you can’t do it, then everything is just empty talk.

For Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd., it is not difficult for those smart systems to do it. They already have experience in the field of home appliances.

The most critical is the manufacture of metal materials and mechanical parts, which requires the cooperation of developed industrial technology.

Red Letter was very fast, immediately after Lu Zixin order was issued, the team of the new subsidiary was formed.

The person in charge of the new company is not yet determined. Jiang Xunmei, as one of the temporary responsible persons, is responsible for some of the matters, and then transferred several management layers from the Red Letter Science and Technology.

The name of the company is naturally a big problem if the new company is to be established.

In general, you can use the name of Red Letter directly. However, everyone feels that if you are a motor vehicle, you should start a brand name separately. If you mention the vehicle later, consumers will not wonder if it is a mobile phone of Red Letter or other smart products, but directly think of the vehicle and let the brand image independently, this is more conducive to brand operations.

In the conference room, Lu Zixin and everyone are discussing the company’s name, which will become the new motor vehicle brand!

“I see, it’s called Zhijin!” one person suggested. “Our product is core, intelligent and high-Science and Technology, which can highlight the key points.”

“It sounds like a tribute. What do I think of Jiang Long? The Yangtze River is the Yangtze River, the Dragon is the Yellow River, and the totem of our China, it also means the meaning of Long Xiang for nine days.” Su Zhirong suggested.

“The logo of the dragon has already been used by many vehicle brands.” Tang Gang said, “It’s better to change something different. I think the brand name of the four words is also good, such as the Kunpeng Cloud Vehicle.”

“Kunpeng, the ancient Divine Beast in China, is a symbol of speed and represents Kunpeng battery we use. Cloud, that is, the user can enjoy the feeling of flying in the cloud, and refers to our cloud intelligence technology.”

“I think it’s better to remember the names of the two words. It’s better.” Jiang Xunmei said, “Now the name is simplified, such as the name of the fruit, the animals, etc. The name is translated into English. Easier.”

Everyone expressed their opinions and made a lot of names, and some of them were collected from employees. Lu Zixin is too lazy to tangled and simply said: “It’s better than this. I think Lao Tang’s opinion is good, but the four words are not concise.”

“So shorten it, it is called Pengyun Automobile Group.”

“Pengyun, this is good.” Others also seconded.


A few days later, the Red Letter Group announced that it will set up a new company, China Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd., and began to involve the design and manufacture of new energy vehicles and intelligent vehicles.

The Red Letter Group is now one of the domestic Science and Technology giants. Once there is any turmoil, it will immediately attract the public’s attention.

The news editors immediately put this message on the headline of the Science and Technology news section: “The red letter has to cross the line, this time it is actually a vehicles!”

The curiosity of netizens has also been spurred: “Red Letter actually has to do a car? Is it like a thousand, ready to be a driverless car?”

“It is very likely that it is a new energy vehicle. Now the state has support for new energy vehicles!”

“A little look forward to it! Can Red Letter make a smart car? My voice guide, can it be opened by itself?”

Some people have questioned this: “Red Letter seems to have only the manufacturing experience of portable mobile smart products. From light industry directly to heavy industry, the technical concept is completely different.”

“I think Red Letter should be similar to other car brands.”

“What do you mean by car? You can’t afford it, or you can make a mobile phone!”

“It should be just investing in R&D. So what is the East is not studying logistics intelligent trucks, and the CEO’s of the former forces are not doing new energy vehicles? Yes, there is another one to go abroad to do the car, next week returning to China.”

There was a lot of discussion outside, and soon, Red Letter revealed the latest news. Pengyun Automobile will invest in an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Pengcheng, first to create the first two-wheeled intelligent electric vehicle.

When this news came out, it made the outside world scream. Everyone thought that Red Letter would go directly to the high-end car route. Who knows that Red Letter actually wants to do electric cars first.

Tencent News: “The thunder is big, the rain is small, and the new vehicle invested by Red Letter is actually an electric scooter!”

Car home: “Don’t look forward to it. Red letter is going to be a two-wheeler, not a four-wheeler!”

Today’s News: “The latest news, Red Letter wants to invest in the electric vehicle industry!”


Netizens also expressed disappointment and regret over this news. “It’s too boring. I thought it was a high-end car? I didn’t expect it to be an electric scooter. Is this a high-level science and technology?”

“@Red Letter Official, are you embarrassed, there is a kind of high-end car! What is an electric scooter?”

“Dissipated, scattered, not an electric car?”

Most people are not very interested in electric scooter, and the popularity of this news has dropped very quickly.

In the office, Su Zhirong also played with Lu Zixin said with a smile: “Now many people say that we are not forced to do electric scooter.”

“Forcing?” Lu Zixin eyebrow raised, “That’s why they haven’t seen the finished product. When it’s time to make a high-end series, I’m going to sell a few million and see if it’s still awesome!”

If it is an electric car made into a top-class racing series, it will be no problem to sell tens of millions.

Moreover, the public’s perception of electric vehicles is just an ordinary electric car. The low-end products that go out for half a day to charge for half a day are completely different from the concept products of Red Letter.

When they are really on sale, they know it is different.

The most important thing is that the first thing to do electric vehicles is to accumulate technical experience and industrial foundation. When the conditions are perfect, and then electric vehicles are introduced, it is at least ten times simpler.

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