BTC Chapter 36 : Introducing a Company

Edited: XiaXue

“Nothing to think about.” Xu Cheng said, “Come to my company, I will definitely take care of you! Go to other companies, how can have such a good treatment?”

“Yes!” Cao Nan shouted. “We are together. Go!”

Su Zhirong insisted: “Let’s think about it, and don’t hurry for these two days.”

Hear this, Xu Cheng is not good to say. However, my heart is calculating, how to let Su Zhirong come to his company for an internship.

As the saying goes, near the water tower first month. When she gets to his company, it’s not much easier to start.

Aside, Lu Zinxin is still chatting with Su Zhirong, and from time to time they laughed. This makes Xu Cheng even more jealous. Whether it is from the value, wealth or identity, he seems to be stronger than him?

He investigated the identity of Lu Zixin, a student who graduated from a second-rate university. There is no background. Now to read this, it is estimated that it is also for the purpose of postgraduate study, easy to find a job.

As for other resumes, Xu Cheng did not find out.

In the evening, a female dormitory in Jiangcheng University.

Su Zhirong and Cao Nan returned to the dormitory and went to the dormitory door to see a bunch of roses lying there.

“Someone sent flowers!” Cao Nan has become accustomed to it. At the door of their dormitory, this kind of small gift often appears.

“Who is this time?” Cao Nan bent over to pick up the rose and take out the small card inside.

“Su Zhirong, I wish you every day is as bright and beautiful as flowers!” She read it out, “Signature is, Xu Cheng!”

After reading this, Cao Nan said with some jealousy: “Hey, it’s still your charm, Brother Cheng sent you the flowers here!”

“How did he know my dormitory?” Su Zhirong did not look at the card and asked.

“He asked before, I said it.” Cao Nan said, “It seems that Brother Cheng wants to chase you!”

Su Zhirong shook her head. “Forget it, I don’t have the energy to fall in love now. I have to find a chance to tell him clearly.”

“Really?” Cao Nan looked at her with suspicion.

“Of course it is true!” Su Zhirong affirmed, “I just want to hurry to get the internship.”

“Well, it is also said.” Cao Nan walked into the dormitory, picked up a small mirror, and carefully looked at it.

“Right, that Lu Zixin, I feel that he also wants to chase you!” Cao Nan said, “You talk to him?”

“Nothing, just chat and play games.” Su Zhirong explained.

“You think so, people may not think so.” Cao Nan smiled. “I personally think that you still keep a good distance from him.”

“Why?” Su Zhirong frowned slightly.

“My big lady!” Cao Nan pointed the mirror at her and said, “Look, you are so beautiful, I am envious of death. The man looked, if there is no other idea, I doubt if he is not Men!”

“If Lu Zixin came to play with you in a confession, how do you end up?”

“In your pursuer, like him, there is no one hundred and eighty?”

After Cao Nan said that, Su Zhirong shook her head and said: “You said that people are too embarrassed?”

“Where?” Cao Nan retorted, “I will analyze for you.”

“First, let’s begin from dress, the Lu Zixin is not long. It’s not so handsome, it’s medium to upper. Well, temperament is OK, not very sling, not wretched. But dressing up, I don’t see more than two thousand pieces of clothes all over the body!”

“My dress is also.” Su Zhirong said, she and Cao Nan’s values ​​are a little different, Cao Nan people always start from clothing, bags and the like.

“Do not say this.” Cao Nan continued to analyze, “That is internal. His education is better than us?”

“There is no academic qualification.” Su Zhirong continued to refute.

“Isn’t that what it means, what about that ability?” Cao Nan asked. “So far, I know. He doesn’t seem to have anything other than a computer.”

“I guess he is a small company employee. Such a person. In Jiangcheng, there are not one million and there are 500,000!”

“Comprehensive evaluation, I can only give him fifty-five points for a hundred percent, and that he will not pass. To be honest, if he not helped you fix the computer that day, this is Kind of people, I will not say a word to him!”

Cao Nan simply scorned Lu Zixin’s body, Su Zhirong white eye gave her a look, said: “I don’t think so, I have different perspectives from you.”

“That is Because you haven’t experienced like me!” Cao Nan smiled. “In the ex-boyfriend, there are three who can play eighty-five!”

“It’s not easy to find this year, the man is a lot. Our condition, even though we look at it higher. Like Lu Zixin, I don’t have to take care of it.” Cao Nan said, “Listen to me, that’s right.”

Su Zhirong was too lazy to argue with her and continue to sort out the information on the computer. At this time, Lu Zixin sent something to her email address.

“Introduction to Red Letter Game Company?” Su Zhirong opened the door and said: “Lu Zixin sent me a company information and said that he can introduce us.”

“What company?” Cao Nan took a look.

She casually blinked her eyes and said: “It’s too small to set up a small company that is less than two months old.”

“In the school recruiting companies that cooperate with our school, I don’t know how much better than this. There are the world’s top 500!”

Su Zhirong is still reading carefully, she said: “Although it was only two months, but it feels very powerful. The “Desolate Battlegrounds” is actually the product of their company!”

“Oh?” Cao Nan was surprised and said: “This game is so hot, there should be some strength. But you can think clearly, this is what Lu Zixin introduced.”

“I don’t think he has any background. It’s useless to introduce you! You can go to Brother Cheng company with me, Tiancheng Electronic Technology. With Brother Cheng, our internship life must be very comfortable!”

“Internship is To learn to exercise, is not to enjoy.” Su Zhirong said.

“What are you learning?” Cao Nan dismissed. “I have been studying for more than ten years. Now I am a university student. Anyway , I am sure to go to Tiancheng.”

Su Zhirong did not speak and continued to read the information sent by Lu Zixin. She feels that if all the above is true, it is a good choice.

A fast-growing new company with a certain strength is the time when people are short of people. Such a company is more friendly to newcomers and has a lot of room for growth.

Su Zhirong sent a message to Lu Zixin and asked: “I read the information, this company is very good. Have the opportunity to go to the company to see?”

She wants to go to the field to see how much the information is different from the real situation.

Soon, Lu Zixin news came back: “No problem, when can you have time, I can arrange it.”

“Well, wait a few days!” Su Zhirong replied, “Thank you.”

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