MST Chapter 110 : It’s too embarrassing!

Edited: XiaXue

At nights

Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan and Yiyi are waiting at the airport.

The May Day holiday is over and they have to go to work tomorrow. They are going back to Nanchang’s plane tonight.

In waiting room,  Ye Guang took out the cellphone for a while.

He is sending Weibo.

Ye Guang rarely sends Weibo, and in fact rarely pays attention to Weibo. He now has more than 200,000 Weibo fans, which is a threshold for public figures.

Weibo is very simple, with a picture plus a sentence.

‘Forbidden City ancient artifacts are engraved, so show love, share quickly!’

Below is a picture of the big cylinder that was photographed when they were swimming in Forbidden City today.

Sending Weibo, Ye Guang is not paying attention, just put away the phone and played with Yiyi.

His Weibo message area was a little boiling shortly after it was sent out.

“Catch a wild Ye Guang alive, come onlookers!”

“Hey, pay attention to him for so long, see him post Weibo for the first time!”

“What is this? Forbidden City ancient artifacts were engraved?”

“Hey, show love, share quickly! well said!”

“Haha, Weibo editor did not say anything wrong, Ye Guang is really a poisonous tongue, so cursing people.”

“Live it! That is a cultural relic, how can you write it!”

“That is, it is too uncivilized, and the words that are engraved are still ugly.”

“Zhang Tao, Liu Ya, I will be haha. I wish you a break up soon!”

“Happy to break up +1!”

“Happy to break up +1!”

“Happy break up +10086!”

Many netizens have reprinted Ye Guang Weibo, or took his pictures in various forums to post posts. For a time, netizens who have nothing to do with have joined the team that condemned uncivilized traveler behavior. What’s interesting is that no matter whether the netizens are reprinted, or if they are directly published the following picture, or simply described, or long-formed, they will add a sentence, “Show love, share quickly!” For a time, this sentence was quickly spread in the network. Of course, the most used ones are those single dog’s that do not have girlfriends/boyfriends who can’t eat grapes and say sour grapes.

Humph! In the future gatherings, who will be bright and showable, use this sentence to kill them!

Of course you can use it, provided that you have to live with it!

Maybe it’s a mix of men’s and women’s doubles.

It was already more than ten o’clock when they arrived home in the evening. Yiyi played for a day during the day and she couldn’t sleep. She didn’t wash her hair when got home, just fell to bed and fell asleep.

Ye Guang has a kind of learning, wants to come down and sleep, and under Liu Chiyan eyes, you don’t want to go to bed without washing, and go to the bathroom to wash.

I have been tired from playing for the past two days, and Ye Guang soon fell asleep, and I didn’t know what dreams I had.

The next morning.

Liu Chiyan woke up as usual.

There seems to be something on the thigh. Liu Chiyan has a red face and has been sleeping with Ye Guang for so long. I don’t know what it is, I am used to it.

But how do you feel different today? Feeling wet?

Liu Chiyan is still a little confused, reaching out and touching, and getting a little slippery, Liu Chiyan instantly blushed, and the person came awake, biting her little lips, feeling shy, with a kind of unsatisfactory look, look at Ye Guang who is still asleep.

Without awakening Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan got out of bed, and the movement was much lighter than usual.

Soon, Ye Guang woke up, and Ye Guang slowly opened his eyes and stretched out.

“This sleep is really cool! Still comfortable at home.”

“Hey, how do you feel…”

Ye Guang feels that the lower body is a bit cold.

Bed wetting? No way!! How can such a large person still have to wet the bed!

Since it is not a bed wetting, then… Ye Guang reached out and touched it.

“Lying trough!” A lying trough blurted out, “Is this a dream?”

Ye Guang is unbelievable. Although there is no one in the room, Liu Chiyan is not there. I still feel awkward. “She… should not know…” Ye Guang is not sure.

Hey, dreams, too special!

Quickly took a strip from the closet and Ye Guang stepped out of the bedroom to the bathroom.

Liu Chiyan was making breakfast and just looked up and saw him. “What are you doing, clothes are not replaced.”

Ye Guang smiled, “Bath, take a shower.”

Liu Chiyan remembered something, turned quickly, and her face was red.

Ye Guang wants to die, sure enough, Liu Chiyan found it, so embarrassing.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were still unnatural when they were having breakfast. Although they didn’t say anything, they were aware of it.

Go to work.

The employees also came and they were gathered together in twos and threes to talk about May Day.

Shortly after Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan arrived at the office, Jiang Fengxian came over.

“Advisor Ye, Giovanni’s person called and said that he wanted to reconcile.”

Giovanni is the shop that Ye Guang made trouble last time, Jiang Fengxian had never forgotten about it before the festival, is the consumer association complaints, but also the court appeal, really waste some effort, may be because of the joint pressure of the two, Giovanni boss some unbearable, also do not know how to find the door, probably or because Ye Guang on TV and was recognized.

“Reconciliation?” Ye Guang smirked, “Want to be beautiful!”

Liu Chiyan also took the plunge. “Yes, that is, want to reconcile! Bullying Yiyi certainly can’t be the case.”

Ye Guang: “What did the other person say?”

Jiang Fengxian: “They said that they will deal with the employees seriously. The head of the shopping guide is directly expelled. Your consumption in the store is also fully refunded, and they are willing to make some compensation. There are some sincerity listening to the tone, but it still has to see your attitude.”

Ye Guang hasn’t spoken yet, and Liu Chiyan rushed and said, “Dream! I am not bad for this money! Reconciliation is impossible, we will take the formal legal approach, what to do if it is changed, the courts and consumer associations should let them pay for it! Anyway, reconciliation is impossible! It’s good if I’m not looking for them, bullying Yiyi still wants to reconcile!”

Liu Chiyan is angry with this.

“Ok! Then I know what to do!” Jiang Fengxian nodded and then left to work.

Instead, our kindly Yiyi little princess spoke. “Let’s forget it, those sisters will be pitiful if they have no job and are fined.”

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are both a glimpse.

Ye Guang walked to Yiyi and kissed her face.

Yiyi wiped his saliva with another disgusted face.

Ye Guang: “They are poor, but this is because they have done the wrong thing. Yiyi is great and can forgive them, but they are all adults. They all need to be responsible for what they are doing. It is necessary if you do something wrong, if you are not punished, or indulge them, they will make another mistake next time.”

“But…” Yiyi still wants to say something, but she knew what to say.

Ye Guang touch her head, “Yiyi is very good, very kind, you do very right, you want to understand tolerance, since Yiyi do not want to pursue their bullying you, then I and your aunt can forgive them, but, we can forgive them bully you, but can not forgive them to frame and fraud consumers, this is not Yiyi can control things, is not your aunt and I can control things, this is the police uncle matter, because they have violated the law, the law does not forgive them, the law is only fair and impartial, the offender can be forgiven, but that also must wait until he received due sanctions, since the violation of the law, Then you have to bear the corresponding legal responsibility! Can Yiyi understand?”

Yiyi seems to understand and nodded.

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