BTC Chapter 302 : An hour to seal the throne

Edited: XiaXue

After Lu Zixin spoke, dozens of accounts were linked together and began to brush the super rocket.

In Su Xiaomeng’s live broadcast room, if you don’t close the gift special effects and the barrage, you can be smashed by the dense information!

A series of titles of Dream Goddess Fan Group together in the super rocket! No special effects, eyes are flashed!

The audience in the live broadcast, Tucao has not seen the bullet-screen brush, almost every second information is refreshed.


“Give the big guys a slap, a super rocket is two thousand pieces, this is how many brushes, not counted!”

“Mom a chicken, don’t you have money for gifts? It’s a blow to people, I can’t make so much money in my life!”

“Dream goddess have risen! So many local fans, you have to attack a fisherman!”

“Which big man lacks a pendant? Self-recommended in the next !!”

“Dream goddess is already a million people!”

“These big tricks are to make God! With the value of Dreams goddess and talent, it is just a day for a fisherman!”

Not to mention the audience, Su Xiaomeng herself is a bit embarrassed. General fans give gifts, the anchor is to thank, but so many people, thank you for coming!

Fortunately, she knows that it is not someone else who is giving gifts, that is, her brother-in-law, or she does not know how to thank for giving her so many gifts.

Looking at my popularity soaring, millions of viewers in live room to brush the screen, Su Xiaomeng’s little heart is also a little excited, this is the real million people!

In white baby’s live room, white baby is watching the anchor popularity list. Just three minutes ago, Su Xiaomeng has surpassed her and entered the third place!

The whole platform anchor is the third most popular! The two above Su Xiaomeng are the popular brothers and sisters of the fishing platform, and the gap between these two and Su Xiaomeng is still decreasing!

On the gift contribution list, Su Xiaomeng’s fan contribution value has surpassed that of white baby, which has already exceeded 100,000!

“Boss Zhang…” The white baby’s “feeling” shouted, and Boss Zhang gritted his teeth and said, “I will brush you 100,000!”

He said, there really was a gift of 100,000 pieces.

White baby excitedly said: “Thank you, Boss Zhang, thank you! Boss Zhang, I must thank you very much!”

His fans have also worshipped: “Boss Zhang, crush them!”

“It’s one of the top ten local tyrants! One shot is 100,000!”

“Haha, this is more than the female anchor!”

However, white baby and his fans are still not happy for thirty seconds, and she sees her contribution value ranking further away from Su Xiaomeng.

When Boss Zhang brushed 100,000, the other party had already brushed 500,000!

“Sh*t, brushed 500,000 in a few minutes! I bought a watch last year. Is this fake?”

“To complain, it must be the program’s vulnerability. Otherwise, there won’t be so many emperors, so many gifts!”


“I am mad at me, I also brushed 10,000 today, or not at all!”

White baby also said: “I will ask the official now, if they are cheating gifts, they will be sealed!”

He directly contacted the staff of fishing platform and asked: “Whose brushing so many super rocket is it cheating? How can they brush so much?”

“Insane them!” The fans yelled at the barrage.

However, the staff ruthlessly said: “The other party is a real gift, there is no cheating.”

“What? It’s all real?” White baby’s eyes widened and looked at the gift contribution list. Now Su Xiaomeng has received more than four million Chinese coins!

“Fuck, this is real!” In the live broadcast room, Boss Zhang couldn’t help but spit.

He doesn’t want to play, how does this play? The money for these gifts is also a bit of a pain for him. If white baby promises to accompany him “good fun”, he will not brush so much.

“Boss Zhang, give it some strength!” Someone urged.

Boss Zhang said: “Come here today, we are already high enough!”

“Well, Boss Zhang can’t stop!” White Baby’s fans felt a feeling of despair, even if they liked their own fans, they would like to take a month’s salary to brush their gifts, they can only watch Looking at Su Xiaomeng’s ranking is getting higher and higher.

“Too bully!”

“Is there a lot of money?”

“I’m sorry, it’s amazing! Bye bye, white baby’s brain powder, I went to the big Dreams!”


The power of dozens of accounts together is not only a white baby, but other big anchors can’t hold back. Popularity binding and contribution value list, Su Xiaomeng triumphantly.

In the live broadcast room of Dou Yu’s sister, millions of fans united as one, regardless of the size of the gift, all brushed up to contribute to a sister.

Dou Yu is not only a network red man with traffic, but now she is also mixed in the entertainment industry, and there are many fans.

“Keep the position of sister!” An ID suddenly gave a gift of one million to the sister of the fishing, this is the operating account of the team behind the sister. To stabilize her position, the fans have not come and worship, and the value of Su Xiaomeng’s contribution has followed.

“Mother, someone is hanging here!” the fans cried. “The fan of Dream goddess, isn’t the money in my family?”

“Too terrifying!”

“Sister chrysanthemum is not guaranteed!”

“Brothers, fight again, millions of fans keep a sister!”

In the live room of the popular Teacups, the atmosphere is extremely tense. Dozens of fans are calling on fans to contribute fan values ​​to the cups. What kind of aircraft rockets have stopped in one second!

Everything is in vain, the whole station notice is not stopped, here is a super rocket, and there are ten in Su Xiaomeng live room!

In Su Xiaomeng’s live broadcast room, the atmosphere reached its peak.

“Haha, Dream goddess has already rushed into the popularity second, everyone cheers together, today sent Dream to the throne!”

“The gift contribution list is the first, more than 10 million! Too exaggerated!”

“Desperate, I want to ask other anchors, what do you feel is despair?”

“The big Dreams are high!”

“It’s too fierce, the first fierce fan group in the whole network! When someone brushes one, they will brush ten, no suspense suppression!”

“Why is there such a lot of local fans in Dream Goddess? Are you afraid of it? Is Dream goddess second generation?”

“Dream goddess, worship by the younger brother!”

Su Xiaomeng has not been able to watch the barrage at this time, because she is preparing to enter the game experience room and start the virtual battle performance.

07:58, the event has not officially started, but a new record has been broken! Fishing live broadcast platform, the first ranking of popular anchors, Dream!

Fans contribute to the list of the first, Dream!

Fighting and fishing annual popular anchor contest, actually was a fisherman for 30 days, and the amateur anchor of the 60-day net was the first in the double list!

Unprecedented, one hour to seal God!

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