BTC Chapter 313 : Game Director

Edited: XiaXue

“President Xue, is it better for us to invite foreign?” said the secretary. “In the sci-fi movie producers, foreign teams are much better than ours.”

“Well, you can consider, you can find a channel to see if you can contact.” Xue Yao said that they have no resources and it is difficult to find a reliable team.

A few days later, Lu Zixin called to ask about the situation. “How is the movie preparation, sister Yao?”

“A piece of white paper has not been made yet.” Xue Yao reluctantly said, “There is no suitable team, and it is estimated that it will be postponed.”

“How about that?” Lu Zixin said quickly. “The virtual projection device has been on the market for more than a month. I guess it will take a few months for the market to have a technical product that has followed suit or cracked.”

“Now don’t take the lead, it’s even harder to do in a few months.”

“Yeah, so I am not busy with this every day? I want to see the bosses of the three film circles today…”

“It’s hard,” Lu Zixin said. “In this case, I’ve been idle recently, so let me help.”

“You?” Xue Yao said with a sigh of relief, in the tone is angry , “How, look down on my ability?”

“No, I certainly believe in you. I have some ideas, maybe I can use them.” Lu Zixin said.

In the past few days, he also studied virtual projection shooting equipment at the research center. The principle of this kind of shooting equipment is not complicated. It is to scan the real image through a full range of lasers, then store it in the computer, modify it and print it through the projection device.

Let Lu Zixin make a movie, of course he won’t, but he knows how to maximize the technology in the film.

Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd., also located in Jiangcheng, Lu Zixin arrived on the same day with private jet.

“You really came?” Seeing him, Xue Yao was a little surprised. She thought that Lu Zixin was just a joke.

“Of course it is true, the equipment I have brought.” Lu Zixin brought the latest virtual projection shooting equipment to Jiangcheng.

“What are you going to do?” Xue Yao wore a black business attire, elegantly stacking her legs and looking at Lu Zixin.

“I don’t care about other aspects, I am looking for a good director and screenwriter.” Lu Zixin said, “The other is handed to you.”



Red Letter Game Co., Ltd., the game development department, a group of people are negotiating how to design the next version of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” virtual projection game.

Qin Mu, the game architect, said: “In my opinion, the focus of design is still based on team battles. Did you not talk about President Liu meeting yesterday? We want to develop virtual projection game e-sports. The following versions should be is campaign optimize, make the game time, the number of players, the content of the game more interesting.”

“There will be a copy of “The Battle of Guandu”!” said a game designer. “The existing model of the Battle of Red Cliff is very popular with players. Don’t change it for the time being. Put the new content in battle of Guandu, compare the feedback from the players.”

A group of people negotiated for a long time, and finally decided to open a new campaign mode of “The Battle of Guandu” to “Soul of Three Kingdoms”.

“My God, then this month we have to shoot the game CG official war?” A young man in a black sweater vomited, “I am really crazy!”

His sweater is printed with the pattern of Zhao Yu in “Soul of Three Kingdoms”. Although the people are very tall, they stand a little embarrassed and appear to be less powerful. Instead, they have the temperament of abandoned house.

He is Yan Wei ,the game director of “Soul of Three Kingdoms”. His main job is to build game flow charts, game characters, scenes, animated mirrors, and art communication.

In the virtual projection game, his main job is to arrange the virtual projection image in the way that is most suitable for the player to watch.

“It seems like who is not busy like it!” Qin Mu retorted.

“Brother, standing and talking is not hurting!” Yan Wei reluctantly said, “You don’t know, this virtual projection animation is much more difficult than traditional games. The effect you have seen, this is the game CG, there are several Hollywood blockbusters. Is there this special effect?”

“The key thing is that no one teaches, it depends on our team to explore for themselves, it is difficult!”

“I sometimes feel that this thing is wasted in the game, it is better to be an anime or a movie.”

“Hehe, Viagra, the game director can’t satisfy you, are you going to make a movie?” Colleague said with a smile, “It’s almost the same for Japan movie, I must join!”

“Looking at your Viagra is not? I will also make a movie! The special effects of this virtual projection are much stronger than the movie special effects. If I have the opportunity, I can’t decide.” Yan Wei refused to accept.

“Okay, don’t dream, start work!”

The crowd just about to disperse, only to see the department head came in and shouted: “Yan Wei, come over, the boss is looking for you.”

“Come.” Yan Wei ran over.

“The car is outside, speed,” the director said.

“Ah? Where are you going? Which boss is looking for me?” Yan Wei surprisedly said that the CEO of Red Letter game is not here, do you want to go out?

“President Lu!” said the director.

“President Lu?” Yan Wei’s eyes widened. “Why do you want me to go to President Lu? I am going director, what is my setback?”

He was a little flustered. President Lu was the boss of Red Letter Group. He had no chance to get in touch. He is now looking for him.

“You brat, luck is coming!” The director looked at him with deep thought and said: “Good performance, don’t humiliate me.”

“Director, what the hell is it?” Yan Wei was full of questions, but the director refused to say a word and sent him directly to the car.

Yan Wei followed the driver to Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd., and has been to the president office in the company.

As soon as he entered the office, he saw two people sitting, Lu Zixin, he knew, and a very beautiful woman he did not know, it seems to be the boss.

“President Lu is good, the boss is good.” Yan Wei quickly greeted.

“You are the game director Yan Wei of “Soul of Three Kingdoms”?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Yes, it is me.” Yan Wei is a little nervous, he is the first time to talk to Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin said with a slight smile : “Sit.”

“What, game director?” Xue Yao heard Lu Zixin’s words, revealing the amazing expression, “President Lu, you should not want to use the game director? This is totally two areas!”

“Of course not,” Lu Zixin said. “The director naturally wants to find a professional film director, but in addition to the film director, there can be an assistant director who controls the special effects and equipment.”

Yan Wei is still unclear, so Lu Zixin said to him: “The virtual projection CG of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” is all produced by you? I have seen it, very good.”

“Thank you for President Lu compliment, that’s all thanks to everyone.” Yan Wei replied in a law-abiding manner.

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