BTC Chapter 306 : Small Scam

Edited: XiaXue

The two of them found nearby place, Jiangcheng city lake park, and walked along the embankment of the lake.

It was in the evening, the sunset glow shone on the lake, the golden light was little, and it spread to the red glow of horizon.

The lake is planted with willows, breezy, with some fresh water vapor.

Lu Zixin didn’t know how to provoke the topic. Xue Yao took him and said, “Let me borrow it.”

“Ah?” Lu Zixin gave a strange hand, Xue Yao grabbed it, and his mouth rose slightly. She said: “I used to walk with a boy in this beautiful place. Unfortunately, I haven’t found it yet. I will borrow you first.”

As she said, she took Lu Zixin’s hand and walked along the sidewalk on the lake.

Lu Zixin suddenly felt like he was being bubbled by Senior Sister? Why is it so strange?

The two talked while walking, obviously a long road along the lake, and they were unknowingly left by them.

“Hungry!” Xue Yao looked at Lu Zixin and suddenly showed poor expression and said, “Let’s go eat!”

“Well, I am looking for something, there is a restaurant nearby.” Lu Zixin turned on the phone and asked red cloud.

There is a special restaurant by the lake, and the two are ready to go. When they left the park, they suddenly heard the quarrel.

There are many people in the park who are strolling around, sidewalks, and several people are arguing. There seems to be a foreigner, attracting a large group of people.

“I really didn’t take your money! After I saw it, I didn’t move anything inside!” A girl tried to argue and speak Mandarin.

In China, although everyone can understand Mandarin, the standard that is really said is actually very few, with more or less local accents.

The accent of the girl made Lu Zixin feel a little familiar.

“Fart, except for you who else have touch it, the two thousand dollars in it are gone!” a man shouted, and casually said to the crowd: “Everyone commented, my wallet fell here, when I came back to find it. I saw that she was turning my wallet, and the two thousand pieces were gone. It must have been taken by her!”

Someone pointed at her and said to the girl: “How do you say that you can get someone else’s money? Or a foreigner! No quality at all!”

“But I really didn’t take it!” the girl argued.

“You said that you didn’t take it, you didn’t take it? It must have been hidden!” The other party refused to give up and continued to threaten. “If you don’t pay back, I will call the police! Let the police take you in!”

“Then alarm! I have to ask the police to help me!” said the foreign girl.

“Ah?” A person who threatened her, I couldn’t think of the other party’s initiative to ask for an alarm, not to play cards.

“The alarm is useless. You took my money and hurry back! Otherwise I will never let you go today!” The man looked terrified and threatened.

“But I really didn’t take it!”


“Well?” Lu Zixin stunned and walked over there. He saw the foreign girl’s appearance. She was actually the deputy captain of his private jet, Fanny.

Red Letter Group purchased a large number of private business jets, so there are special crew members. Fanny is mainly responsible for Lu Zixin’s private jet business. When Lu Zixin stayed in Jiangcheng, she was naturally in Jiangcheng.

A few days ago, Fanny chatted with Lu Zixin every day. Later, Lu Zixin was busy and ignored her. She had no news.

I can’t think of it today, and it seems that she is still in trouble.

“Fanny!” Lu Zixin shouted loudly, and Fanny looked back and immediately noticed him, shouting: “President!”

Lu Zixin walked over and wondered: “What happened?”

“You are her friend?” Two burly men came up and stared at Lu Zixin. One of them said, “It’s very simple. I lost my wallet. She took my wallet and took my two thousand! You are her friend, help her pay back the money!”

“Otherwise she won’t want to go today!”

Fanny quickly explained: “President, I really didn’t take their money. I was here to play, I saw a wallet on the ground, I wanted to pick it up and call the police. They suddenly appeared and said that I took their money!”

Fanny said that there are people in the hearts of the passers-by who understand. This is definitely a liar team, deliberately set up a bureau to let people step on, this thing has no monitoring, it is not clear.

Moreover, the five big three thick ones of these men are not good people at first glance, and no one dares to stand up and say something.

“That’s what you took!” The big man went up to grab Fanny’s arm, and Lu Zixin grabbed his hand and applied a little force, suddenly yelling at him.

Xue Yao also came over, coldly snorted and said: “A group of big men, bullying the little girl here? Do you want a face?”

“Let my hands open!” The man yelled and tried to get rid of Lu Zixin, only to find that Lu Zixin’s hands were like iron tongs.

Fanny saw this and there was a horror in her eyes.

“You said my friend, stealing your two thousand?” Lu Zixin said with a sneer, “Do you know how much her day’s salary is?”

“How much do I care about her? You let me go! Be careful, I am welcome!” The man threatened.

Lu Zixin still grabbed him and said, “Don’t play with me, how many of you are a group? I am not angry, you are rolling!”

“Brat, can you quite compare it?” His companion surrounded Lu Zixin, and the onlookers quickly evaded.

Xue Yao sees it, shouted: “Stop! This is a park, you still want to hit someone? The police can come over in two minutes!”

“You dare to move him a hair, I promise you will be very miserable! Have you seen this? Director Hu of Jiangcheng! I want to call him now and ask him?”

Xue Yao picked up the phone and the address book read: “Director Hu.”

Seeing the name, several scammers were shocked. The name is the boss of Jiangcheng police station. This woman actually has his contact information.

Look at her dress and temperament, I know that it is not ordinary people, and the liars are suddenly guilty.

One of them said: “Do you think that the uncle is afraid of you? I am too lazy to care about women. Today, even if I lost two thousand pieces, brothers, go!”

Said, a group of people rushed to slip away, even the fake wallet is not taken.

Fanny was relaxed, and she patted her chest and said, “Thank you very much. I really didn’t know what to do.”

Xue Yao looked at her with a puzzled look. The foreign girl’s figure and face are quite high. The most important thing is that she is a foreigner! Exotic style!

And Lu Zixin knows her, which makes her feel a little different.

“It’s okay, it’s a group of scammers. You should be careful playing in China in the future, especially in some scenic spots, there are many scams. If there is something, you can find your captain, Zhan Haoran, he must have a solution.” Lu Zixin comforted.

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