BTC Chapter 301 : Rushing!

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Teacups are the hottest male anchors on the current fishing platform, and online viewers can often reach more than million people. Today’s popular fishing anchor ranking, he is now ranked first, millions of fans to join the gap behind the anchor and he has been growing.

At this time, Teacups is playing live games, and at the same time, it has launched interactive activities such as lottery and quiz, and the local tyrants have given gifts, which has attracted many viewers.

Suddenly, Teacups noticed the news in whole station, and a row of “emperor” nobles smashed his notice bar!

“I rely on, can the emperor still organize a group?” Teacups suddenly couldn’t help but vomit, that is, he claimed to be a fisherman, and there was never such a grand occasion in the live room!

He is still so surprised, the audience in his live broadcast is even more shocking.

“I am dripping, how many emperors are there in the end? Are the Arab local tyrants coming to fight in fishing?”

“It’s too capricious, how much is this?”

“A Dream, what is this anchor? Why haven’t you seen it?”

“Brothers, let’s go shopping and see the legendary emperor’s group and Dream!”

“Worship the emperor!”

“Is this fake? How come so many emperor?”

A large number of viewers followed the whole station news, clicked on the link to go to Su Xiaomeng’s live broadcast room to find out.

Sure enough, they saw a row of emperors on the nobility list!

All the same title, Dream Goddess Fan Group!

The popularity of Su Xiaomeng’s live broadcast is skyrocketing. It is thousands of refreshes, and it has rushed to more than ten thousand people in ten minutes, and it is still going on.

The number of barrage has also skyrocketed. “Specially come to see the emperors!”

“Local tyrants, hug thighs!”

“I asked the emperors to borrow five yuan for instant noodles and didn’t eat for three days!”

“Hello everyone, I am the emperor, happy today, call my father’s Alipay to send a hundred Red envelope!”

“The first time I saw this anchor, a beautiful girl! I have been fighting in fishing, how have you not seen it before?”

“Who is the anchor cosplaying? So beautiful!”

“Is the anchor coming from another platform? How popular is it?”

Unconsciously, some of the smeared spray numbers disappeared silently, in the live room left all curious visitors.

White baby naturally saw these announcements, the sudden jealous explosion, how good is that slut luck?

In the anchor of fishing, has never seen such a board?

“Baby, that slut is more popular than you!” White baby fans brushed the screen.

“Everyone gives the baby a gift to grab the popularity!”

Said, there is a fan who sent the first three rockets, the white baby quickly thanked, but my heart is not a surprise, because this fan is the gift account of the live broadcast guild behind her, not worth the money.

Driven by this fan, other fans began to brush their gifts again.

Boss Zhang once again brushed the white baby with ten super rockets, which attracted the thanks of white baby and audience worship.

Boss Zhang: “Come on, baby, you must be the first today!”

Because of the excitement of the emperor, the local tyrants of other live broadcasts have also been brushed up. In the live broadcast room of the big-name main players, there are eight of top ten local tyrants who are fighting, and they start to brush gifts for the anchor.

In Teacups live room, two local tyrants put it: “Today, we must send cup to the popularity and gift to contribute first! It is just a million brush!”

In the live broadcast of the female anchors of several million popular fishermen, the local tyrants also began to force their efforts to send female anchors to compete for rankings.

“This is the battle of the gods!” The audience loved it.

“Too irritating, so much money!”

“Grab the Red envelope and grab it!”

“Hahaha, I got rich and made a fortune. I just grabbed a thousand pieces of cash in a live broadcast room!”

“Damn, I’m going to draw a lottery in the live room of the mouse. I’m going to draw!”


The popularity of the anchor is becoming more and more fierce. Everyone knows that it is prime time from 8:00 to 9:00 pm. After this point, the audience basically goes to sleep, so it is necessary to distance them from other people during this time.

07:40 points, Su Xiaomeng’s popularity in the live room has reached more than 400,000, andhas begun to show signs of loss.

Because many viewers just look at the excitement and then go back to their favorite anchor.

Su Xiaomeng quickly introduced to the new audience: “It will be eight o’clock right away, and there will be the world’s first virtual projection game showdown, wonderful battles, can’t see in cinemas! Everyone waits!”

“At eight o’clock, the lucky draw red letter virtual projection game machine, now you can’t buy it on the market! Send a total of 30!”

Su Xiaomeng said about the lottery, and still the virtual projection game machine that is still selling now, the audience’s stayed here, thinking that if they were lucky, they might still be able to get it. It should be worth a lot of money.

And the virtual projection game battle, but also really have not seen, you can look.

Su Xiaomeng’s words were finished, and the announcement of the live broadcast popped up again: “[Dream Goddess Fan Group] Zhou Yu” gave a super rocket to “One Dream and Thousand Autumns”. Come and grab the gift in the live broadcast room!

The local tyrant started to brush the gift again? The audience’s 666 hasn’t had time to play it out, and the icon of the super rocket has started to refresh. This represents the new super rocket that is called “Dream Goddess Fan Group”.

I saw a multiplication sign next to the icon of super rocket, multiplied by 2, multiplied by 3, multiplied by 4… The number is beating every second.

The super rocket is also a full station announcement, which can be seen in every live broadcast.

“After the opening of emperor, the emperor began to give gifts again!”

“The rich man, I went to the toilet, and you sent my salary for one year!”

“I am going, where is this big man coming out? Dozens of super rockets are sent out in minutes, still sending!”

“The gods are haunted, and the street is back!”

“200,000 pieces! When I typed, this local tyrant will send at least 200,000!”

“Mom, let’s watch the live game of Mao, grab the gift!”

“Brothers, I went to Shenhao room!”


Su Xiaomeng’s popularity ranking and gift contribution value are rising rapidly, and the gift directly rushed into top ten, and the popularity also rushed to 700,000.

When white baby is on the verge of an enemy, he quickly said to the fans: “We are going to be overtaken, everyone, what should I do?”

“Don’t be afraid, there is me!” Boss Zhang said with dissatisfaction. “They still have to brush 300,000 to be like us. I will continue to brush now and see that Zhou Yu can surpass us!”

In the live broadcast of a few million popular anchors, local fans have also shot, want to use the super rocket to help the anchors to keep their rankings.

“A person is slow to brush, you can also brush together and rush to the first.” At Red Letter Games Company, Lu Zixin said to a group of employees who were watching the live room with their mobile phones.

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