BTC Chapter 307 : Virtual Mutual Entertainment

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Zhan Haoran background is not simple, Lu Zixin has long known, so he can become the captain of a private jet.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen,” Fanny said apologetically.

“It’s okay.” Xue Yao said comfortably. “It’s all so late, are you still out alone?”

“I heard that China is also very safe at night, I don’t know any friends…”

Xue Yao said with a smile : “Safety is safe, but you are such a beautiful girl, it will inevitably be troublesome for a person to walk.”

“I will pay attention next time.” Fanny nodded quickly. “Thank you.”

Just chatting a few words, Xue Yao was very interested in Fanny and invited her to have dinner together. She also accepted it.

At the table, Fanny and Xue Yao chatted quite happily, and even left contact information, like an old friend.

Lu Zixin seemed to be relatively silent. When Fanny took a taxi back to her residence, he immediately sent a message to Iron Head.

At this moment, on a mountain road, Iron Head is galloping on the road. On it, Xu Xiuying, who is wearing a black leather coat, is driving intently. Behind her is the same motorcycle.

After Xu Xiuying came to mainland, she still loves motorcycle race. Now she is participating in a small competition in a circle. After Iron Head was allowed to go out for a ride, he was often borrowed by Xu Xiuying.

“In your heart, free to fly…” Iron Head is singing a song, Xu Xiuying bite her teeth: “You guy, can you shut up!”

“Hey, Daddy sent me a message!” Iron Head received a signal from Lu Zixin, letting it monitor Fanny communication information.

The recent encounter with Lu Zixin is very strange. It is very difficult for a resident who lives in a community to meet. It just happens to meet, and the other party is just in trouble. This is also a coincidence.

“Wow, the old man actually did this kind of thing, it was too exciting! Girl, we rushed to finish this, I want to go home and work!” Iron head shouted, suddenly accelerated, arrogant on the winding road, put motorcycle in the back smashed!

“Don’t control it yourself, let me operate!” Xu Xiuying shouted.


The next day, in hotel room.

Lu Zixin wakes up, everything around is cleaned up, milk and food is ready, this scene seems to be similar to the last time.

But this time, people appeared in the scene. Xue Yao cleaned up and smiled at him and said, “Do you get up now?”

“Well? At nine o’clock in the morning!” Lu Zixin opened the quilt, revealing the body with lines, put on his clothes, and sighed: “It’s unclear.”

“With the nature!” Xue Yao said, “I didn’t say anything, you sigh!”

“Hah, am I a scum man now?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Yeah, the best slag man!” Xue Yao said seriously, “but compared to other people, you should be considered good.”

“How to say?”

“I have seen many people in these two years, that is, people who are worth 1%, both men and women, are mostly more open than you. The rules of society are formulated by a small number of people, so they have done things. Living life is different from ordinary people, and there is no need for ordinary people to understand.”


After breakfast, Xue Yao said: “Don’t go out at noon, I have to go back in the afternoon, the work is not finished!”

“How is the work now? Is the business in He County busy?” Lu Zixin asked curiously.

“No, but now I have no problem.” Xue Yao greedily put his head in her chest and said: “I have left BaiJia Real Estate for a few months.”

“What? Are you leaving?” Lu Zixin surprisedly said, “How did you do it?”

“The real estate is in a downturn, the state has continuously introduced policies and regulations, and now BaiJia is always overwhelmed and ready to transform.” Xue Yao said here, and said in a tone of resentment: “And doing this line seems to be getting farther and farther away from you!”

Lu Zixin gently stroked her hair and asked, “What are you doing now?”

“I created a small company myself. It should be said that it is just a studio!” Xue Yao said. “I am going to invest in the entertainment industry, which is social media, movies, and videos.”

“I have investigated that the real economy in market has not been booming in recent years, but the development of the spiritual entertainment industry is very rapid.”

“Like Baijia Real Estate I stayed in before, it looks like a beautiful scenery. In fact, it is entirely supported by bank loans. If the loan is interrupted, it will soon face bankruptcy.”

“And the entertainment industry is really profitable. This is an inevitable phenomenon in the development of our country to this stage. Everyone is increasingly pursuing spiritual enjoyment, which greatly promotes the development of entertainment industry.”

Lu Zixin nodded: “Yes, this is a big trend.”

Several major Internet giants in China are deploying this aspect, such as video sites, music software, novel websites, and social media.

The best thing to do is belong to Tencent. Whether it’s text content, video content or music copyright, the pan-entertainment program covers almost every entertainment industry.

“Where are you going to start?” Lu Zixin continued.

“In the beginning, I wanted to make a short video interactive software, but now I changed my mind.” Xue Yao said, “I just thought of an idea after Red Letter launched the virtual projection device. If it can be realized, it must be Very promising!”

Xue Yao sat up and sat on Lu Zixin’s lap, and the eyes glowed with a strange light. The bright red lips gently spit out two words: “Virtual entertainment!”

“Virtual entertainment?” Lu Zixin heard these two words, first doubts, and then revealed the surprised expression.

“Yes, it’s virtual entertainment!” Xue Yao continued. “All the entertainment industry and social media are now built on the Internet. Their media are mainly three mobile terminals: computers, mobile phones and TVs! ”

“Even other smart mobile devices need to be displayed through the display. But if you break the display limit and turn the picture into a virtual projection, is that a completely different experience?”

“Looking at movies, TV, virtual projection communication, live projection, fun short video projection, games, sports events… Any entertainment, its performance can be changed!”

“These are a huge market cake, and it has never been developed!” Xue Yao said excitedly. “If these industries are all made, it is a huge virtual entertainment empire! So I call it Virtual Mutual Entertainment!”

Lu Zixin heard her, and he was also interested. He thought about how to sell electronic equipment. Although this piece makes money, it is only the most upstream industrial chain. The downstream industry only expands the game. Xue Yao words let him suddenly understand, yes, this is the real use of virtual projection, virtual mutual entertainment, to build a virtual interactive entertainment empire!

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