BTC Chapter 300 : Popular

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Su Xiaomeng continued to explain the activities to everyone, and she did not bother. She also walked around the venue to let the audience see it thoroughly.

“At eight o’clock, event officially started. You can watch our campaign performance of “Battle of Red Cliffs” directly in the live broadcast room. If you want to buy virtual projection game console, you can order it on the official website of Red Letter.”

Most of the audience is still confused, what virtual battles, what virtual projection game consoles, completely do not understand.

Although the barrage is very active, the popularity of Su Xiaomeng live broadcast has not risen, because today is the popular fishing anchor contest, the big anchor and various local gifts have attracted too many viewers.

At 7:30 in the afternoon, the online audience of Su Xiaomeng live broadcast was only 50,000.

“Haha, this slut, know what is the popularity gap?” In another live broadcast, white baby in a women’s dress is stealing the popularity of Su Xiaomeng’s live broadcast. She is also a popular competitor in today’s popular anchor contest, and the number of online viewers now almost 300,000 people and already reached the fourth place in the gift list, and he may have the chance to win the first place.

At this moment, white baby saw a local tyrant enter his live room. He pretended to be a grievance and said: “Boss Zhang, you haven’t been here for a long time! Is it you don’t like other?”

That Boss Zhang typed: “These days are busy.”

“Boss Zhang, today is the popular anchor contest, you have to help the baby!” White baby finished, the local tyrant gave him five super rockets.

“Thank you, Boss Zhang, love you!” The white baby kissed the screen and kissed him on his mobile phone. “I will hold you today and look for you next week!”

There is also a color of emoticon, white baby naturally knows what it means, this Zhang is not stupid, give him money, naturally there is a demand.

The baby replied: “As long as you can get me the first place today, what posture do you want?”
Boss Zhang: “OK!”

After Boss Zhang finished speaking, he brushed five super rockets for white baby, adding up to 20,000 pieces.

Because of this wave of rhythm, white baby has brought in more than ten thousand tourists who grab the gift.

In the live broadcast room of Su Xiaomeng, some viewers were amazed. “Wow, Boss Zhang has money, and it is 20,000. I don’t know how much to brush today!”

“Distressed Dream Goddess, Boss Zhang was the first to contribute to the fans of Dreams! One of top ten locals!”

“Dreams don’t need those!”

This Boss Zhang before, giving Su Xiaomeng a brush of 50,000 pieces at a time, looking for Su Xiaomeng to contact, directly rejected by Su Xiaomeng, and refunded the money.

This made “Boss Zhang” who became a celebrity of the live broadcast platform unable to hold his face, and never gave Su Xiaomeng a gift, and said that the anchor was too arrogant.

“Hey, this is not the past, there is no one in Dream live broadcast!” Fans said with emotion.

There are also sprays and rhythm dogs, directly across the screen swearing: “Hehe, this garbage anchor still thinks that she is what? Boss Zhang can afford to give you a gift.”

“Now you are asking someone not to brush you.”

“Do not enter the anchor, but also tear with our baby, a disgusting woman!”

“Everyone goes to baby room to grab a gift! The baby has a Red envelope draw, 888 block, send tens of thousands today!”

Su Xiaomeng was displeased and said: “Housekeeping, seal these rhythm dogs. There are fans of some people, I am too lazy to argue with you, but you should not be too much!”

However, her words did not work, and the sarcasm of barrage was still quite a lot. Many of them were robot accounts, specifically to discredit her.

It’s better to cultivate, Su Xiaomeng is mad, and the pretty face can’t squeeze a smile.

Lu Zixin was diving in Su Xiaomeng’s live room at this time, seeing the news, brows slightly wrinkle. Some words are really unreasonable and hard to hear. Some are true sprays, but more are fake accounts, and smeared words in bulk.

Reminiscent of the fact that Su Xiaomeng was smeared before, Lu Zixin has already had a bottom. He sent a message directly to his assistant to let the assistant find the smuggler.
Later, Lu Zixin asked Zhu An again: “Is there any advertising campaigns for you?”

“Arranged!” said Zhu An. “There is a link on the official website, mainly to catch up with today’s live broadcast platform activities, or else the popularity is at least ten times higher. We will have a lottery and a gift, we have talked with the live broadcast platform. Ok, the gift will be cashed back, and the rest will be advertising.”

“Put up your popularity!” Lu Zixin said. “The higher the better!”

Soon, Lu Zixin got an account, which was specially given by the live broadcast platform. There is no limit on the gifts. Of course, this is not free. Every gift with advertising type, such as rockets, super rockets, etc., will be broadcast platform. Extract a certain amount of extraction.
Lu Zixin modified the ID and entered Su Xiaomeng live room.

Soon, there was an announcement in the live broadcast room, “[Dream Goddess Fan Group] Zhou Yu” opened “Emperor” in the live broadcast of “One Dream and Thousand Autumns”.

The emperor is the highest level of the “noble” in the live broadcast room. It will be more than 100,000 yuan in one month, which is one of local tyrants symbols.

“Someone opened emperor in the live broadcast of Dream!” Someone was amazed at the barrage. “Does the goddess have a local fan?”

“666, Dream Goddess Fan Group? Is there this organization? I remember that Dream Goddess has no official fan base?”

“Long live Emperor!”

“The sprayers didn’t see it, Dream goddess still had fans!”

When the emperor was opened, not only was there a notice in the live broadcast room, but the whole station was notified. Today is the day of fighting activities. An emperor just surprised the audience, but it is not surprising, because today they have seen several.

However, this is only the beginning, and the whole station notice appears one after another.
The whole station notice: “[Dream Goddess Fan Group] Xu Huang” opened “Emperor” in the live broadcast of “One Dream and Thousand Autumns”!

“[Dream Goddess Fan Group] Guan Yu” opened “Emperor” in the live broadcast of “One Dream and Thousand Autumns”!

“[Dream Goddess Fan Group] Zhao Yun” opened “Emperor” in the live broadcast of “One Dream and Thousand Autumns”!

“[Dream Goddess Fan Group] Cao Cao” opened  “Emperor” in the live broadcast of “One Dream and Thousand Autumns”!


A series of messages appeared on the barrage of each live broadcast, special fonts, flashing effects! This is even more amazing than brushing the rocket. Because an ordinary rocket is only 500 pieces, super rocket is 2,000 pieces, and the opening of emperor is to charge more than 100,000 yuan in the first month.

More importantly, the top nobility of these fans, the title of “Emperor”, actually bears the ID of “Dream Goddess Fan Group”. In the end, is that anchor having such a great energy? The audience at the whole station is boiling!

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