BTC Chapter 311 : Renamed

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Mr. L : “[emoticon: wear a crown for you]”

Red Queen : “Thank you, owner, I will give you a commemorative zombie next time.”

Mr. L : “Don’t, still don’t!”

To put it bluntly, Lu Zixin let Red Queen dispel the idea of ​​creating a “customized version of zombie.”

Ending the chat, Lu Zixin took a look at the other information in the group. In addition to him, Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group has a total of seven members. The most active group member is Red Queen, and second is Peter Parker.

The group activity level has been raised to a dozen levels. It’s not far from the next random Red envelope and Randomly invite group members to cool down more than half.


“Investing in this company?” In the office, Su Zhirong is looking at the latest investment report. The report shows that it is necessary to invest in an entertainment culture communication company called “Mumu Entertainment”.

The company is small in size, with fewer than 20 employees and a registered capital of 5 million. The most important thing is that there is still no one to take the main business.

Su Zhirong eyebrow frowned slightly. She saw the legal representative of the company, a woman named Xue Yao, who she understood a little.

“Who is this investment plan?” Su Zhirong asked.

The assistant returned: “It was President Lu personally instructed to invest in this company to be a virtual entertainment industry.”

“Well, I know.” Su Zhirong looked calm and said: “I plan to finish reading, no problem. But there is one to be revised.”

“You said.” The assistant is ready to record.

“After Red Letter investment, this company will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Red Letter Group. In addition, the company will need to be renamed. The previous name will not be used, and it must be changed to Red Letter Virtual Entertainment. Remember, this is prerequisites condition for investment.”

“Yes, write it down, I will discuss it with the other party immediately.”

There was no opinion on Mumu Entertainment, and she directly agreed to the company’s name change. However, the company’s internal management affairs required independent operation, and Red Letter Group did not have any opinions.

As a result, new reports have appeared on the investment news. Red Letter Group invested nearly 5 billion yuan to form a new company, Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd.. According to informed sources, this is likely to be only the first investment. The amount of investment may continue to be increased as appropriate.

The investment of 5 billion is not a small move, let alone the dazzling Red Letter Group? The capital market immediately turned its attention to the newly established Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd., trying to figure out the intention of Red Letter Group.

“Red Letter Virtual Entertainment? Is Red Letter also involved in entertainment industry?” Smart people have already have many thought. In China, large-scale Science and Technology or Internet companies have involved in entertainment industry.

In this piece, the resources competition of big group is also very fierce, acquiring websites, software companies, content development, online and offline activities, and so on.

Red letter wants to insert this piece, it is not difficult, because the existing high-traffic websites or software have been divided by major capitals. If you want to stand on the ground, you have to start from scratch.

After the establishment of Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd., the first thing was to set up a company called Red Letter Film under Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd. as the first business company of Red Letter Virtual Entertainment.

In fact, according to Lu Zixin’s idea, Red Letter games should be the biggest part of Red Letter’s virtual entertainment. However, at present, Red Letter Game Co., Ltd. is much more interactive than Red Letter Virtual Entertainment, so for the time being, let them operate separately. When the time is ripe, Red Letter games should also be included in Red Letter virtual entertainment system.

The range of virtual entertainment is wide, including not only games, movies, animation, text content, virtual social, etc., which is why Lu Zixin believes that virtual entertainment is promising.

The first action of Red Letter Virtual Entertainment is to launch the world’s first virtual projection movie in the name of  Red Letter Film.

The news was not officially announced, but it has already been implemented.

Inside the film and television circle, there has been a wind coming out. It is said that Red Letter Films is going to shoot the world’s first virtual projection film, and is looking for top directors, screenwriters, actors and so on.

In this regard, the first reaction in film and television circle is not a surprise, but a worry.

Big capital with film and television companies have already divided the film and television market, and red letter has entered the game, which is a challenge to their status!

What’s more, Red Letter still wants to shoot virtual projection movies, and whether it will be welcomed by the audience, this shooting technology is currently only mastered by Red Letter. If red letter is really completed, let alone the film company, it is the cinema  and entertainment circle pattern will change due to red letter.

Lida Film & TV Media Co., Ltd. belongs to the well-known large group, Lida Group in China.

Lida Group, a behemoth in domestic enterprises, is one of 500 top companies in the world. Lida Film & Media Co., Ltd. is an important part of Lida Group’s cultural industry. Their film and television works, cinemas, media resources, etc., are among the best in the domestic entertainment industry.

When Red Letter wanted to enter the entertainment industry and filmed a virtual projection movie, Lida Film and Television also got the news early.

“We also ordered a batch of cinema virtual projectors from Red Letter Electronics last month. If they were allowed to come in, would they not want to build their own virtual projection cinema? And grab the market?” said a vice president of Lida Television.

“The key is that they may have mastered the technology of shooting virtual projection film and television works!” said Xia Kui, CEO of Lida Films and senior executive vice president of Lida Group. “This is a very important point.”

“Now our film and television works can be screened by virtual projectors, but they are completely different from real stereoscopic projections. If we can also shoot virtual projection film and television works, maybe we can create new piece of the same way as 3D movies in film and television market.”

“Then we have to take the initiative to find Red Letter for cooperation?” asked the subordinates. “Other film and television companies must also stare at this market.”

“Yes, I will find red letter immediately. If they are willing to cooperate with us, then it would be better.” Xia Kui nodded.

“If you can’t talk about it?”

“Talk later.”

Red Letter Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd., Xue Yao is busy with a lot of money. After obtaining the investment of Red Letter Group and becoming a subsidiary of Red Letter, the mutual benefit of Red Letter has naturally become the focus of media. Just because of Red Letter brand, many companies are looking for cooperation.

Red Letters has leased a new office building, and more than half of its employees are directly from the talent pool of Red Letter Group. At the same time, they are also signing for the society and the industry.

Recently, Xue Yao has encountered more headaches.

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