BTC Chapter 312 : Tacit suppression

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After Red Letter Film released the news for shooting virtual projection film. Major film and television companies, even some well-known directors and entertainment brokerage companies. Came to the company to inquire about the news and wanted to cooperate with Red Letter.

The news of Red Letter in entertainment and film is almost blank, and there is cooperation and natural pleasure. The entertainment brokerage company is trying to give them an actor or something.

But the main purpose of those film and television companies is not this. But Red Letter’s shooting method of virtual projection film and television works.

This thing, Xue Yao has not figured out yet, the head office has already confirmed that the equipment is ok.

She deeply knows, this is an important move for Red Letters to enter the entertainment industry. So, to developed with other film and television companies, it is easy and successful to shoot virtual projection film and television works.

But in this way, it is equivalent to opening this technology to other companies in advance. With the strength of those old film and television companies, there are no pressure to shoot more virtual projections and films and make red letter lost its competitiveness, so Xue Yao will not let other companies open up cooperation in a short time.

In the office, Xue Yao is talking with two senior executives from Lida Film and Television.

One is Xia Kui, CEO of Lida Film and TV, and one is Jiang Cuiliu, general manager of Lida Films in Lida Film and Television.

Xia Kui is more than twice as old as Xue Yao, wearing HX GLASS smart glasses with a black color, and his hair is scarce.

Jiang Cuiliu is a senior woman of more than forty, who always smiles.

“President Xue, in this industry, I think we Lida film and television in China, even internationally, are very powerful, you can also see.” Xia Kui said, “If we cooperate, shoot the world’s first virtual projection movie, I think it will be a great success!”

Xue Yao showed a professional smile and said: “I also believe that it will be like this. However, the virtual projection film and television shooting equipment and technology you mentioned are shared. In this respect, our company cannot agree.”

“This is the basis of cooperation!” Xia Kui stressed, “The cooperation between the two parties is mutually beneficial. As long as your company agrees to this condition. We are willing to achieve a long-term cooperation at least three years! Not limited to one film!”

Jiang Cuiliu also said on the side: “President Xue, red letter film and television has just started, no matter the cinema resources, film and television distribution has no channel of its own, even the professional shooting team is lacking.”

“But we are in charge of film and television, we have a nationwide theater resource, and we have distribution capabilities in Southeast Asia and North America. We have top directors, screenwriters, stars, etc. These resources are available to you.”

“The two sides have come up with their sincerity to cooperate, which is good for everyone.”


After talking for a long time, there is still no satisfactory result. Xue Yao certainly wants to use the resources of these big companies, but the other party is also dead at the shooting equipment and technology that will be virtual projections are set.

The two sides refused to regress, and naturally did not talk about it.

This is only the beginning. The cooperation between several major film and television companies, such as Huaying Group, Brother Film, Guangming, Keli and other film companies and Red Letter Film, has failed.

The purpose of these companies is very clear, if you can’t get the equipment for virtual projection images, then there is no need to cooperate with Red Letter Film.


“Red letter film and television is not dead, this is to plan to play virtual projection movies!” After reconsideration, Jiang Cuiliu and Xia Kui will discuss new countermeasures.

“With the popularity of virtual projection equipment, viewing virtual projection images is more convenient and clearer than 3D video, and the sensory experience is better, so it must be present.” Xia Kui analyzed, “But definitely can’t appear so early! At least we have to master the same technology before it can come out!”

“I talked with Japan representatives yesterday. They already have news on the other side. Sono said that within one year, preliminary technology can be provided.” Jiang Cuiliu said.

When the virtual projection equipment of Red Letter came out. It was immediately bought and researched by scientific research institutions or enterprises in various countries in an attempt to restore the mystery.

Although Red Letter holds the core patent, there is no way to guarantee that it will not be studied. This is like solving a math problem. One question assumes that everyone will not do it. The time for research is undecided. But if you already have a ready-made answer, it is much easier to reverse the process from the answer.

As for intellectual property, it is something else to care about.

“Well, before this, I can’t let Red Letter go too easily.” Xia Kui said, “If you really let them succeed to open up the film and television market. Maybe Red Letter Group has invested in dozens of tens of billions, build a red letter virtual projection theater, and we start all-round competition. Let them slow down.”

“Compared with the people below, if the red letter finds them, they will push me. It is the shooting technique of virtual projection, can not find a good team to shoot, they are also in vain.”

The big film and television company has the right to speak in the entertainment industry. Even the most powerful directors and stars have to rely on them to eat. This is an industry circle. If foreign capital does not cooperate with them, it will certainly be suppressed.

Brother film, they also learned some insider news of Lida Film.

“Red letter wants to enter the film and television circle, and still refuses to share a piece with us? Then let them play and see what they can play.” Brother Film top executives also made a similar decision against red. The company’s resources in the film industry are compressed.

Other film and television companies have also reached a consensus on tacit agreement. When Tencent and Keli entered the industry, they all adopted the investment and cooperation approach.

For example, the second largest shareholder is Lida Pictures is Keli Group. Tencent has purchased some original literature and film companies to develop and grow in this circle.

This is also the pressure on Red Letter Group to give them too much. So far, Red Letter Group has made dazzling achievements in every field involved.

They don’t want to let Red Letter enter their industry circle so smoothly and occupy market share.

The tacit resource reduction of these film and television companies immediately made the pressure on Red Letter Film.

“President Xue, Director Li replied to our invitation. He said, he has arrangements in the near future and it is impossible to cooperate with us for the time being.” Xue Yao’s female secretary reported.

“This is already the fourth!” Xue Yao feels a little headache. Red letter wants to launch the first virtual projection movie. Naturally, I want a good team, big production, fight for a hit, and the concept of virtual projection film and television is scored a market.

However, these days, several well-known domestic directors have rejected them for various reasons. Before that, these people also expressed their interest in this new form of film and television works.

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