MST Chapter 107 : The Stage Born for Her

Edited: XiaXue

Heavenly King Liu was also known for his good temper, good old man, no stranger, he touched him.

“I don’t seem to have a pen.”

Ye Guang showed a disappointing expression when he arrived. “Is it really not?”

Heavenly King Liu nodded affirmatively, “No.”

Ye Guang was disappointed, but he didn’t give up, his eyes turned round, and then asked a familiar teen idol sitting in a seat next to Heavenly King Liu, “This…” Ye Guang can’t call his name. “Have you brought a pen?”

Teen idol stunned, shook his head directly, “no.”

Ye Guang: “Is it really not?”

Teen idol is not happy, “No, no, you are bothering! Looking for someone else to sign and ask me to borrow a pen? I will not lend you!”

Ye Guang touched a nail and was not angry. He laughed and found another person. This person he knew, the costume prince Hu Chao, “Teacher Hu Chao, have you brought a pen? Can you borrow me?”

Hu Chao also turned over on himself and shook his head. “I didn’t bring it.”

Ye Guang disappointed, then went to ask other people, but it seems that this pen is particularly difficult to find this evening. Ye Guang asked four or five celebrity, but none of them have a pen, Ye Guang does not give up, he I plan to ask one by one, but I don’t believe it, I can’t find a pen! I finally saw Heavenly King Liu, how can I not sign a name!

Ye Guang was so tossed, the celebrity who were sitting were watching his excitement, but it was more interesting for the boring wait before the opening. Liu Chiyan couldn’t stand it any longer, and got up and took him back.

The wife came out to catch him. Ye Guang had no choice but to give up, but he wanted Heavenly King Liu signature heart to die. He was dragged back by Liu Chiyan and shouted, “Heavenly King Liu, signature, signature, you promised to sign me, I remember, owe it today, remember to give it to me next time!”

“Shut up, go back!” Liu Chiyan suspects that he is shameful.

Ye Guang had to listen, sneak back and sit down with Liu Chiyan, and then look back in the direction of Heavenly King Liu, and still do the mouth shape, everyone can see that he is talking about the signature two words.

Heavenly King Liu helpless, nodded and smiled at him, then turned his head to one side, not looking at Ye Guang, his eyes were not seen as net!

There is celebrity whispering.

“This Liu Chiyan new assistant is really fun.”

“It’s funny, interesting.”

“Liu Chiyan has disappeared for a while, when did she find such an assistant.”

“I don’t know, I haven’t heard of it. She has been very low-key recently. I didn’t know why she moved to Nanchang suddenly.”

“Ah –? Nanchang ? Is she not a Beijinger? What is going on, is there any insider?”

“I don’t know, you don’t say that I don’t know about it yet.”


Soon, the party started.

Said that the 51 party really doesn’t mean much, Ye Guang feels this way. The host said the opening remarks, and then various types of programs, but in the end, they couldn’t do without the rules, praise the motherland, the people, the labor glory can’t be said badly, it can only be said that this is the case every year, and it’s a bit boring.

It was almost Liu Chiyan appearance, and there was a staff member coming over to ask Liu Chiyan to get ready in the background.

Liu Chiyan gave a gesture to Ye Guang, got up and followed the staff member to the backstage. Just taking a step, Liu Chiyan stopped and turned. “You are honest, don’t mess things up!”

Aside a few celebrity can not help but cover your mouth and snicker.

Ye Guang is black line, causing trouble, what can I do? I want a signature, as for…

After the two shows, Liu Chiyan appeared.

There was no dance, and the stage was dark. Suddenly, a bunch of chasing light fell on it, and it was on Liu Chiyan who slowly came out.

Liu Chiyan dressed in a blue dress, elegantly paced, slowly walked to the center of the stage, surrounded by darkness, only a bunch of chasing light centered on her, the strong light and dark conflict made her like a fairy in the world square object, as if the stage has strong aura field for her to make people feel tremble.

Ye Guang is also crazy in a moment. He has never seen Liu Chiyan’s temperament, nobleness and holiness. It turned out that this was Goddess Liu, Heavenly Queen Liu. When she was at home, she was just Liu Chiyan. And now, she is Heavenly Queen, belonging to the stage of Queen!

The background music sounded and Liu Chiyan slowly opened.

“Where on earth is the world full of the flowers”

“If it really existed, I must go”

When Liu Chiyan sing and many people were taken aback.

“It seems to be a new song, this tune.”

“It should be a new song. I haven’t heard of it. Liu Chiyan sings with her voice, not like her style.”

“But it sounds okay.”

Ye Guang is also a bit surprised. Since the last time he taught Liu Chiyan’s “Chasing dream with a childlike heart”, Ye Guang never heard Liu Chiyan sing this song again, mainly because he is too busy doing things for Journey to the West.

Liu Chiyan has spent some effort, but also to find someone to do accompaniment, but also to find people to do background music, she is still okay to go to the singer practice, today’s opening, Ye Guang is also really shocked.

It’s so good to sing, it’s really great.

When he taught Liu Chiyan, he also thought that Liu Chiyan’s voice and voice might not be suitable for this song. Although she sang well, he felt so bad and could not show a sense of strength, but today Liu Chiyan opening, this feeling, huh, in addition to sigh and admire Ye Guang don’t know how to describe his feelings.

Liu Chiyan continues to sing.

“Maybe I am not the hand of the diligent”

“But I would keep exploring”

“To stake my youth without any regrets”

The climax part is coming.

“Run forward!”

Liu Chiyan sang in the first sentence, and the audience present could not help but exclaim.

Ye Guang’s mouth also evoked a smile.

“Against the cold shoulders and the jeering crowds”

“if we didn’t go through all kinds of hardships and difficulties, how can we feel this wonderful life”

“The destiny can’t let us down on my knees”

“Even we have paid in blood embrace”

“Keep running!!!”

Liu Chiyan yelled, tearing heartbreaking.

“With the pride of childlike simplicity”

“If we didn’t persist to the end, how can we see the glory of the life”

“Better to light up a life than accept a life we don’t want”

“One day it will be reborn”

The audience was shocked. This is what Goddess Liu sang?

Is this really what Goddess Liu sang?

Wouldn’t it be not your own eyes?

Is it really Goddess Liu on the stage?

The style is completely different!

There is concern and even unbelievable rubbing eyes.

Liu Chiyan continued to sing the second paragraph.

“Run forward!!!”


“Keep Running!!!”


“Don’t compromise until we get older for the goodness of our hearts!”

In the second paragraph, Liu Chiyan sang with more heartbreaking strength, and Ye Guang was shocked. He could not imagine how to burst out such a powerful force in her small body.

After singing a song, Liu Chiyan stepped down.

The audience sat quiet for five seconds, and then burst into applause. Some whistle, screams, and cheers that should not have appeared on the occasion of May Day party. Fans of Liu Chiyan also called for her name.

“Liu Chiyan!”

“Liu Chiyan!”

“Liu Chiyan!”

“Goddess Liu, I love you!!!”

Just like this, party has become Liu Chiyan’s personal concert.

Heavenly King Liu was also stupid, and he said a word.

“Liu Chiyan has this operation too.”

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