BTC Chapter 299 : Virtual Battle

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The virtual projection game of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” is currently a special game machine, that is, a prop with a virtual projector and an operating handle.

This is actually a marketing method of Red Letter. The first generation of virtual projection instruments is as big as a small box, so it is specially made into a game machine. By the second generation, the volume will be further reduced. As a miniature virtual projector, you may be able to add this function directly to your mobile phone or smart glasses.

At that time, several smart products of Red Letter must be sold.

The activity they are going to do is to broadcast a live webcast, publicize and sell Red Letter virtual projection game console.

On the official website of Red Letter game, there have been introductions of various styles of virtual projection game consoles, but the pre-order options are still gray, not yet open.

In the game experience hall of Red Letter Games Company, Su Xiaomeng and others are preparing.

Event planning is being explained to a group of staff: “Today’s event is a large-scale campaign mode of performing “Soul of Three Kingdoms”. You are all familiar with your hero skills and will try to play as much as you can.”

The game experience hall is completely emptied. Only the ceiling and the corner of the room are equipped with virtual projection equipment. The area is huge, and the virtual projection of the game version will be played here – “Battle of Red Cliffs”.

“I hope I can achieve a good result this time!” Zhu An said in the office, “This is the most important heavy game of Red Letter game. If it can be operated successfully, then in the virtual projection game, other game companies. Have to be crushed by us!”

“It’s impossible to pounce on the street,” Liu Tong said. “It’s the threshold for virtual projection devices. Although there are no VR devices, it also blocks 70% of players, so we are less congenital in the user community.”

“Do not worry, HX3 smartphones, and HX2 GLASS, will launch virtual projection function at that time. At that time, the user community will be much wider.” Lu Zixin said, “Don’t worry, virtual projection games are just beginning, the market potential is still great!”

“Yeah.” The two nodded. “As long as “Soul of Three Kingdoms” is successful, we will continue to develop more virtual projection games.”

“There is still one hour of activity to start, and you can see the pre-sales later.”

“Let’s go, let’s go play too!” Lu Zixin and Zhu An and Yue Hui went to the game experience hall. They both also participated in the battle performance, and Liu Tong wanted to sit in the office and see all aspects of feedback in real time.

There will be no one in the center of the entire game experience hall. On both sides, players with different lineups will play against each other. This is e-sports competition, but the game has changed from a flat game to 3D virtual projection game, and the players are not very professional, mainly entertainment.

“President, what about your camp?” Zhu An took his own operating handle and asked.

“Eastern Wu, Zhou Yu,” Lu Zixin said.

“Zhou Yu?” Zhu An laughed and said, “Then you can be careful, I am Cao Jun’s Xu Huang, and I will kill you.”

“Hehe, you don’t know Zhou Yu’s skills are bullish. I played for five hours yesterday. The force and power are all superior!” Lu Zixin disdained said, “I will fight you after the fight!”

“Is it good to be abused? My Xu Huang has been playing for a week. Everyone in the company can OK me!” Zhu An is self-channel.

The two were chatting, and suddenly Lu Zixin’s eyes were picked up from behind. The man did not say a word, it seems to be waiting for Lu Zixin to guess who she is.

The hands are tender and cold, and in the company dare to be such a prankster, Lu Zixin does not have to guess that it is Su Xiaomeng, he said with a smile: “Is it Diao Chan?”

“No, wrong guess!” Su Xiaomeng put his hand down and jumped to the front, said with a laugh: “It’s Xiao Qiao!”

Sure enough, her role in today cosplay is Xiao Qiao, Xiao Qiao’s style is more delicate and cute, light blue dress, revealing the jade legs. With a slim waist wrapped in a black waistband, her makeup has also become a light and elegant jasper style, with a flavor.

“It’s beautiful!” Lu Zixin praised.

“Xiao Qiao?” Zhu An reveals a thoughtful expression and says, “A Xiao Qiao, a Zhou Yu, has an insider!”

“Go to you.” Lu Zixin spit.

Su Xiaomeng said on the side: “President Lu, wait for us to kill him, and take his life!”

“I also have teammates?” Zhu An said, pulling an employee next to him. “This buddy, Zhang Wei’s thief slips, we have two hits and four no problem!”

They have been idle for a while and the event is about to begin. The activities of this red letter game are available for all major live broadcast platforms.

The host responsible for the face and interaction, that is, the anchor, naturally is Su Xiaomeng.

Fighting fish live broadcast platform, at 7 o’clock in the evening, the activity started at 8 o’clock, Su Xiaomeng opened live broadcast one hour earlier.

Su Xiaomeng’s fans in this live broadcast platform only a hundred thousand to pay attention, which is not too big or too small, medium anchor.

And because Su Xiaomeng’s live broadcast is very self-willed, there is no team speculation, and there are very few fixed fans.

So when Su Xiaomeng just started broadcasting, there were not many online people, only more than 10,000 people.

Other anchors, online viewers are hundreds of thousands of people, not to mention some of the big anchors online to reach more than a million viewers.

As soon as Su Xiaomeng was broadcast, loyal fans appeared.

“Wow! Dream Goddess is beautiful today! Who is she cosplaying?”

“Wait for a long time and finally wait until today, Dream Goddess, you have 27 days 4 hours 26 minutes no live!”

“I just wanted to eat, and suddenly I saw Dream goddess on the air, then hurry up to watch!”

“Tell Dream, I see you in ChinaJoy!”

“Salted fish anchor, live today!”

“Dream Goddess, are you coming to participate in the anchor popularity contest?”


Seeing the barrage, Su Xiaomeng said with a thick face: “If I broadcast live, look at my mood.”

She saw the barrage of the popular contest and deliberately went to see the introduction of the event in the background. It turns out that today is also the anchor popularity contest of fishing platform. There will be popularity and gift list rankings, and the popular champion anchor will have various rewards.

Today, almost all big anchor of fishing platform is live broadcast and participate in this event. Prior to this, Su Xiaomeng did not know, and no one informed her. Of course, she is not interested in this kind of activity, anyway, she is not a professional anchor.

Su Xiaomeng continued: “Do you see my room name? Today is to publicize red letter virtual projection game “Soul of Three Kingdoms”, and the virtual projection game console will be opened after 8:00!”

Barrage: “666, only to discover that Dream Goddess is actually the official anchor channel of Red Letter game!”

“Really? Open pre-sale today? I’ve wanted to buy it!”

“love you!”

“What activities?”

“Where is the anchor?”

“How much is the bamboo rat today?”

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