MST Chapter 106 : 51 Evening Party

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For a few days, Ye Guang and studio employees continued to record the show.

Nowadays, there are not many people who are going to listen to it every day. The only diehard powder is Yiyi. Every day, every recording must come.

Ye Guang is not too good in the past few days. The program is very smooth. The websites have been uploaded, but the uploaded videos have not been turned over. The number of people watching and the number of clicks are poor. There is only more than three hundred clicks on a website. The people who actually look at it still don’t know how many. It really made him anxious.

Could it be that the Journey to the West also flutters the street? This unscientific!

Time flies, to May Day.

The three-day holiday embodies a festive atmosphere, and studio is also have holiday. Liu Chiyan will fly to Beijing on May 1st, and she will perform on CCTV’s May Day party.

Because it is Heavenly Queen, the privilege is still there. She doesn’t even have to rehearse. She just sent the prepared song to Planner at CCTV May Day party, and reserved her time and on May Day party can be directly on stage.

In holiday, the program can’t be recorded, Ye Guang is also idle, and if Liu Chiyan is not there, he would be bored at home alone. Go back to his parent’s house, and the father’s gas is still not clean.

Simply, Ye Guang has developed his professionalism and went to Beijing with Liu Chiyan. He is her assistant!

When boarding the plane, Ye Guang finally knew how Yiyi was on the plane. Liu Chiyan pulled out a small green book from the bag with the words ‘passing’ on it. Ye Guang knew that this is the legend of privilege certificate, he wanted to see the specific content inside, but Liu Chiyan did not show it to him.

Ye Guang didn’t care too much. He guessed something and didn’t want to ask for it.

When he arrived in Beijing, Liu Chiyan found a hotel and opened a room for Ye Guang to let him live.

“I live alone? What about you and Yiyi?” Ye Guang questioned.

Liu Chiyan: “I and Yiyi, of course, go home, go back to Beijing. I don’t go home and stay at the hotel?”

Ye Guang suddenly realized, “Oh, yes.” He didn’t dare to let Liu Chiyan live with him, or he and Liu Chiyan went back together. He didn’t have that guts, fearing that Liu Chiyan’s parents would killed him directly.

You quietly married my girl, do not inform parents, who do I hit if I don’t hit you?

Liu Chiyan came home with Yiyi.

Ye Guang a person at the hotel, bored, the first time to come to Beijing, oh, not the first time, last time in the airport pocket ……

Originally, Ye Guang should go out and enjoy the cultural scenery of capital, but Ye Guang is a dead house. No one accompanied, he can stay at home and are unwilling to go out, so Ye Guang is in the hotel all day.

Six p.m.

Liu Chiyan called Ye Guang and said that someone came to pick him up at TV station.

Sure enough, in a short while, an employee of CCTV TV station dressed up as a white-collar beauty knocked on his door, claiming to be an assistant of certain, that Ye Guang did not know, did not hear clearly, after simple communication, female assistant drove him to TV station.

Along the way, Ye Guang looked around the window and looked at the scenery of the capital like a curious baby.

Ye Guang doesn’t think there is any novelty. It is nothing more than a taller house, a little more building, a little more cars, a little more people, nights are everywhere, neon is everywhere, and a long traffic jam is in the driveway.

It was blocked for a while on the road. It was already 7 o’clock in the evening when I arrived at the TV station.

When I got off the car and saw CCTV’s iconic building pants, although I had seen the pictures on the Internet and on TV, Ye Guang couldn’t help but scream, and the unique shape still had a visual impact.

Without delay, the female assistant who came to pick him led Ye Guang and hurried to the studio.

There are already a lot of people in the studio auditorium. In VIP area exclusive to artist on the right, the person is already sitting.

Ye Guang saw Liu Chiyan, and the pupil couldn’t help but shrink. Liu Chiyan changed her blue long dress today. It can be said to be in full attire, beautiful like a fairy descended, to be honest, Ye Guang has never seen her wear dress like this, is simply too beautiful.

“Come on, sit down.” Liu Chiyan saw Ye Guang and called him to sit down.

Ye Guang was seated, I have to say that the artist’s treatment is good, the seats are large, comfortable, not to mention, each team has a small round table, flowers on the table, and a variety of refreshments.

“You are so beautiful today!” Surrounded by people, Ye Guang pressed down the voice and leaned closer to Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan: “Is it beautiful today? Then I am not pretty at ordinary times?”

Ye Guang was surprised and quickly explained: “No, no, I mean, you are beautiful, but today is very beautiful!”

Liu Chiyan smirked.

Ye Guang saw her clever smile and looked at it. It was really beautiful. How can it be so beautiful today!

Liu Chiyan found him stupid and quickly sneaked at him. “Don’t look, so many people, pay attention!”

Ye Guang recovered, touched his head and turned his head. He didn’t dare to look at Liu Chiyan, afraid to make another appearance.

Liu Chiyan whispered, “You like to look, come home and I will show it to you.”

Ye Guang was eager to make a fuss, a look of sensuality.

There was still some time left from the beginning of the show, and Ye Guang’s thieves eyes looked around.

The studio is very large, and there are a lot of people sitting in the crowd. There is almost no space left. In the middle, it should be the seat of the leader. One by one, it can be seen that the leader is led by the leader.

Ye Guang looked around, and then the pupil slammed,  that is Heavenly King Liu? And the one on the left is Hu Chao? There are also Chen Si, Ren Qing, Gu Hua, and … The familiar faces that are often seen on the screen appear in Ye Guang’s eyes, and Ye Guang is a little excited.

“Have you brought a pen?” Ye Guang whispered to Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan: “What’s wrong?”

“I saw Heavenly King Liu! I am going to sign him! I am his fans!” Ye Guang is eager to try,

Liu Chiyan stunned, “Where can you put a pen on me?”

Ye Guang was disappointed, oh, “Then I will go directly, he … should I have it?” Ye Guang is not sure. “You said I went to find him to sign him. Can he give it? Will he refuse me?”

Liu Chiyan laughed and said, “Go ahead, report my name, he promises to sign it for you.”

“OK! Then I went!” Ye Guang rose to the position of Heavenly King Liu.

Heavenly King Liu real name is Liu Xuecheng. He is one of the best celebrity in China. His old brand Heavenly King has a lot of auras. He has a high status in the entertainment industry and has a strong influence throughout Asia. He also has a certain position in the world.

Ye Guang approached him, smiled and bent down. “Heavenly King Liu, it’s really you. I can really see you. I am so happy. Can you sign me a name?”

For a moment, Heavenly King Liu didn’t understand how he could meet fans to sign on such occasions, and asked with some doubt, “You are…”

Ye Guang: “Ah, I am an assistant to President Liu, um, assistant.”

Heavenly King Liu turned to look at Liu Chiyan’s direction, and Liu Chiyan was watching it. The two people nodded and said hello.

“Yes, I will sign you.” Heavenly King Liu smiled and promised Ye Guang, “Where to sign?”

Ye Guang touched the body, it seems that there is really nothing to sign, not to mention the pen, the book did not bring one, but fortunately his wallet has been thrown in the storage, take out the wallet, Ye Guang pulled out a hundred dollar bill “I didn’t bring a pen and paper, you signed here, go home and I will frame it!”

Heavenly King Liu stunned, signed on the money? This is really…

For so many years, he has seen many wonderful fans who want to sign, some have to sign on the face, some have to sign on the chest, and even let him sign on the buttocks, but this makes him sign a hundred dollar bill It was really the first time I met!

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