MST Chapter 186 : Meeting Old Friend

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Yiyi covered her face, looking at Ye Guang, gave him a shameful look.

Ye Guang is little embarrassed, and said, “It’s impossible, because I have Firearms Proficiency. So why didn’t I hit it?” The aim is very good, three points and one line, nothing wrong.

Ye Guang raised his gun again and took aim.


The balloon exploded.

It turned out, this gun has a problem. The aim is wrong, and the plastic bullets are easy to float, so the more you aim at it, the more you can’t hit it. This kind of stalls do business, how much will be written on the props, or it is accurate, or a little balloon problem, can’t be broken by plastic bullets. For these, Ye Guang are basically clear in their hearts, and many players who have played have a bit of a heart, but basically no one said anything.

First, because stalls like this are small businesses and it is not easy for others to set up a stall. Really, if you are genuine, you will lose a prize and then you will lose money. What else does the family eat? What’s more, basically those who go to play these are for fun. It’s good to get the prizes. If you can’t get it, you won’t be force it.

With the previous shot, Ye Guang has Firearms Proficiency and found some feelings.


Three shots in a row.

“The marksmanship is good.” Bald boss complimented.

Yiyi also looked at Ye Guang with excitement.

Ye Guang found the feeling. Followed by a few shots, the bullet hit a balloon but did not explode. Ye Guang knew the balloon has problems, too lazy to say, change the target and continue playing.

Twenty dollars had twenty bullets. Ye Guang finally hit 18 balloons. For two bullet, one of them are the first shot, and one was because the balloon had no problems.

In the middle of 18 shoot, I have already won the second prize. The bald boss is not very happy, because the value of the second prize, even the wholesale price, was far more than 20 yuan. This order is a loss.

Ye Guang was able to look at Yiyi with enthusiasm, “Did you see, my marksmanship is not covered. The second prize is great. go pick and see, which one you want for the second prize.”

Yiyi smiled and looked at the prizes hanging on the wall. After thinking for a long time, she finally pointed to the fan doll at the beginning, “I still want this.”

Ye Guang was startled, “This is only the fourth prize, and it’s so small, choose a big one.”

Yiyi shook her head. “I want this. uncle is very hard to set up a stall. You only gave twenty yuan, if we takes the big one, uncle must have lost money.”

Ye Guang stunned.

The bald boss originally unhappy face also taken aback.

Ye Guang is pleased and touch Yiyi’s head. “Yiyi is really good, OK, then you want this.” Then, Ye Guang said to bald boss, “Boss, get me the pink one.”

Bald boss quickly took the pink doll that Yiyi was looking at and gave it to Ye Guang. By the way, he also handed over the twenty dollars that Ye Guang had just paid.

Ye Guang: “Boss, what are you doing?”

Bald boss smiled, “Little brother, this money you hold. Just this one, when you play for free. Your girl is really sensible. I gave this doll as a gift..”

Ye Guang waved his hand. “No, no, where can I play for free..”

Bald boss insisted, “Hold it, you just hit the second prize. If you get a second prize, I can lose more than twenty, and your girl is so sensible and likable, I am nothing. Yes, your girl likes this doll, then I will give this doll to her.”

Ye Guang smiled and looked at Yiyi, and still refused the money the boss handed over, but the boss has stubborn temper and had to return the money to Ye Guang. The two people postponed it and made a compromise. Ye Guang gave him ten yuan, which is a cost price.

After Ye Guang took Yiyi to leave, the boss looked at their backs slowly away, then looked at the ten yuan bill in his hand, opened his wallet, and solemnly placed the ten yuan bill in the innermost compartment.

It’s late, Ye Guang played with Yiyi all morning. The two haven’t eaten at noon yet. The two walked and have a scent. Yiyi stopped walking, yelling she was hungry. Ye Guang asked her, what she wanted to eat, Yiyi quickly pointed to a nearby food stall.

Ye Guang feeling is because you see something to eat, so you yelled hungry.

OK, then go, Ye Guang happens to be little hungry. Although it’s a food stall, it’s not very healthy, especially for children like Yiyi who are growing up. Ye Guang don’t pay much attention and they don’t eat often. Occasionally eating like last time does not get in the way.

Ye Guang took Yiyi to the food stall. The food stall sells skewers, boiled and grilled skewers. The business is very good,  surrounded by a crowd of people, and the two waiters in the stall were very busy.

“If you want to eat, you should first be optimistic about it,There are many people, so you will get a bit of it later.” Ye Guang said.

Yiyi looked at the various types of boiled and grilled skewers, and counted, “Beef balls, grilled squid, skewers, hot dogs…” Yiyi ordered seven or eight.

Ye Guang, “Can you eat all?”

Yiyi snorted contemptuously, which obviously meant that it was just such a small thing.

Ye Guang smiled, hugged Yiyi, and lined up behind the crowd. There were a lot of people. Even if he was holding her, he was afraid of being accidentally touched by the people in front. Therefore, it is better to hug children in crowded places.

After waiting for a few minutes, the people in front left one after another, and it was Ye Guang and Yiyi’s turn.

“What to eat?” A middle-aged and elderly woman waiter asked.

Ye Guang  looked at the various skewers, “I want beef balls, grilled squid…” Ye Guang stopped and looked at the middle-aged women, then was stunned, “Mrs. Fan! Why are you?”

The middle-aged woman heard someone call her Mrs. Fan and she immediately looked up. She stared at Ye Guang for a long time and felt familiar. But I can’t remember who it is, “Are you?”

Ye Guang: “I, Mrs. Fan, it’s me, Ye Guang, do you remember?” I went to Teacher Fan house many times in high school. You also gave me elbows to eat. I also accidentally broke your fish tank.”

Speaking of breaking the fish tank, Mrs. Fan remembered and patted her head, “fish tank… Oh, I remember, Little Ye, Little Ye, right, I remember, you broke our fish tank.”

Mrs. Fan is Teacher Fan Zhijing lover when Ye Guang in high school.

Seeing Mrs. Fan recognize him, Ye Guang is happy, “Yes, yes, it’s me.”

Mrs. Fan: “You have changed so much. You are taller and stronger. I can’t recognize it anymore.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Yes, I haven’t seen you and Teacher Fan for many years. I originally went to see you, but the neighbor said you and Teacher Fan have moved. Teacher Fan also resigned from the school. The original contact information also not linked. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Mrs. Fan nodded, “Yes, there is something at home. So Old Fan resigned and moved.” Mrs. Fan didn’t say much, look at Yiyi, “Little Ye, is this your daughter?”

Ye Guang nodded broadly, “Yes, my daughter.”

Yiyi curled her lips and didn’t speak.

Mrs. Fan, “Oh, Little Ye, your child is so big.” Mrs. Fan have some doubts, Yiyi seems to be at least five years old and Ye Guang is only a few years old. Although Mrs. Fan is not very clear, but Ye Guang is his lover high school student, it’s seems Ye Guang age will only be twenty-four or five years old. Is it possible that Ye Guang had a baby right after graduating from high school?

Ye Guang saw Mrs. Fan staring at Yiyi with some doubts, knowing what she was wondering, but didn’t explain much.

Ye Guang: “Mrs. Fan, why did you set up a stall in the playground? How is Teacher Fan?”

When it comes to Teacher Fan, Mrs. Fan eyes darkened, “Your Teacher Fan… not so good.”

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