MST Chapter 108 : Daddy Liu First impression

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On the evening of the party, Liu Chiyan’s “Chasing dream with a childlike heart” also quickly appeared on the major music list, and the rankings have been leaping and rising.

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang didn’t pay much attention to this. They went out of the TV station.

One go home, one back to hotel.

Regrettably, Ye Guang didn’t get Heavenly King Liu signature after all, and secretly vowed to prepare all the daily necessities in the storage bar. It must not happen like today!

He is determined to transform into a mobile house.

At nights

Liu Chiyan is at home.

Daddy Liu, Mother Liu, Liu Chiyan and Yiyi are eating supper.

Daddy Liu: “I watched today’s party and sang well. It was much more comfortable than the previous messy love and love.”

Liu Chiyan nodded lightly: “Well, okay.”

Yiyi also interjected, “Yes, yes, this song is good, Ye Guang teaches my aunt.”

Mother Liu: “Who is Ye Guang?”

Liu Chiyan was afraid that Yiyi would say that she missed her mouth and quickly answered. “Our company’s employees, general counsel, very talented.”

Yiyi nodded affirmatively, “Well! Ye Guang is the most talented. The stories he tells are more beautiful than those told by Grandma.”

Mother Liu: “Hey, changed her heart only after going out for a few days. Doesn’t it mean that the story told by grandmother is the best story? White hurts you.”

Yiyi muttered, “…that’s what it was.” She said that, then wiping her oily mouth, she jumped off the table. “I went to get iPad, there is Ye Guang story in it. You see and believe it!”

Yiyi took an iPad and searched it for a long time. She couldn’t find “Fruit Run Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West” uploaded by Ye Guang. She handed the iPad to Liu Chiyan. “Aunt, you can help me find it.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, wiped her hands with a napkin, then opened a video site and searched for the Journey to the West storytelling.

The show aired, Yiyi seems to have placed the iPad in front of Daddy Liu and Mother Liu. “Grandpa, you see, Ye Guang is good.”

Daddy Liu and Mother Liu looked at the iPad.

Mother Liu: “Oh, it’s still a young man. People are very spiritual. Can he talk about books?”

Ye Guang does not start the show in iPad.

“”Before Chaos was divided, no one sees. Since Pangu destroyed the Enormous Vagueness, The separation of clear and impure began.

“Overwriting the group of people to the benevolence, inventing everything is good. If you want to know the achievements of Yuanhui, you must look at Journey to the West.”


“We heard that, in the order of Heaven and Earth, a single period consisted of 129,600 years. Dividing…”


Mother Liu didn’t feel anything after listening to it, but Daddy Liu spirit was up.

“It’s a bit interesting, this guy has a bit of writing skills.”

I have to say that the story of Journey to the West is really suitable for all ages. Three generations of old and young people are eating nightingales while watching or listening to Ye Guang’s storytelling Journey to the West on the iPad, but they have no conversation at the same time, Yiyi have heard it, but after listening to the second time, she is still the same interest, dancing from time to time, cheering.

Mother Liu also listened carefully, Daddy Liu was even immersed in it, and did not move chopsticks for a long time.

After the first episode was over, Yiyi was proud. “Look, I said Ye Guang’s story is good, I didn’t lie to you.”

Mother Liu smiled and wiped the oil on her lips.

Daddy Liu: “It’s really good to talk about. Although the storytelling skill is a little bit worse, it is still good. The story is very good. Yan’er, is this story written by the young man himself?”

“Mn.” Liu Chiyan nodded. “It was written by himself.”

Daddy Liu nodded. “It’s a personal talent.”

Liu Chiyan’s face was slightly red, and she asked with guilty conscience. “Dad, what do you think of him?”

Daddy Liu: “What is it?”

Daddy Liu doesn’t know what aspect Liu Chiyan asks. Inadvertently replied, “Well, some talents, he should be able to help you in your company.”

This is Daddy Liu’s first impression of Ye Guang, some talent.

On the contrary, it was Mother Liu. Some looked at Liu Chiyan in a sullen mood, but did not ask much.

Liu Chiyan heart is happy, it seems the first impression of Ye Guang in the father’s heart is fine, can let him say some talent is not easy, “Well, he is very talented, that promotion advertisement from my company you also all see, he also the planner, and the recent Fruit Run Beverages advertisement, also he is the planner, Yiyi, do not know you see?”

Mother Liu heard it, some surprise, “Oh! That’s right, yes, right, I think of it, it’s him, I didn’t recognize it when he changed to long gown.”

Daddy Liu usually doesn’t watch TV, so it’s not clear, “Why, are these two ads very good?”

Mother Liu: “Of course, you do not watch TV, oblivious the heart only know the work, of course, do not know, these two ads really very good, Yan’er company’s ad is particularly innovative, unique, Fruit Run ad is a great, an advertising abruptly revive a company that is facing bankruptcy.”

Daddy Liu: “Oh, yes.”

“Of course…” Yiyi cheered and said about Ye Guang, she was inexplicably excited, “Ye Guang is still a poet! There are many reporters to interview him!”

The children’s perspective is always different. In fact, only four reporters came on that day. Yiyi was not present at the time. She could only use a lot to show off Ye Guang.

“Oh, is it?” Daddy Liu came to the spirit. He is poetry lover. He likes both ancient and modern poetry. “Let’s read it.”

Of course, this is what Liu Chiyan said. Yiyi can’t read Ye Guang’s poems.

Liu Chiyan smiled. “Then I read one.” Ye Guang’s verses are familiar to her, and she often recited it back. After thinking about it, she decided to read Hard Road for Daddy Liu. Compared with other songs, Liu Chiyan thinks that this poem Daddy Liu would prefer.

“Gold cup and ten liter pure wine for ten thousand coins, jade platter served delicacies worth ten thousands too.”


“Steady wind breaks the waves, that should happen, Full sail into the clouds, to calm the troubled oceans!”

After reading a poem, Daddy Liu tasted it a little, then nodded, “Well, good poetry, good poetry!”

Liu Chiyan also smiled with some heart.

Daddy Liu impression of Ye Guang seems to be good, this is a good start.

“Very good poem, it seems this Ye… Guang, the young man is really a bit talent, and from the poem can hear his chest ambition, ideal, ambition, dare to fight, very inspirational poem.” Daddy Liu rating is very high.

In the evening, Daddy Liu took the iPad back to the room. Yiyi wanted to get it back. Daddy Liu took the iPad. What did she play? Liu Chiyan didn’t tell the story, but Daddy Liu said when he took it. “The storytelling that the boy said is quite interesting. I am watching two episodes.”

Yiyi didn’t talk, but instead nodded with enthusiasm and promised a pair of treasures.

Daddy Liu likes the story of Ye Guang and she is very happy.

To say that besides Ye Guang, who else wants Ye Guang’s story to be liked by someone, then this person must be Yiyi!

Ye Guang’s story is so good, someone should like it!

You don’t like it, you don’t know the goods!

Can’t compare to children! Humph!

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