BTC Chapter 500 : Test Site

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Lu Zixin received the red envelope and obtained the “earth” sand binder formula that Mr. Fantastic gave him.

Lu Zixin thanked him, and aite Red Queen, wanted to ask her about the architectural design of the Medical Research Center.

Red Queen : “[A look of anthropomorphic little yellow duck emoticon: why duck?]”

Mr. L : “How about the medical research center design I said last time?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I don’t know the duck.]”

Mr. L : “Really? I’m asking for Hong Xiaoxiao. Then I’ll tell her you don’t know.”

When Red Queen heard it, she quickly changed her tone and said, “[Expression: Duck knows everything!] Of course I know, it’s all have been revised.”

Her medical research center and the hive base are somewhat similar, with both above and below ground.

The underground part is not as exaggerated as the hive, but it also has dozens of buildings, which will have research centers for various diseases.

The above ground is the first modern building in the future city, Red Letter International Hospital.

In addition, the Red Queen also provided architectural drawings of “Gene Research Institute” and “Gene Bank”.

Biomedicine bound to require genetic research. Many diseases, tracing their roots, due to genetic changes. Red letter’s genetic research will start after the completion of the Medical Research Center.


In Red Letter material laboratory. After the researchers got the formula, he quickly formulated the “earth” sand binder.

The adhesive is colorless and odorless, and has no harm to the human body and other organisms. It’s function is to make the small sand particles bond more tightly and have the viscosity of the soil.

In the laboratory, Lu Zixin held up a handful of yellow sand, opened his palm, and the yellow sand slipped from his fingers to the ground.

After pouring the water, the yellow sand barely gathered together under the action of the water, but under the sun conditions, within two minutes, the water evaporated, and the yellow sand remained yellow sand without any change.

A researcher next to him said: “The natural conditions in the desert are worse. It doesn’t take two minutes, or even ten seconds, to completely steam the water. Yellow sand can’t hold water, let alone plant trees to control sand.”

“Next is a comparative test of adding a sand binder.”

The same yellow sand mixed with certain proportion of sand binder and stirred with water. This time, the yellow sand became a muddy existence and stuck together.

Under the same sunshine conditions. The yellow sand mixed with sand binder also steaming, but much slower than before.

Half an hour passed. The surface water was steamed clean, but the yellow sand still condensed together, which is the dry loess.

“After our comparative analysis, the yellow sand mixed with the binder is roughly the same as yellow mud. It can store water, nutrients, and resist erosion by wind and sand. And we have improved this to meet the needs of plant growth. The nutrients are directly added to sand binder, so the transformed yellow sand can directly become suitable soil for plant growth!”

“Very good. How about the production efficiency?” Lu Zixin praised their improvement. After adding the nutrients required by the plants, the yellow sand not only can solidify and preserve water, but also promote the growth of vegetation, so the desert can change more quickly. To become fertile ground.

“It’s can fully supplied! Pengyun Machinery already producing the corresponding production equipment. A little modification to factory’s production line will allow mass production.” The person in charge replied.

“Improve everything and immediately produce it as planned.” Lu Zixin approved the project.

A month later, in Taklimakan Desert. The area Red Letter Group applied, a large truck was driven here. In the truck, it was a bucket of “earth” sand binder from the factory.

Correspondingly, there’s mixing engineering vehicles, pipelines drawn from water sources dozens of kilometers away, and so on.

“This is our test site.” On a commercial vehicle, Lu Zixin and a group of government officials came here.

Today, Red Letter Group will conduct sand modification test in this 100-acre test site. This method can be used to prove Red Letter Group’s strength, so they can obtain 10 million mu of desert transformation rights.

“There are yellow sand everywhere. Twenty years ago, I came here to investigate. At that time, there’s a haloxylon trees, Populus euphratica, and a small river. Now, there is nothing left.” The leader said with emotion.

“Desert erosion is too serious, mainly because of the lack of water resources. In the past, there’s rivers that infiltrated water from Kunlun Mountains. But in recent years, excessive use of groundwater resources has led to lack of water resources and dead vegetation. And it’s increased desertification.” The accompanying geologist explained.

“In the early years, our province invested a lot of money in this place to carry out desert governance, and the effect is not satisfactory. We can only build shelter forests further away, and we need a lot of money to maintain it  each year,” said the provincial leader.

“If Red Letter Group can solve this problem and transform this desert, the province will definitely support you!”

“Haha, then leaders will wait and see. This hundred acres of land, we only use three days, let it reproduce the glory of twenty years ago!” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“Three days? President Lu, what you said is too exaggerated!” said the leader of the Environmental Protection Agency, “Three years are almost the same.”

“It used to take three years. But now, we have our sand binder. So, three days is enough.” Lu Zixin pointed to the accompanying caravan and said, “This time. Just the sand binder, saplings, water, machinery and equipment, and so on. It’s worth nearly one billion!”

These costs are mainly due to the consumption of mechanical equipment. Anyway, it can be used repeatedly and Lu Zixin doesn’t feel distressed.

“Then let us see how one billion investment can transform this hundred acres of desert in three days!” said the provincial leader.

“Starting!” Lu Zixin gave a command to the communication equipment, and the team behind him roared. Tried the sand dunes and started construction.

At the forefront is a large-scale sand and soil transformation vehicle designed and produced by Pengyun Machinery. The front of it is similar to an excavator, shoveling yellow sand into the mixing device of the body.

In the mixing device, a certain amount of sand and soil binders will be added, and the mixed soil will be spread on the ground, and the construction workers behind will water it, and the ground is like a layer of mud.

Most of the construction is fully automated mechanical control. Unlike traditional desert protection, this transformation is like the advancement of a mechanical army. Wherever it goes, the yellow sand turns yellow mud, and the arrogant wind and sand in the desert retreat step by step under the advancement of the modified vehicle.

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