MST Chapter 231 : Invite Heavenly King Liu

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10 am.

Beijing Satellite TV and Youxianqi Entertainment announced a statement, Beijing Satellite TV and Youxianqi Entertainment will jointly invest 100 million yuan to create a large-scale outdoor reality show.

As soon as the news was released,it was immediately paid attention to by all walks of life. 100 million yuan is not a trivial matter. An investment of 100 million yuan is a big investment whether in TV dramas or movies, let alone a variety show.

At this time, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were discussing the issue of inviting guests at home.

“Liu’er, what do you think of Heavenly King Liu and He Xing?” Ye Guang asked.

Liu Chiyan stunned, “Heavenly King Liu? It’s not easy to ask Heavenly King Liu to a show. He is bigger than me. He Xing is not bad. Our show is leaning towards funny class and He Xing temperament is quite funny, it’s a good candidate.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Let’s try to invite them first. If you don’t come, then think about other people. If Heavenly King Liu can come it’s the best. He has a heavy weight. If he comes, he will be the captain and can convince the public.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment, “Then I will contact him to try. Call him now?”

Ye Guang said, “Fight, the captain is the first. If Heavenly King Liu comes, it will be easier to invite the others. At least for Heavenly King Liu sake, many people will be excited.”

Liu Chiyan nodded and took out her cell phone to dial Heavenly King Liu.

The phone rang twice and the other party picked up.

Heavenly King Liu at the end of the phone, “Hello, Chiyan, how are you? How do you think of calling me, is there anything?”

Liu Chiyan presses the PA button so Ye Guang can hear Heavenly King Liu voice, “Heavenly King Liu, we have known each other for many years. If there’s nothing wrong, I can’t call you to greet your current situation.”

Heavenly King Liu smiled, “Come on, you must have something, your Goddess Liu made a special call to greet me, I’m still afraid of being stung to death by your fans.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, and Ye Guang on the side also laughing. Heavenly King Liu is mature and steady and he could also make jokes. It is really a good candidate for the programs he wants to do.

Liu Chiyan said, “Okay, Heavenly King Liu, I won’t be in circles with you. There is such a thing. I am going to make a show with Beijing TV and I want to invite you to be a guest.”

Heavenly King Liu startled, Beijing Satellite TV and Youxianqi have made a statement on the cooperation, but the communication is not so fast, Heavenly King Liu still didn’t know, “Make a show? What kind of show?”

Liu Chiyan explained, “A large-scale outdoor reality show, with an investment of 100 million yuan. How is it, are you interested?”

Heavenly King Liu exclaimed, “Yes, Chiyan, it’s a big game, a hundred million, but I’m not interested in variety shows. I’m not too young anymore. Outdoors show is really scary, so don’t influence your show at that time, let it go.” Heavenly King Liu declined gently.

When Ye Guang heard it, he interrupted from the side, “Don’t, Heavenly King Liu, the one I want to invite most to this show is you. You are still young, how can you not bear it.”

Heavenly King Liu heard Ye Guang’s voice, “Hey, Little Ye is also here, shouldn’t you be the one who made the show?”

Ye Guang took the call from Liu Chiyan, “Yes, I made it, Heavenly King Liu, come on. I promise the paid will be high for you and I have absolute confidence for this show. Heavenly King Liu, I’m appointing you as the captain.”

Heavenly King Liu laughed, “I still don’t come. I just finished the previous scene and I want to take a break.” Heavenly King Liu still refused.

Ye Guang didn’t give up, “It’s better and there won’t be schedule collision during the show. Come on, Heavenly King Liu, just help the younger brother. You have to help me if we are friends.”

Heavenly King Liu at the other end of the phone is startled, Liu Chiyan, who is sitting next to Ye Guang, is also startled. We have friendship? By the way, how much friendship do you have with Heavenly King Liu? Don’t you embarrassed to say this?

Ye Guang continued, “Heavenly King Liu, I  tell you. For this show, I have absolute confidence and I’m sure it’s going to be popular. I have always been your fans, will invite you come and eat with me if I think it’s good. Moreover, I don’t want to ask others with no friendship.”

Heavenly King Liu was amused, “So confident?”

Ye Guang: “Of course, you will definitely not lose a share if you come. I dare not say anything else. The ratings are at least 1.5. If this number is less, I will do with you. As for higher it’s very possible. As for the expected ratings in my heart, it will break 2. Heavenly King Liu, take a look at how long Happy Camp have occupied the first position in domestic variety shows. Now the opportunity is in front of you. Don’t  you want to try to pull him down? What if ours show is on fire? And the ratings can exceed 2. We’ll create a new height for variety shows! It will also regarded as adding bricks to variety shows for the domestic TV industry, creating a precedent, making breakthroughs and making contributions.”

Opposite, Heavenly King Liu thought about it, “I’m not interested in pulling Happy Camp down.”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were a little helpless, and they said all, but still disagree.

Still not waiting for Ye Guang to speak, Heavenly King Liu said again, “but…”

Ye Guang quickly asked, “What?”

Heavenly King Liu said without hesitation, “I’m interested in creating new heights for variety shows.”

Ye Guang was overjoyed, “Then you agreed?”

Heavenly King Liu smiled, “I have to look at your plan first, to see if the program you said is really reliable. Otherwise I won’t agree. In addition, we have to discuss the pay, friendship is friendship, business is business, I won’t do business that loses money.”

Ye Guang slapped his thigh and laughed, “Don’t worry, Heavenly King Liu. As a loyal fan, I won’t let you suffer. I haven’t done the planning yet, but the general plan is in my mind. I’ll tell you directly.”

Next, Ye Guang  talked for ten or twenty minutes. Narrated the general program content and creativity to Heavenly King Liu. When he hung up the phone, both Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan had smiles on their faces.

Ye Guang took a sip of water and smiled, “It’s done! It’s just that, the pay is a bit high. Just Heavenly King Liu alone costs 20 million yuan, accounting for one-fifth of the total investment.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “Heavenly King Liu price of 20 million is already a real price. I thought at first that he would report at least 40 million.”

“Huh.” Ye Guang shocked, “40 million? Then, with the rest of the guests, I paid for 100 million, so I can’t do the show.”

Liu Chiyan said, “Heavenly King Liu is worth this price. I remember, the last time he participated in a variety show was two or three years ago. His remuneration is more than 20 million at that time, not to mention it has been a few years now. Heavenly King Liu pay is a bit more expensive, but the others will not be so high. I guess if all the guests add up, it’s about 60 million.”

Ye Guang curled his lips, “That’s a lot, it’s more than half of the investment amount.”

However, Ye Guang just complained. After all, I would like to ask people, but not spend more money. How can there be such a good thing? And this world’s celebrity pay is fairly fair, quite normal, has not swelled, remember Dream World celebrity’s pay is high and scary. The big name is 70 to 80 million, and hundreds millions is not surprising. Even in Dream World, the news network criticized the star’s sky-high pay by name, which shows this is average.

With Heavenly King Liu help. Ye Guang’s heart is half set and with this heavyweight Heavenly King joining, the show already half done!

Next, He Xing!

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